Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 2

One sentence can answer typical male confusion pertaining to how women are biologically wired when It comes to dealing with men:

Women have man-testing genes.

Women test men in various methods to see if a possible sex partner or mate is a ‘potential fit’. Seeing someone as such isn’t limited to physical appearance, sex appeal or their ability to converse. Demeanor plays a role as well as the ability to react to situations of circumstance or intensity. Sexual attraction differs from sexual chemistry.

How so? Well, here’s an example: You can finalize within 5-15 minutes based on a person’s physique and aesthetics whether or not you’ll choose to have sex with that person. Chemistry is based on a multitude of things, such as sex appeal, rapport and persona. This is why – for most women – it takes more than sexual attraction for something to occur. Unfortunately, there’s no way to screen what goes on in people’s psyches. For that, we spend hours or days trying to get to know a person, engaging in bullshit conversation, mind fucks and ‘game’ to either influence or interview a person.

Men make the mistake of assuming shit tests only occur amid relationship familiarity. Amid getting to know a guy, women have a tendency to test his manhood by using a variety of methods. They include playing hard to get, attention-whoring (using the possibility of sex to gain ‘shine’, points and other perks from vulnerable men), waiting games, etc.

I’ll describe several of these mind games (i.e. ‘shit tests’) women throw at men from the start.

1. Hard to get – When women play this standard game, it’s basically to goad men into chasing them. Some say it’s a defense mechanism or a way of testing the waters. This is a childish game which we – adults – are too grown to play.

2. Attention whoring – This is common, especially in the age of social media and Gen-Y hookup culture. Attention whoring has it’s perks for those who enjoy window shopping, which saves time and gives men more INSTANT ability to choose women based on animal magnetism (arousal). Plus, it’s less costly to see real women naked than watch fake, airbrushed porn stars. The downside is that women use their bodies and the possibility of sex to gain acclaim, points, money, gifts and other perks from vulnerable men – knowing sometimes they have no sexual interest in the men whom they’re toying with.

3. Waiting games – This applies to delayed text or inbox messages, long probationary periods or keeping idiots on the sidelines while she embraces her freedom to fuck everyone else. Waiting games are a primary type of shit test women throw at men, aside from bitch shields, lies by omission and mouthy insults. I recall a relationship ‘guru’ advising women to test men by standing them up, showing up late or not showing up at all on the first date. According to him, it was a way for women to see how guys respond.

4. The provider test – This is the same thing wives do to their neutered provider husbands… Ready? I’ve seen women via social media ask men in different states for money. For instance, a woman will give an idiot a sob story and he will wire her money via Western Union or Money Gram. And the guy hasn’t even met her in person… doesn’t know how her pussy tastes, smells or feels. She then may spend his money on barhopping, attracting other men all while criticizing how stupid he is. Recently, I’ve witnessed in R/L a broke, yet attractive black urban girl doing this. Brown skinned, 23, 3 kids, lives with her grandmother, but gets around. Drives a jalopy and asks a guy for $300, but has yet to give up the booty. Guy asks her “What’s in it for me?” After going a week without communication with her, she angrily texts him that “It’s over.”

I can earth up more examples, but I don’t want to be long-winded. [This topic will turn into a series.]

Women love testing men to filter out knee-jerk behavior and flawed perfectionism from laid back virility. Add in that bitches love drama. Drama doesn’t equate pissing contests, violent tantrums or feminine-type emotional response. Drama could simply imply adventure, excitement, hypergamous tendencies, mild insults and rudeness towards women, failure of exclusivity, random absence or menacing displays of objectivity. This creates a hard itch or tingles in the female genitalia. For the same reason why smart, experienced women expect men to have experience. Women crave men who embrace power and control – two things which outweighs love. Desire for power and control can create unflinching lust.

Most men listen too literally to the politically-correct lies women tell about how “looks don’t matter”, “it’s about what’s in a man’s heart” or “I want a real man to support me”. Women say this because it’s the PC thing to say, or because society has worsened women’s duplicitous tendencies. There’s a reason why nearly 80% of the male populace are only seen in the eyes of women as chattel.

One reason why women waste men’s time with hesitancy, or lead them by their dicks into a state of annihilation is because men (alongside society) label women who explore their sexuality as ‘whores’, ‘jumpoffs’, ‘cum dumpster’, ‘ain’t shit’ and other disrespectful slur – or because some guys have big fucking mouths.

This heightens women’s duplicitous, time-wasting, man-stroke tendencies. Most men are taught to be nice guys and to avoid conflict and anarchy, or to “be a gentleman”. Most men have no spine to reveal their true desires. So they tip-toe through landmines of BS. Either that, or they allow women to piss on them and tell them it’s raining. This partially explains why women blabber to eunuchs or ‘gay male friends’ about their recent sexual experiences with men who hit touchdowns. Like hours of girl talk, it essentially has no payoff… and no point.

Most men are too ignorant to be offended by that, thanks to social programming and indoctrination by Hollywood’s depiction of ‘love’, public education, religious training and the lies white male patriarchy produced that women are “the weaker sex”. Feminism (intended to attack destructive white male behavior) has only worsened the pathology. So it’s logical to say that white men facilitate this behavior… but that makes for another post.

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