MGTOW in Black Societies

Any of you still doubt that MGTOW exists in the black community? In my previous topic about this (Black Men Subconsciously Created MGTOW), I had mentioned how multiple forms of game-changing activism and rebellion against white patriarchy in the 1960s has led to our current western world.

If you still feel MGTOW is a white supremacist front, then consider this: Black men subconsciously invented MGTOW because they’ve already drifted away from the unfruitful and unpleasant matrix sustained by black matriarchal control and systematic enslavement, starting prior to the 1990s. Only it was never titled MGTOW or considered a “movement”. For most black men, it’s just a way of life.

I’ll provide a brief synopsis explaining how we got to this:

‘Queen worshiping’ in ancient Africa long existed and even then, women were put on pedestals. This was before whites said “white girls are the best, and deserve the best”. Then amid plantation era, white slave owners continually placed black women on pedestals for two key reasons: 1) To further keep black men enslaved by having their own women placed ‘above’ them. 2) Because white men lusted black women more than his own monotonous brand of women.

Fast forward centuries later, women no longer need men to provide and protect (big daddy government does that for them via welfare, child support, etc.). This gave black women the ability to underhandedly use men and children for more perks to freeload off of society. Few fortunate men are picked for adventure and physical comfort…. something the government is devoid of. However, men only need women also for adventure and physical comfort.

Even with black fatherhood being undermined by law enforcers, the welfare state, child support laws, matriarchy or spiteful in-laws, people assume black women’s domineering attitudes are based on mental defects. Essentially, women behave the way they do because they can get away with it. They have the law, governments, society, in-laws and relationship ‘experts’ giving them the upper hand over men in LTRs and marriages. For that, everyone has a say in what makes a relationship optimal. Which means more work for the man… and more ultimatums and demands from her.

So, while many black males to date fall prey to the matrix, it further gave black women an excuse to build a goddamned matriarchy. This matriarchal “bossy bitch” attitude followed black boys in the public educational system, where female avarice run the show – even when it’s headed by male drones. Women call the shots BTS and with majority rule and most young men want zero parts of it (hence the rebellion or high dropout rates).

In the early 1990s, black women started yelling from the rooftops about black men’s promiscuity, or interracial and international conquests with their more feminine or lighter-skinned counterparts. But they never asked what it said about them, as they’ve long enjoyed playing the victim card (like any other card that gave them the upper hand over men). Before that, segments of black men chose to engage in drug trafficking and pimping instead of entering the voluntary slavery-based system – which had negative consequences. Either way, guys weren’t interested in being chained to a system they didn’t create.

Even in the era of #BlackLivesMatter movements when american cops harass and murder blacks left and right (causing history to repeat itself), young black men are cynical and uninterested in playing ‘nice’ or ‘fair’ with untrustworthy authority figures, let alone frivolous women. Unlike those before them, who assumed that sucking up to their ‘masters’ would grant them full immunity from random challenges or unfortunate circumstances. They were wrong!

In previous generations, men were drafted in the armed forces in their early 20s, then returned to their ready-made families – or started one. We don’t live like that anymore. Today, if a man hasn’t fathered a kid by 30-something, he likely never will. If a guy hints the slightest dysfunction in a woman, he’ll find a better deal tomorrow. On another hand, kids aren’t required to make men stay in LTRs with women they could care less about. Just like women are choosing single motherhood, having babies by “Thug McFucks-A-Lot”. Women exit marriages for huge paydays, while men consciously avoid LTRs and kids because of the damper it puts on their lifestyles.

Women’s hormonal urges skyrocket after having kids, or enduring a boring LTR with a slavish SOB. Hence how single mothers – like BBWs and women over 30 – dominate America’s dating scene. Too, if a woman isn’t fucking her LTR after several months, there’s an almost automatic assumption that she’s seeing someone else. [As I write this, I’m currently fucking a married, petite yellowbone sista who admits that her husband is a “scrub” and sees him as nothing more than a bill-payer.]

