Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 4

Among the interwebs, there’s major speculation thrown around as it pertains to why women – black women, in this case – like bad boys or ‘thugs’. While some men blame it on absent fatherhood, others blame rap music, Lyndon B. Johnson’s “the great society” leading to the welfare state or mental illness. The latest exchange includes something known as hybristophilia.

Well, I say…

The “hybristophilia in black women” argument is bullshit.

Without getting into extensive commentary about historic examples, biological wiring, differences in hormone levels and sexual dimorphism between the sexes, I’ll just keep it somewhat simple…

It’s evident that women, by their own admission, attach themselves to male dominance and popularity. But what criterion is there that women as a whole are sexually aroused by violence? Yes, some women are aroused by BDSM and masochistic roleplay (race irrelevant). But how is BDSM linked to more bizarre forms of violence – such as domestic violence, terrorism, mass murder, or robbery? Even if roleplay in sexual forms include simulated rape or robbery and home invasion, does this mean women have some carnal desire to be raped or robbed by random strangers, without her consent?

What ‘expert’ said it’s possible to have sexual arousal by witnessing a murder, or that being attached to those who have double lives is symptomatic? What idiot said that black women in total who like bad boys have mental illnesses, come from fatherless homes or are aroused by murderers? Whoever these wishful thinkers are, they’re confusing hybristophilia with natural selection of women who choose men based on physique, chemistry and brutish demeanor that women find optimum.

Most ‘sistas’ of today aren’t attracted to mass murderers, trigger-happy cops or 9-to-5 wage slaves, all of whom have sexual frustrations. How many black women have openly admitted they could envision the likes of James Holmes, Elliot Rodgers, Daniel Holtzclaw or Isis leaders fucking them raw and senseless? If this were the case, perhaps these men wouldn’t have reduced themselves to animalistic rage or suicide missions. In fact, these are the kinds of men who regular women, feminists and civil rights activists are speaking of in the subject of men who hurt, abuse and prey on women.

“Men in uniform” fetishists aside, how many women are sexually aroused by men who join the armed forces – even though they have a better chance at sex with model-like dreamgirls in the overseas countries they’re fighting, or stationed in? This isn’t to say that small segments of black women don’t brag about their guy in prison or their guy shooting their adversaries for simple provocations, but do they outnumber those who choose drug lords, unsigned rappers, bartenders, blue-collar types, weed-heads, church leaders or cool-headed hustlers?

In racist American society, black athletes and entertainers are seen as “abusers of women” for acting in self defense against belligerent females, while woman-beating cops and white pedophiles go barely noticed. Why do feminist groups and white soccer moms come to the defense of policemen who rape, beat and brutalize women? So, why do white women create fundraisers for cops who brutalize black women? Shouldn’t the hybristophilia claim be directed towards mainly white women? Isn’t it essentially they who love gothic, vampire culture and horror movies, or make up the majority of cop apologists or women who send love letters or marriage proposal to serial killers or men on death row?

The overachieving idiots who accuse all black women who choose wayward men of “suffering” under hybristophilia are some of the biggest scum, hypocrites and feeble-minded people I’ve ever discovered existed in humankind. These men also have a dark side they either conceal or are scared to unleash. This is similar to the analogy of (mainly conservative) advocates for gun control, criminalized immigration or anti-abortion, who all have blood on their hands. They are okay with even the slightest form of lechery, only when it works in their favor…

The self-titled “good black men” who long for traditionalism, group economics and social acceptance are those poisonous, spineless octopuses who assassinate the characters of other black men to make themselves look or feel more appealing. These are the same types who’ve engaged in a three-decade long objections to rap music. To them, rap music either:

1) objectifies women
2) promotes “immoral behavior”

On YouTube, they make endless videos condemning black women’s sexual lust to bad boys, blaming rap music and then tossing “black women ain’t shit” insults to make their ramshackle souls feel at ease.

They ignore the reality that the same alt-lifestyles or forms of entertainment young urban blacks sign up to willingly exists in young white communities (hence the cultural rubber stamp of “sex, drugs and rock & roll”). Yet, white women are by hook or by crook more hybristophliac (for lack of better term) than young black women are.

Here’s another excessively unpleasant way of looking why black women shit-test black men immensely…

This can be traced back to slavery, when white slave-owners could have their way with black women, whether they were married, attached or otherwise. You see, when white slave-owners would routinely rape and sodomize black women, their husbands, fathers or male siblings felt defenseless under the threat of castration, death or watching their loved ones sold. This was legalized as blacks were seen as chattel. This is also why some black women see most black men as cowardly, because of the history of being unable to come to their defense. This contempt is especially strong for the stereotypical ‘educated’, on-point (established) black man, who aims for adherence and social acceptance in white societies.

If you put naturally submissive women, or “chicks with dicks” (transgendered women) in a room full of passive, milquetoast beta males, they will eventually lose patience and start shit out of boredom, exercising her dominion over them. Once that happens, it’s over. Similarly, once a woman loses attraction or respect for a man, it’s over. There’s no “grey area” for this.

But “pass interference” is no longer necessary for ghetto, urbanized black women who’ve become violence-prone – or as their male siblings or fuck buddies quickly defend them from rivals.

Women innately know that most men they are supposed to be happy with in the end are established idiots, overachieving matchstick men and sexually frustrated nice guys who don’t even have time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Here’s another reason for why women test men… Whenever a woman goes on bouts of bratty attention-whoring or acting like a total bitch, she’s searching for the right man to fuck it out of her.

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