Trial And Error; December 4. 2015

By definition, “trial and error” is a psychological process of problem solving by experimenting with various methods until error is greatly reduced or completely alleviated.

Trial and error has become even more glorified and undergone in the modern world. While this thought process has been around for ages, most people in older generations did not have the balls, nor the brains to question their living conditions and accepted those “above” them to treat them as servants. Trial and error, according to some, can be the same as cost/benefit, risk/reward and a “lesser of two evils” analysis.

In this one, I will discuss two examples of this somewhat frustrating means of education, as it pertains to money and sex.

1] Matthew Fitzgerald once wrote in Sex-ploytation (1999) that women are the greatest teachers in the lesson that being a ‘nice guy’ (chivalrous, supplicating, cordial or authenticating) will not get most men what they ultimately desire: Pussy. Many men with notches of life experience on their belts know the more of an ‘asshole’ he is, the more in-demand he will become. To be clear, I’m not implying being physically abusive. Being a dominant ‘asshole’, or a ‘true playa’ merely implies not being dependent on one woman (having a harem of sexually available females), being standoffish, having a stern smartass, daddy-like demeanor. Or calling his sex partners ‘bitches’ in a carnal disposition. This kind of man is audacious, unpredictable, full of stamina and evokes strong emotion (negative or otherwise).

Nice guys, if you will, spend their best years in a state of being spayed and enduring bouts of indoctrination, leading to psychological emasculation. They’ve listened too literally to the many lies created by women and other ‘magical’ MFs that “looks don’t matter to me”, or “I want a guy who’ll treat me like a queen”. Yet, they are consistently forced into the sidelines for ‘thug lust’, drama, spontaneity and nasty sex with hypermasculine, or semi-abusive cads – who repeatedly scores touchdowns and either disappears, doesn’t stick around long or isn’t exclusive to one team, or field (one woman). But the feminine mind is a heavily raveled mess – therefore, society is to blame for selling dreams. So the question remains… why do women enjoy ‘fuckers’ who toy with their minds and genitalia while logic and common sense tells us they would avoid those situations?

But most men are nice guys and indoctrinated to be as such. They are taught since childhood to associate with harmony, not anarchy. In an age where renting is superior to buying, women are no longer waiting for the stereotypical prom date in a limousine with roses and fatty snacks. In a woman’s mind, a man like that is monotonous, feeble, untrustworthy and easily exchangeable. So she will use him as a bill-payer or the builder of an empire while she runs shit behind the scenes, making him perform the hardest tasks.

Sadly, their standard gentlemen-like deportment hardly gives them their ultimate goal assessment. So, they either turn to religion hoping for an Apocalypse Day, or trying to find ‘wifey’, since that’s the only way he could attain emotional or physical contact with a woman. They haven’t suffered enough trial and error to understand how they’ve made themselves vulnerable to various types of abuse. So, they involuntarily become emotional tampons, the guy on the bench, or a woman’s unpaid psychiatrist. Or they set up camp on the internet playing ‘sacred cow’, arguing over ‘hybristophilia’, or the cruelty of hypergamy.

2] Our current world teaches us with evidence that nothing in life is free. Everything has a price tag on it – so for that, most people have jobs or careers working under someone else’s command, eye or company. Since entering public education, children are taught to ask permission for the simplest, natural tendency and to adhere in fashionable activities. Any rewarding outcome is based on their ability to follow orders (directions). The same pattern follows them as they enter adulthood and into the voluntary slave system (jobs).

In the book Going Postal (2005), Mark Ames explains how the current employment system is heavily inspired by plantation era – except this time, the bondage new slaves are forced to adhere to is more psychological than physical. This also explains why fear rules in the workplace, overworked employees, abusive managers with tunnel vision, at-will employment, making examples of those who question status-quo, giving them the hardest assignments and all that jazz. This can also explain why a segment of young self-respecting blacks would rather engage in ‘hustling’ – unlike most white and Asian guys who were taught to never be in authority of themselves.

The problem with this system and it’s dependents is that you are asking someone else for a living – you are immediately giving some ‘superior being’ total and unnecessary control over your life. College degrees (regardless of it’s field) does not guarantee employment and job security is at an all-time low. Thanks to recessions, budget deficits, credit crunches and basic discrimination, CEOs and employers find it more profitable to keep the competition low, pay people less, etc.

Now add in the ‘war on drugs’ and feminized laws, which places men of lower status in prison for non-violent ‘crimes (drugs and back child support payments). Let’s say a guy gets out of prison and becomes a ‘model citizen’ for the next 10 years. Does his ‘change of heart’ causes employers to rewrite their discriminating policies? Or because a guy has a ‘black name’ that’s hard to pronounce? After submitting resumes to 10 different companies and they all reject him (even if he is credentialed), what can he do? Bumble and stumble from one slavish exploitation purpose to the next?

You could lose your job on your 47th birthday, even if it’s not your fault. You wanna retrain for a job when you’re pushing 50 with your joints, knees and back going out on you? Then there’s unemployment processes, lengthy union meetings, dealing with ‘new’ supervisors who are made to look stupid and feminist narcs. Even if you stay on the job, playing John Henry routines can lead to mental burnout, heart palpitations and stress hormones being triggered. Why? Because it’s ‘manly’?

You see, in previous generations, people adhered to systems that robbed them blind (I don’t care if it’s conservative, patriarchal, matriarchal, Victorian, Christian, Muslim, whatever). Those systems did their thinking for them, creating a walking dead. While that is slowly disappearing, most people are still gullible enough to accept it.

In the end, you have to choose which method gives you desired results based on your standards or lifestyle preferences. Why work under someone else for chump change, taking shit from people who don’t give a damn about you? Why shack up with or entertain women if they won’t reciprocate with sex? If you’re taking the more laborious route or not getting what you truly desire, then don’t you think something about you has to change? Rather than society, your race, employers or women. Why repeat the same shitty patterns like someone who has an obsessive-compulsive personality?

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the very definition of insanity is doing the same things, expecting different results. This is why trial and error exists. So if a man hasn’t learned anything after several unfortunate experiences, he apparently has an irreversible case of arrested development.

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