Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 6

In the previous installment, I’ve tastelessly likened LTRs/marriages to “Russian Roulette” – and briefly, U.S. Football. Now, I’m going to get into some more deep psychological shit, as it deals with the current obsessions with black group economics, ‘game’, primal mind fucks and women’s lust and submission for power dynamics.

But first, let me explain something to the naysayers…

According to my subscribers and ‘regular’ readers – like those in my personal life – I am very cynical and skeptical about concepts like marriage, long-term relationships (LTRs) and other similar contracts or concepts. Even in the form of employment, educational processes, etc. My blog has been mentioned in various websites, including one where I was accused of being unqualified to provide insight on M/F relationships…

“Mr. Odessa fucks with escorts, so his opinion involving male-female interactions are irrelevant unless someone intends to become a trick.”

When I see shit like that, I finalize how a large segment of men innately want to be slaves to women. Most men (even certain game practitioners) are conditioned to be either desirable or slaves to feminine whims in one way or another. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break, because women have persuasive trump cards. Ultimately in the form of sex – for recreation or procreation.

There’s hosts of idiots who dream of using game to find “the right one”, under the assumption that game and group economics will keep women under instruction. They are wrong on various counts – Not only because many men never enjoy life thanks to their obsessions with women, family or being communal assets. I’ve heard guys like Tariq Nasheed, RooshV and others believe men should focus on game rather than improving their physique. Like any PUA artist, they push the “if you do abc, 123, xyz” crap. But if it were that simple, everyone would be a millionaire, or a pussy connoisseur. Am I right?

Game blogs are also polluted with idiots who think they can beat a misandric system of control by finding “the right one”. Or guys who feel chasing women is some kind of achievement – hence how some men enjoy the chase more than the catch. Not to mention the black idiots who use ‘game’ to attract some highly-educated, Afrocentric or Jada Pinkett-Smith type of pussy. These blogs still exist and have been plagiarized by white guys in “the Manosphere” simply because men put women on pedestals, failing their shit-tests. But game is based on mind games, scripts, adversarialism and reverse psychology – not straightforward verbal communication or simple sex appeal (i.e. physique, tone of voice, height, weight, smell, etc.).

No amount of game or group economics can change this conclusion of female wiring…

…and that conclusion is… If she respects you, she will do things for you – even without any effort from your end.

Here’s some real-life examples including myself:

1] I met this younger, high-yellow black woman (married with a son) via Instagram. After bouts of communication via private inbox for several weeks, we met in person. Amid the first date, we made out in the back seat of my car (in front of her father’s house). Weeks later, she tossed around some light shit-tests and playful insults my way. My response to her tests were cool, calm, collected and without being short of being a dominant smart-ass. Without losing my cool or lashing out cruel insults, I made it clear that I wasn’t taking any of her shit. Because her respect for my prominence made her lose her bitch shield completely.. What does she do?

One occasion, her pussy got wet amid making out in the parking lot of her job, on her lunch break. She got wetter as I started choking her while kissing, calling her “my bitch” and so on. In my apartment one morning (her husband was at work), before we had sex, she gave me head whilst on her hands and knees. She responds to my commands, allows me to photograph the carnage and gives me complete eye contact. Playfully telling me to “stop”, I keep going. The next thing I do is handcuff her, inserting ink pens and lollipops in her anus before spanking her ass red. She didn’t want to do everything in one setting, only because she wanted to save certain acts for our next meetings. Five hours later, I send her back home to her husband – whom she used as a bill payer.

Some of you may say “so what?” When a woman is on her knees, it speaks in high volume. Because sex is also psychological, kneeling for a guy reeks of submission. Or if she allows herself to be inseminated. This only means that woman loves, respects and cherishes that man. If a woman doesn’t respect you, she may not give you head at all. She certainly won’t drop to her knees, let alone bend over and get it in the ass by that man.

2] Meeting one pathetic, fat Mexican BBW (if you read my blog regularly, you’ll figure out who she is) on social media led to her trying to use me as an emotional tampon. Every day until we cut ties, she bragged about some stud who had her nose open – even though he told her of his plans to treat her like shit and deservingly. By using the possibility of sex like a dangling carrot, she tried to get me to bid for her at a higher price than necessary. This included her sending me PDF files of books about Neuro-linguistic programming via email. She admitted that I turned her off because of my dedication to bodybuilding. She, however, was a size 22, but deluded her fucked-up self that she was a size 18. And that explained why she accused me of being a “perfectionist” (which I am)…

All of this for a fat, aging piece of ass whose stomach looked like 40 lbs. of Pillsbury Grands biscuit dough. Last I heard, she found her ex dead one morning due to some mysterious circumstances. His body was badly decomposed that his mother couldn’t give him an open coffin at his funeral. She then forgot about him, only to gyrate for a new group of guys – while the last idiot was sent to an early grave.

3] Christmas 2015, I met a thick, semi-flabby, chocolate-y and experienced (former swinger) black cougar who jumped on my dick immediately after browsing my social media profile. Days later, we met in person (we both lived in the same town). Her and I not only fucked that night, but I beat her ass intensely with multiple spanking devices, gagged her mouth and stuffed anal beads in her ass as she referred to me as “Daddy” and cried tears of joy. What attracted her to me was not only my looks, but the fact that I broke down her “bitch shield”. After telling me she wasn’t interested in being a booty call, she realized that I had something most men didn’t have: the ability to exude dominance and pick her ass apart. A month later, we met again and I made her take it in the ass.

I bring up these examples because in ‘serious’ LTRs, men enter them with intentions that fail them. The more LTRs/husbands do for a woman, the more they are fated to a life of abuse and ill-treatment. The same woman will do things for a nonchalant, standoffish, prominent asshole of a man that she would never do for her own husband. Such as cook, clean, iron his clothes, bend over and kneel for him. She will even allow that man to drive her car while she’s riding bitch. Why? Because he gives her the tingles and she likes, adores and craves him. Meanwhile the ‘provider’ of a husband or the ‘platonic friend’ does everything to make this bitch happy. Yet, she still bitches, barks and backbites at them like a dog, or becomes increasingly sexually distant. But she will always show her true side to ‘the other man’ while putting on fronts in the face of her husband – whom she uses ultimately for his resources.

Game and group economics can never change this powerful psychological dynamic. Most men learn the rules of the game too late in life, thanks to invalid social conditioning and enduring years of indoctrination. For guys like that, well… today’s concept of game or the illusion of Jesus and traditionalism may offer chances of tooting their own horn. Many of the guys who learn game are raised by single mothers hellbent on raising manginas, those who long for worthless traditions and guys who are owned by puppet masters and animal trainers. What they can’t analyse is that sexual arousal like hypergamy doesn’t care about things like money, credit scores and “good vs. evil” contingents. Just as the legal systems don’t care about that amid divorces.

Yet, feminists, religion, manginas and Hollywood tells most men they can’t have sex without love, marriage, romance, or being overachieving idiots. Except they will be pimped out by soon-to-be ex-wives, courtesy of the legal system. For this and other reasons, lust wins.

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