Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 3

I have a question that has probably been asked either within our own inner selves or via internet newsblogs, especially in today’s grand scheme of things:

Are women really the weaker sex?

White male patriarchy has had the world by the balls for a very long time. And they are the ones who said women are the weaker sex. Other nations throughout has adopted this ideology, even though reality has shown everyone else otherwise. Women are, in a physical nature, weaker than men. Okay. We can argue about estrogen vs. testosterone for hours. Okay. Women give birth after enduring 9 months carrying babies. A physical fight between a man and a woman is almost no contest – unless that man is incapable of defending himself, or if she knows martial arts.

But get this: weakness isn’t limited to physical attributes. Weakness can be purely psychological. Women may be more easily influenced by cons, romance, bible scriptures, common groupthink regurgitation, or men who might have them at “hello”. Face it, if men shit-tested women on a regular basis, they’d fail repeatedly. Because females are emotional.

But why did white male patriarchy tell us that women are the weaker sex? Could it be because their women are like kids to them? Could it be to sustain their rise to power through scam, murder, treachery, legal fraud and torture? Was it to make certain women feel as if they had to be ‘above’ their men? Or was it to protect fragile white male egos?

But then, the effects of contraception, integration, female empowerment, hypergamy and reverse psychology has removed old constraints, defying stereotypes. Yet, in spite of the obvious, conservatives, matchstick men and racial purists (race irrelevant) are stuck in a fantasy land. This makes it easy for women and more logical or standoffish men to shit all over their worldview.

In our current world, ever-changing lifestyles shows us that men are the weaker sex, for a handful of reason. If you disagree, then ask yourselves these questions:

Are women the weaker sex when they initiate more than half of divorces, where men forfeit control of their finances? Are women the weaker sex when men create blogs wailing about hypergamy, hybristophilia, single motherhood or a possible return to conservative family order? Are women the weaker sex when men complain about who women choose – then go psycho upon rejection? Are women the weaker sex when they reject men more than the opposite – hence women only chasing less than 25% of the male population? How about when men have sex with women below their standards? When they’re suckered into LTRs and marriages? When most men allow women to define their manhood? Or when they act emotional or feminine – i.e. throwing lame tantrums? Jumping through hoops to impress irrelevant people? Being easily distracted by the possibility of sex? 

Another dying stereotype is the one that society is “male-dominated”. Go outside and see how many homeless men there are, versus homeless women. Government housing projects are built for women who fail to financially support children – or those who pretend they can’t. For men? Well, there are prisons, which are used to house black men or “deadbeat dads”. Nowadays, women take on socially beneficial jobs in high-end professions while men do all the dangerous jobs – which shortens their life span. Also, how many men are drafted in the armed forces in comparison to women? Same with the prison industrial complex?

I couldn’t put my fingers on it in my youth, but entering my 20s, I’ve discovered cliques of men on internet social circles (i.e. “MRA”, “the Manosphere”, or “the wall of silence”) who made me realize that maybe women aren’t “the weaker sex” as much as certain men are. Or perhaps both sexes have the same humanistic traits. There are guys who wail on about how “nice guy”, how “good man” or how “educated” they are. But then complain when a smaller group of men who they feel are unfit for female company gets the pussy while their overachieving, servile buddies are stuck with the leftovers. These are the guys who show their true colors and go on misogynistic rants or shooting sprees when they feel women didn’t give them something their felt entitled to.

“Man, I hate these bitches. I’m a good man. There’s no reason for guys like me to be lonely. Fuck these bitches!”

Women who make their own money (regardless of profession) have no reason to offer herself sexually to a man whom she has no sexual chemistry/attraction with. But married women cheat immensely on their clueless provider husbands; female infidelity is on the rise. Either way, women are still dependent on men’s resources and vulnerability. So, did today’s “independent woman” create any of the institutions or enterprises that made her “independent”?

So, are men the weaker sex simply because today’s women can easily manipulate or hypnotize them – while their enablers egg them on? Or does it go both ways?

Flip the coin, women falsely accuse men of being “the weaker sex” for having the same quirks women have. For example, fighting against eachother, one-upmanships and embracing tunnel vision. Even a significant number of playboys and womanizers want LTRs, because they (like decrepit women) fear isolation. This is why even they tolerate various types of abuse, neglect and mistreatment from their ‘masters’.

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