Most committed relationships are devoid of real gratification or spontaneity. It has turned into power dynamics where both parties struggle to have the upper hand over the other. What’s the point of marriage when two people are already fucking eachother? amid the acclivity of co-ed living arrangements?

MGTOW is not only a response to the sexual marketplace or to a flawed justice system, but a response to systematic and economic disenfranchisement. Many black ‘playas’ or hustlers have an easier time with women and themselves, unlike their ‘educated’, ‘established’ and many ‘non-black’ counterparts. Most young men of today may be clueless about Briffault’s Law, hybristophilia, or the scam of white feminism. But instead of seeking societal approval, they prefer real things, such as sex, money, power and popularity.

In the age of female empowerment, antibiotics, deflation, technological and geographical advances, hookup culture prevails and it’s effects are irreversible. This leads to ‘game’, cheap international travel, bachelorhood, strip club culture and the epidemic of ‘bad bitches’. Regardless of the endless “man up” articles, younger black males calculate that the more they learn about the nature of femininity, the less desirable they become. This isn’t limited to the stereotypical violent or abusive nature of the average ‘sista’.

Women use “real man” memes as manipulation tactics. They want more respect, money, privilege, praise, perks and attention for no other reason than for them being women – as if it’s a disability. Of course, some idiot will say “if a man loves his woman, he will take responsibility for her previous choices and the assholes who came before him.” – Well, if eternal youth and reverse aging processes was existent in humans, many guys would live with that – but that’s now how the ball rolls, now is it? Instead, women give their best to everyone else – but wouldn’t give nice guys the time of day when she did have something to offer. Only when she ages will she run to the ‘nice guys’ she blew off – even still, she doesn’t submissively return on her knees – like she did the previous guys.

Now, my own lifestyle preferences revolves around bodybuilding, sports, travels, casual sex with civilian chicks and few escorts, working under the table and spending time with family. I realize dating is a numbers game, but it’s extremely unlikely that I will chase or surrender my life to any woman. Nor will I fall into the marriage scam, get some chick pregnant, or be any woman’s ‘gay friend’ who she spends hours with via phone. Modesty or otherwise.

I also embrace “mode one behavior”. If there is no sexual attraction between me and a woman, then I won’t waste my time. I don’t want to call her, I don’t want to talk to her, I don’t want to listen to her bitch about her ‘dead-end’ dicks and I don’t want to spend money on her. Likewise, I don’t want to clock in at a shitty job jumping to domestic order, I don’t want to fight bad weather, traffic and time clocks being a wage slave, giving up my control to someone else for a living. I’m not interested in adhering to any system hellbent on trying to pimp me.

MGTOW protects me from kids that aren’t mine, debt that’s not mine, delusional mental problems and stresses that aren’t mine, multiple personality disorders that aren’t mine, false rape accusations, legal wrangling, ‘creepy’ labels, marriage scams, etc…

Now, it probably won’t protect me from legalized murder from the police state. Nor will it protect me from STDs, as more than half of western women have STDs. But most STDs are curable. Time wasted on LTRs and domestic routine isn’t. Some MGTOWs reproduce (we call them “deadbeat dads”), while others have zero interest. Any idea where this will head? Well… I personally don’t give a damn.

– While it makes for another topic, this is what makes MGTOW more likely to dominate society instead of game, pickup artistry or “men’s rights”. Like game, MGTOW is a lifestyle that’s being copied by white males. But what’s happened in the black community is now occurring in white societies.

2 thoughts on “MGTOW in Black Societies

  1. Don’t use any special designated abusive language against any woman! Then all problems will be solved.


    A women is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, whatever may be her profession this is someone who has kept you in her body for nine months but never complained for any pain, but smiled on every pain, this is someone who fed you when you could not move properly, she took care of you when you needed the most, did not let any harm to come towards you, a women in any shape has only given love, which is sacred and should be respected, and in return the women should be protected. Never use bad languages for women. Look to her with respect please after all you also have a mother at least.

