Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 9

There are multitudes of blogs featuring topics about why women prefer dominant men, “thugs” and “bad boys”. I’ve made topics about this before (link 1, link 2, link 3 & link 4), but I’ll create another alternative reasoning which depresses common arguments about fatherlessness.

Western society celebrates nihilism, adversarialism, the dark side, combat, killer instincts and cutthroat elements. This is the same reason why we love rags-to-riches stories, cinematic crime epics, Robert Greene books, rap music, game, “street cred”, urban soap operas and so forth. There’s a breeding ground for western fascinations with villains, which has invaded other territories. Some of you may be simple minded enough to blame European pillaging and invasions of other cultures. But I’ll take it a step further…

Robert Greene (the author of 48 Laws Of Power) stated once that “America is a hustler’s country”.

“Bad boys” win because of their active roles in cutthroat elements and hostile takeovers in order to achieve any ultimate goal assessment. Most of black culture endorses it and this element invades many multicultural societies (especially those where black men are present, or ones filled with women who find certain masculine traits a hot commodity). This is also the case in various countries where women stampede over their own men to get to black and white guys.

Advocatus Diaboli stated in a previous topic-series about Altruism, Adversarialism and Women that “Adversaliasm cannot be eliminated, merely controlled and chaneled towards less destructive ends. It is something humans as a species will have to ultimately grow out of, if we are to survive over any significant period of time. But to tell you the truth, I don’t care.”

Another key vindication for women’s lust for “bad” men isn’t exclusive to only a possible superlative sex drive, though great sex is vital to women. Women despise the slave mentality and most men are trained to adhere to the voluntary slave system (employment). But then why do women choose blue-collar roughnecks as much as they do thugs, ne’er do wells and womanizing sex machines? We all know street hustlers, like independent contractors, adjust their own work schedules, which optimizes their portrayal as “rolling stones”, coming and going as they please. They and blue-collar types exude raw masculinity and street smarts.

Or could it be that black blue-collar types have more balls than their corporate or academic counterparts? Could it be because they don’t take shit from women, or other men – maybe due to the strain from menial labor?

Well, as I’ve said… women will gladly fuck with a weak man, tease him and shit on him, then say it’s snowing. Again, women fuck the “bad” ones, then marry the “good” ones. This tendency exists outside of the black community, even for women who grew up with their fathers present. A woman will marry not out of lust, but because she knows she can castrate him and obtain a “maximum entitlement consumption” when the smoke clears. Nobody knows better than her that other women have no use for an impoverished, impotent or an indoctrinated man.

Another alternative viewpoint for women choosing “bad boys” is that our current system which promotes institutionalized education and ‘credentials’ hinders personal identity. Traditionalist groupthink and hierarchies crumbles around us. What does this tell us? In the real world, systematic achievements are irrelevant to intrinsic human desire. Because most men are trained by their parents, teachers and society to be lapdogs, angels and tricks, they snap, insult and use social shaming apparatus towards women who reject them. These are the kinds of jackasses who take jobs in law enforcement, go on mass shooting sprees, join websites like Black Men Vent (full of on-point simps and sexless drag queens) or save themselves to “Mrs. Right” (and possibly use her to incite jealously unto their rejecters). These are feminine traits!

The truth is that men shouldn’t be angry at these women. But instead, themselves and the institutions or enterprises that continues to sell them fairy-tales and other assorted Disney myths. No doubt, most men still blindly focus on systematic achievements their people (or parents) do not control, nor would have voluntarily invented given the choice.

Unlike the educated black man, who may have spent hours in libraries studying meaningless shit, the “bad boy” has optimal physique, social skills and smooth operator tactics who understands reverse psychology, effective communication, or the art of cross-examination. For this, black men created concepts like “game” and “MGTOW” – not so much as a hypnosis to talk a woman out of her panties. But to comprehend and respond to women’s defiant nature; which is easy in gynocentric societies where women run the show.

This should tell us all that the so-called “strong black woman” fallacy is a lame-ass joke. Every woman is submissive to a man – be it to government (who is richer than any man), the men who screws and sodomizes her, or even the mental image or painting of “Jesus” (who is usually painted as a blue-eyed white man). So what does that say about the woman who puts on bitch shields, convincing no one but herself that she is not submissive to any man?

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