Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 1

Without any boasting, I believe this series is some of the greatest material I’ve ever written – not only for my blog, but in general. This 10-part series will cover different aspects of women’s mind games and what they respond to. Every part of the series will be posted before another hiatus (I’m going on my first real overseas vacation. Where I’m going? I’m not name-dropping… yet).

So, I go to the gym one recent morning. Upon entry, I noticed a conversation between a female co-worker and a male co-worker about… well, the possibility of sex via mind games.

The female (5’5″, thick acne-prone faced white girl in her early 30s – she may have been younger, but western white women age terribly) discussed how she was anti-marriage, but she wanted to purchase a wedding ring. Why? Well, according to her own observation and experience, men throw themselves at married women. Which means, she could be using them as bait to boost her ego to serve her own vainglorious agenda.

Does this truly show the vainglorious and solipsistic nature of females? Or is this about something else?

Is this for the same reason why some single women throw themselves at married men? Is it because a woman wants what she cannot have? Or is it because women are either manipulative or just have man-testing genes?

I recall being in a long-distance relationship and posted about it on a social media profile. While most other females respected it, there were very few who threw themselves at me religiously. Until one woman tells me, “Stop kissing her ass and be a ‘bad boy’!” After bouts of goading me in a playful and sexual dispositions, she proceeds to throw the woman under the bus (which looking back she was right), telling me “She’s too ghetto for you, you can have better than her.” Now, I’m not saying that she wasn’t testing me. I mean, if she did, I passed the test because I did remain loyal to my LDR, until some other dude put her ass on lockdown with the power of his dick.

Then I realized, I could have better and the year after that, I became more sexually active with mainly urban women (including strippers, homeless gals, single mothers, etc.). But… I discovered this other woman really was feeling me. My being in a LDR was a challenge, but my being single was an even bigger challenge for her. How? Because she knew that although she’s one of the few I chose, I wasn’t one to commit. I did and still have hundreds of women nationwide on my friends list who I can have access to – which makes me even more desirable.

Bottom line: Women love drama, adventure, challenges and men with an edge. If they can easily influence you with shaming language, the possibility of sex, jealousy-induced rage and “real man” memes from shitty relationship ‘experts’, you are finished. The best you could ever hope for is to be her platonic friend (i.e., emotional tampon, gay friend, ego booster) or a walking ATM machine (provider). But you’re not going to fuck her, let alone smell her, taste her or have her give you head.

I get into much more detail about women’s man-testing tendencies and attempts to control reality in this series. I’ll cover topics such as –

  • White male patriarchy’s lie of women being “the weaker sex”
  • Why the “hybristophilia in black women” argument is weak
  • How “serious” relationships are similar to Russian Roulette & American Football
  • Why concepts like “group economics” guarantees exploitation by women
  • Why polygamy and prostitution remains illegal in The Anglosphere
  • Historic and modern adorning of adversarialism, oneupmanships, villains and hustlers
  • The feminist censorship epidemic

One thought on “Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 1

  1. After being on the receiving end of some flirting from a woman who was married (but I did not know at the time), I make it a point now to immediately look for a wedding ring. If I see one, I lose interest.

    Married women who cheat come a dime a dozen nowadays. Sometimes, they are the freakiest. For various reasons which are too lengthy to post as a comment. But it proves humans aren’t meant to be monogamous and married people use eachother, like anyone else.

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