Black Science Explained: 02

It has taken me awhile to finally post this one. I’m picking up where I’ve left off… discussing black science as it pertains to the art of psychological warfare, pragmatic thinking and the harsh realities of how easy it is to attack or weaken an enemy’s or one’s own psychological state with mind games, ploys, espionage, scams, etc.

 6] “Your Enemy’s Mind Is Your Greatest Weapon”

“Your enemy’s mind is your greatest weapon”, Buddha once said. Your own mind is also your greatest weapon. This is why it will behoove you to watch what you put into your mind, just as much as a health-nut has the awareness of what he puts into his body to prevent getting horribly out of shape. What enters into one’s body also enters into one’s mind. If you don’t believe me, study the dieting habits of a fat, obese person with high blood pressure, who constantly feels fatigue.

For this same reason, I’ve met few guys who hate enduring hours of passive entertainment or systems, be it indoctrinated educational systems, porn, soap operas, Calvinism (religious doctrine) or Japanese anime. The average person who adheres to these things are likely to be easily influenced and brainwashed into thinking specific behaviors are normal. It could take a person months or years to deprogram themselves from lies and mindfucks drummed into their psyches.

7] Master Your Habits

Simply put, every one of us has either a flaw, personality traits, health complications, lifestyle patterns or disabilities (mild or extreme). Even total strangers can study your flaws or conditions and use them against you – or bring them up publicly to make you lose face. Who else knows your habits or weak points better than your employer? Your spouse? Your notable or unknown enemies? Your parents or progeny? There’s a huge possibility they know your ‘issues’ better than YOU know them. Hell, this can be revealed by word of mouth. You ever wonder why entertainers get offended when tabloids or comedians poke fun at their disabilities, abilities or their personal lives?

Then there’s the issue of habitual patterns, commutes or daily routine dominating a person’s life through programming.

8] Time Wasters

One of the greatest mind control techniques embraced by ‘experts’ on human behavior is to “keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit”. Who knows this better than your employer, school teachers, religious leaders, lawmakers or some woman using a man as a bill-payer, or an ego-booster? What this leads to is wasted time – too much wasted time = a wasted life. How do you waste a person’s time other than by lying, delaying gratification and carrot dangling? Hold a person up, stall them or promise them that their reward is in heaven, an afterlife or amid reincarnation. This can possibly explain why the lives of urban people are unsatisfactory, yet they fall for traditional scams repeatedly.

Who/what are the biggest time wasters, preventing those from aiming towards realistic destinations? Relationships, religion, prison time, government-funded subsidies? Attention-whoring man-stroke women? Dream sellers? In these cases, who has the upper hand? The time waster or the person whose time is wasted? I think you know the rest…

9] The 80/20 Rule (Zero-Sum)

Whether the subject revolves around hypergamy, employment, matrimony or patriotism. It’s more about what you can do for those at the top, rather than the reverse. It means more responsibility for you and more demands, ultimatums and obligations from them.

Take emPLOYment for example; there is no equality upon business owners, employers, banks and employees (slaves). It’s more like 80/20 (or in some cases, 90/10), which means employees get scarps and scraps, while those at the top get higher paychecks, perks, vacations and so forth. Western society is going through high unemployment rates as CEOs find creative ways to screw over humanity – by replacing human labor with technology and machinery. ‘Loyal’ employees lose everything because their control-freak slave drivers tell them they cannot attend the funerals of their spouses or SOs. Not to mention, the phenomena of at-will employment.

When it comes to LTRs and “serious” relationships, men who enter them fulfill obligations – which means more responsibility for them and more demands from women. Advocatus Diaboli mentioned how LTRs are similar to “three card monte” games, where there’s an unseen party who has a say on how they should be. That unseen party is society (i.e. in-laws, law enforcement, courts, feminists, relationship ‘experts’, etc.). The more husbands/boyfriends do for women, the more contempt she will have for him – or the more “entitled” she will feel. This same woman can have an urban, lowdown, baby daddy, womanizing asshole as a FWB (friends with benefits). She would do things for him (cook, clean, have sex or get on her knees) that she would never do for her own LTR. She would even have his baby, then trick the wimpy husband into fathering it.

Another downside of matrimony is possible family formation. A man gets a woman pregnant, she wants to have the kid and he doesn’t. He’s fucked. She doesn’t want any kids, but he does. Again, he’s fucked! Who cares if a man is chivalrous or responsible? At the end of the day, it’s about the happiness of the woman, society, the elites, your employers… not you.

Then there’s the issue of thieves and ghostwriters, who stole your ideas or property and got away with it. This is what happens in a police state, or when people confide in the wrong person (sharing plans with total strangers). While black science may have undertones of misanthropy linked to it, it also teaches us to never put trust into someone’s hands…

10] The Power of Language

I’ve written a topic about lies of commission vs. lies of omission. I’ve said that women lie by omission (hiding specific details) while men lie by commission (exaggeration or by adding details). As far as the power of language, there’s power in using profanity or x-rated dirty talk, which guarantees response (of shock, outrage or allurement). Then, there’s the art of saying “no” – which some people have a “no phobia”. Those types are afraid of saying no either because they themselves cannot take “no” for an answer, or because they are too nice. There’s the art of sexual dialogue in exchange between male and female sex partners. This can be used via phone sex or during the act of sex (some people feel sex is boring unless raunchy talk is used).

Specific professionals and underworld participants use code language (or barely popular foreign language) to describe specific actions or to keep unwarranted and unauthorized eyes confused. Again, it’s a textbook example of “keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit”.

Want to know how to crawl under a person’s skin or remain in someone’s memory bank? Use sexual dialogue. Make fun of a person’s body type, racial heritage or use slander. Aforementioned, profanity speaks in higher volume than orders being commanded, regardless of who’s using it. If you really want to know whether or not you live in a free country, throw your government under the bus. See how many 4-letter words you can get away with using without making someone feel uneasy. Even then, musicians and comedians are the only ones slick enough to get away with publicly discussing social ills and the hard cold facts of life. Others have concealed their identities through blogs and vlogs on WordPress, YouTube, UStream, etc…

As Voltaire once said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

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