    Except one’s own mother, sister or immediate family member, what does a man owe any woman? Especially one that hasn’t reciprocated him with anything? It’s that typical excuse of “Oh, that’s somebody’s mother. That’s somebody daughter” that causes women to get away with deception and solipsism.

    She no needs to cover except modest way. Those who are in bad mind or evils must learn to respect her and keep away about their affairs. They are human enough to stand by themselves. Creator has given more too female than men. Every child irrespective of sex is a creation of nature, whatever defame is for her in the society is the man maid, no body come from sky to make rule to rule exclusively the women only. In Bengal Guruchan Thakur( Founder of Matua religion) said Ek Nari then Brahmachari, all other women must be treat as your mother so all evil eyes will die on that moment. He has many Muslim disciples also.

    The strategy should be developed by the tourism ministry in conjunction with the ministries of home affairs, external affairs and I&B. This includes ensuring speedy trials, sensitization of stakeholders especially state government and law and order apparatus and evolving a strategy to tackle the negative publicity.
    Loyalty is the need of the hour not the virginity. Mostly man who is first timer can’t hold so much of time to go up to check the virginity of a woman. No first timer man can do it successfully even little experience one but only much experiences man can check it. Inexperience man will fall instantly if he has not any past experiences; woman should know it as they are not 12-15 years old married one, now 25-30-35 year’s old women’s virginity search is a curse. If so they want that then they should go for 13 years or less. Even now a day 13 years is also playing the fun with seniors, you can go to any park in big cities and in villages they get those experiences on the fields etc. So these topics have no value. Everyone thinks his wife/sisters is ………..but others also think so. Best keep it under the carpet we are now free at least don’t waste your time to search it. Her heart is valuable than her virginity.

  2. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” – one the oldest expressions around. But, there is a necessary (albeit unspoken) corollary – “Something ventured will not necessarily result in a gain.”. Much like financial companies when they are trying to get your money – past performance is no indicator of future performance.

    I exercise regularly – no to run marathons or impress women, but to stay healthy. I see and feel the results. If I let a few days go by without even a 30 minute exercise routine, I begin to feel it. I see the positive results of exercise, and I keep doing it to get more positive results.

    I used to date, but got no positive results. So, I stopped dating Even the men in my family who got married and have kids – most try not to think about their choices, lest they drive themselves mad. My brother provides every possible material good to his wife, vacations, etc – and the woman still cannot work up a smile. Their kids revealed to me that they really don’t talk that much to each other.

    I have a cousin, who is getting divorced after only 2 years of marriage. He said she completely changed after the wedding, and her family got very intrusive.

    Both these guys were more professionally accomplished than me. Going by the magazines and talk shows, that should mean they attract a higher class of woman. Instead, each of them wound up with the marriage equivalent of fool’s gold.

    If the odds are greater to be divorced, or at best, in a dead marriage – excuse me if I don’t sign up for that.

    Besides, in my case, I know I will have the responsibility of caring for my aging parents – being the good Indian son and all that. They are difficult to deal with in the best of times, and I don’t think any woman is going to sign up for that package deal. One of my uncles had that role – he took care of his parents, wife, and daughter. Which meant that there was no privacy or quiet. It took a toll on him and his wife, who is a generally nice woman – but even she could not handle all the family drama.

    That was from the earlier generation. No modern woman is going to sign up for that set of responsibilities.

    …and it’s a good thing that any woman or man doesn’t want that responsibility (or burden). Taking care of one’s parents isn’t reliable – Kids doesn’t guarantee they will care for you, let alone live in the same city, state or country as yourself. Adding a spouse and kids of your own means more mouths to feed and such and such. As far as those who regret their matrimonial choices, that makes for another topic. But most young men today have seen what happened to the other guys before them. Why continue a shitty cycle, rather than learn by “trial and error”?

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