The Epitome of Vainglory: December 7. 2015

Just thought I’d share something with you guys briefly before my winter hiatus.
Specific details and names will be hidden or altered…

Nearly a month ago, I had contacted a fine-ass dark chocolate black girl via a social media network. Late 20s, 4’10”, dark chocolate skin tone, single mother, straight hair, lived in an impoverished area, tiny titties, juicy bubble butt with tattoos on them, thick stallion lips and a former video vixen.

Anyway… I met her in person one night after she claimed to have needed a ride home after missing a flight to do a photo shoot. I picked her up and took her for a cruise, had some conversation, took her for food and then dropped her at her place. This led to no kissing, but me lightly grabbing her booty. She thanked me for taking her home and gave me a shout-out.

Two weeks later, she contacted me again on the pretext of genuine interest. So, I went for the “mode one” approach – I’m not into manipulation, pussyfooting or wasted time. After my telling her that I wanted to get intimate with her, you know what she says? “I want to occasionally have conversation over food and drinks. Anything intimate is off limits.”

Translation: She wanted me to bid on her without reciprocation. She wants to be entertained… on my dime. But anything more than this, she has no interest in. The epitome of vainglory.

Now, I’m unsure if anything will occur between her and I in the future, but I’m certainly not willing to jump through hoops for her. I don’t care how fine she is. In the meantime, I’ve just written her off. Her and I are still “friends” on social media, but since then, no words have been exchanged. Sure, I’ll “like” her sexually provocative pictures whenever she posts. Anything outside of that, she’ll have to work for it.

This is a prime example of what she looks like. No, this isn’t her (I will never post pics of my conquests) – this is a former 90s porn star, named India. Except this chick is much shorter, has bigger lips, more chocolate-y and is more “ghetto”.


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