Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 7

One of the biggest causes for all of the shit the average western man endures from women stems from something unearthed most people fail at bringing to light…

The prohibition of polygamy and prostitution in The Anglosphere.

I found a very damn accurate definition of “polygamy” via Urban Dictionary:

A serious trusting relationship with multiple partners (because it’s not cheating if you have no secrets and all partners are alright with you bringing another into the group) and without marriage (because marriage is only used by governments and religions to control stupid people). The larger the group gets, the more consent is needed to bring in new partners. Polygamy is not the same thing as an open relationship because in an open relationship you see and do who you want without asking for anyone’s consent first.

The reason the government rejects polygamy as a way of living now is because;

A. The world is based on money, and households are based on a two person income so people work all the time, barely pay their bills, and still maintain I high level of debt while the kids are taken away by the school system and brainwashed to think learning is to repeat what is told to them.

B. They are still forcing religious views and beliefs upon all the citizens, to try and keep everyone stupid, unable to think for themselves and unable to act on their own.

Conclusion: Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and most laws are just the beliefs of others being forced onto you from birth so you are never aware and still blindly follow. It’s time to ask yourself and everyone else “Why?”.

Send this definition to all of your friends, FUCK RELIGION, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, WE WANT A FREEDOM OF NO RELIGION. We want a society based on intelligent thought, not blind ignorance.
Polygamy can consist of;

A. One Man And Many Women
B. One Woman And Many Men
C. Many Men
D. Many Women
E. Many Men And Many Women

by Selective – January 15, 2011

Now without going too in-depth, prostitution (not sex trafficking) remains illegal in the U.S. (except Nevada) for some of the same reasons polygamy is. “The world’s oldest profession” wasn’t that big of a deal until after desegregation (leading to black men sleeping with white girls) and feminist movements of the late 1960s. Legalizing it would destroy the gynocracy (matriarchal rule, pussy power and ancient “queen worshiping” traditions) most men hang onto. It would also create lower fertility rates (even in black and Latino communities) – therefore, societies based on government control (enhanced by flawed feminine logic and massive consumer power) would rot very fast.

In ancient Africa, blacks were polygamous; whether it was for recreation or procreation, the concept was used to create empires. The same thing happens in animal kingdoms, whereas animals bite, maim and gnaw eachother for territories or mating opportunities. We are unsure if Africans enjoyed BJs and ass sex as much as the Europeans and Asians have throughout ancient history, but that’s neither here nor there. Upon being kidnapped and stationed in America, blacks were robbed of their identities and lifestyles – forced to accept religious doctrines, which includes monogamous conception. Not only were there arranged marriages for women, but for black slaves – whom had more to lose by having wives and children. Terms like ‘wenches’, ‘bucks’ or ‘sex addict’ were used to degrade female and black sexuality.

After the sexual revolution of the 1960s, polygamy still remains illegal. The “swingers” lifestyle, bachelorhood and Gen-Y’s ‘hookup culture’ are the closest things to polygamy that most westerners will ever get. Except this time, it’s not so much about trying to relive historical reigns. It’s about adults acting like, well… adults.

But now, white America has convinced everyone that achievements consists of shit like PhDs, standardized test scores, plaques, contracts, finances, spiritual doctrines and being “law-abiding citizens” rather than embracing their own identities. Religion is an ultimate mind control tactic used to make humans feel ashamed of their bodies and sexuality, which is responsible for many social ills not only The Anglosphere, but poorer third-world countries alike. Feminism creates the same dystopia, but it’s despisal is primarily directed to male sexuality.

But as Brett Tate said, “America is a sex prison country”. Segments of men and women alike shudder at the thought of polygamy, because it’s similar to hypergamy (which leaves those who aren’t chosen to fend for themselves). Men treat sex as if it’s a gift only few men deserve, even in a generation where women and transsexuals throw themselves at men relentlessly on social media and melting pot cities.

The problem with polygamy and prostitution is that governments and religions want to enslave people to keep the gravy train from spoiling – hence it’s illegality. But… there’s hookup culture. This creates a serious blow to feminism, which is why they want to create more legislative laws against male expression (via “street harassment”).

Women’s groups detest porn, paid sex and the future of sexbots. Yet, the female sex toy industry is a billion dollar industry. I mean, what does it say if a woman chooses to screw herself with toys and gadgets rather than having sex with “average joe blows”, or their obsequious husbands? Women’s groups say “men are violent”. Yet, they turn blind eyes to police abuse while attacking black celebrities and athletes for defending themselves against virago-type women. Women’s groups want to create a new “war on drugs” (aka “the war on sex trafficking”). By the way, America will lose that war, too. They say all paid sex is “trafficking”. Yet, they remain silent about flabby, sunburned white female sex tourists who “get their groove back” by paying black studs to turn them into cum dumpsters.

Likewise, feminists feel strip clubs and pornography should be illegal, or treated like a substance drug which “makes men rape”. I’m aware white lawmakers said the same about drugs in the early 20th century. Whether it’s the criminalization of drugs, pornography, paid sex or extramarital affairs, sexual insecurity is definitely at play here!

What does this have to do with women’s man-testing genes? Well, because feminists’ ultimate goal is raising the price of pussy (but not in a commerce-type sense). They can achieve this by creating hoops, ultimatums, mind games and unnecessary screening processes. This will create an apocalypse where the most sexually desirable women will become “the forbidden fruit”, which society says most men are forbidden to touch.

Biologically, women’s only power is sex and deception. This is why bureaucrats use women as honey traps to disrupt and destroy men’s personal lives. Women can also demand or beg for everyone else to give them the upper hand in legal senses. This is also why women and their lapdogs (sent in the form of bureaucrats, in-laws and relationship ‘experts’) defend the concept of marriage. They know marriage contracts designed to be broken easily gives women a maximum entitlement consumption. A contact which padlocks husbands into chastity belts, while women demand more freedom to fuck someone else.

Marriages benefit “the weaker sex” more than men. Women have no problem with their husbands working themselves to death or pillaging other societies. Just as long as they don’t perceive “the other girl” (mistresses and side pieces) as a threat to their lavish lifestyles.

So, it’s easy to conclude that monogamy is a social conditioning enforced by weak people to control people and property. To ensure survival, the same way social, legal and economic structures are designed to ensure THEIR hierarchies. The same reasons why prisons, gentrification and exclusivity of money and gun ownership exists… To weed out the “undesirables”.

Women are very powerful in building or destroying the lives of their children and menfolk. For further evidence, visit your local black community and where white women or white knights are present…

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