Black Men Subconsciously Created MGTOW

Now before I get into my lengthy perspective on this evolving epidemic, I’ll just briefly state how we’ve arrived to our current state of affairs. Historically, societies were built on hierarchies, regimes, violence, power and control. The game remains today, except power and control are in new hands.

In the past, patriarchal regimes kept people in uniform for necessity and to ensure survival. Patriarchy kept women and children in check and also brainwashed into believing they were never supposed to be in authority of themselves. It told society the lie that women are the weaker sex – an ideology that was accepted far and wide. It made the world make sense to (white) men, even though they had no life outside of their roles as being providers and workhorses. Enslaved blacks went with the flow and were forced to give up their polygamous nature for monogamy, even though it made them more vulnerable to random attacks by savage whites – but then something happened…

In our contemporary era, women and conservatives demand the same services from men …but only offer them ruination, neglect and cuckoldry in return.

In the 1960s, many activists took a stand against white patriarchy and the degradation it bestowed to blacks, non-whites, women and overall economics. The civil rights movement led to desegregation and feminism led women to attain independence and economic equity. Too, the sexual revolution of the 1960s created a spark in the minds of people who wanted to experiment with human sexuality, rather than find themselves padlocked into the chastity belt of marriage. Feminism was definitely needed at some point, probably up until the 1990s or so. However, it’s no longer necessary. As time passed, it developed into having a goal assessment to restrain male power and sooner or later, to turn their surroundings into a full-blown matriarchy (a damning regime which ruled the black community for such a long time).

I know I’ve said before that matriarchy and feminism are both the same. What I originally meant was they both have the same ultimate goal assessment: Power and control. Black women didn’t really need feminism because in the black community, they were already running shit way before white women grew wild hairs up their asses. White women in the late 1960s did use black women as catalysts for their movement against white men, then left them hanging in the American ghettoes. This further gave black women the upper hand in their communities via feminized laws, so on and so on… and things got worse for the average black man in a systematic sense.

In the black community, black fathers were either eradicated, thanks to systematic ruin or were seen as chattel who were routinely brushed off to the side. Even still, their wives, mothers and sisters were the ones running the show under the table. The men did all the work while the women crafted skeletons in their closets. The younger generations saw the effects this had on adult men before them and observed how women used their mules as stepping stones to be leaped over for more powerful men. Even then, women had the power of society and the ‘law’ on their side – because everyone felt the black guy was “a lowly creature who must be at the bottom”. Today with society, relationship gurus, businesses and governments having a say on what makes a relationship work, the problem has worsened. So most men with honor are determined to not put up with that shit.

Fast forward to our current world: The legislation of ‘the war on drugs’, family court systems and female sexuality has played a significant role in undermining the presence of black fathers even more. It was bad enough that black men endured racial and systemic hardships from white America, both systemic and racial. But then to have his own women bring calvinball-influenced drama in his life and jeopardize the little freedom he had left? More black men are rationing the ‘risk vs. reward’ analysis when it comes to women and engaging in a system designed for them to fail. More black men are voluntarily disregarding James Evans family portraits, domestic enslavement and leading the life of a sexually frustrated workhorse.

However, the only thing the state couldn’t take over is the role of the alpha male who use women for sex. Although the government is richer than any man, most women aren’t interested in getting fucked by Uncle Sam, his lapdogs or the ‘good black man’. They prefer assholes, pipe-layers, ‘thugs’, ex-cons and the likes.

Then, black literature and playbooks on “how to deal with women” cranked out in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. This, like rap music revealed women’s aberrant nature and the impracticality of matriarchy – branding women as ‘fucked up’, or ‘bad bitches’. It also unapologetically painted extreme pictures of how black women have failed black men with matriarchy, ‘holy book’ scriptures and other means of women maintaining great power over men. And to date, it’s still crucial since most black boys are raised by single mothers. In spite of attempts from congress, conservatives and feminists to either ban or censor these mediums, they have disturbingly failed.

So it’s safe to say that black men created MGTOW, long before it was called that. It was just called being a ‘player’, a ‘hustler’, a ‘deadbeat dad’, or being ‘irresponsible’.

MGTOW is not some clumsy white-supremacist front, nor is it the same as the feminist movement of the 1960s. This also includes men who benefit from women’s hypergamous tendencies. So, contrary to what some of you may assume, nor is it a clique of men who are impotent MRAs, social outcasts, hermits and sexual retards. This is also a myth perpetuated by delusional females and fake relationship gurus (PUAs). MGTOWs include men from all walks of life who say “fuck you” to traditionalism, monogamy, the legal system, corporations (employment contracts), pretentious women and society.

I believe black men were the among first to experience how the system’s setup was designed to fail and fuck them over. Their own women voluntarily joined forces with their nemesis, not only for the sake of ego, vanity or status. But intrinsically, when a group of men eradicate their rivals, women kneel before those who are in control. Instead of allowing history to repeat itself, the men would rather create their own form of dominance, brand of style, form of employment and remain underhanded about their next move. So, younger blacks embrace hustling (self-employment), ‘under the table’ money, fame and easy sex with above-average women. Even for those who have illegitimate kids, they have no sunken investments or interest in playing nice with women whose value depreciates after several bouts of romping around.

How many men want to play ‘psychiatrist’, listening to women drone about the other man who has her sprung – only to reject his advances? Or spend money on attention-whores and LTRs while they fuck other guys on the side? Or forfeit control of their finances and opportunities to fuck other women? Paying child support for kids they barely see? What man with any degree of self-respect wants to be chained to a reality he can’t stomach? Enduring society’s lies, scams of spirituality, advertisement, indoctrination matrixes and living in suburban purgatory? For decades (maybe centuries), Calvinism and conservatives told us that was supposed to be an American success story.

Of course, women call it ‘security’, ‘equality’, or being ‘a real man’, when it’s cancerous to human nature.

Men are realizing the best thing a woman can offer is sex and adrenaline or carnal-induced debauchery in nature. They feel outside of that, most women aren’t pleasant to be around. Likewise, more women are realizing most men are stupid, servile, feeble, immature and indoctrinated – therefore castrated. After LTRs outwear their welcome, the intensity and heat fades into familiarity – which breeds contempt, boredom, desires for ‘something new’, etc. That said, both sexes have become crucially cynical of one another.

2 thoughts on “Black Men Subconsciously Created MGTOW

  1. “After LTRs outwear their welcome, the intensity and heat fades into familiarity – which breeds contempt, boredom, desires for ‘something new’, etc. That said, both sexes have become crucially cynical of one another.”

    DAMN – that is so dead ass accurate, it’s painful.


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