Women Have Man-Testing Genes: 10

So, in my final installment in this huge series, I’ll briefly mention very remarkable (IMO) instances of how women and feminists suppress knowledge of their malicious (or playfully malicious) intent. These instances are those based on how we perceive knowledge and the limited resources men have access to, to discover the dark side of the feminine species – even in the age of mass communication and technology.

In the early 1970s, a woman named Esther Vilar wrote The Manipulated Man. Esther Vilar was ahead of her time and predicted the future – perhaps like a psychic. Feminists gave this woman death threats for the publication of her book in 1971. Most books she wrote after that were discontinued and difficult to obtain. 3-4 decades after the publication of her book, few carbon copies cranked out from the late 1990s to date. Books like The Key Logger, The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman, Sex-ploytation (yanked from shelves 5 years after it’s publication), The Secrets of Female Sexuality and The Possibility of Sex all brought to light of the true nature of women, which all contradicts what society, mainstream media and feminists has told guys about women being “superior”, or wholesome victims.

Now of late, women are starting to tell on themselves (and their schemes to waste men’s time) via “girl talk” and on social media. But they don’t realize they are snitching on themselves because most men let them get away with it…

Real-world experiences tells us every other full moon that women start shit due to their need for attention, positive or negative. This is not only the case in the black community, but the implications and witch hunts it triggers when white women cause race riots by crying wolf. Or when female employees break their own breach of employment contracts by acting on impulse or emotion. Or when they impose their misery of what other guys do to them on innocent and random males. Today, they have too many enablers to help them fire their weapons at noises in the dark. This causes societies to collapse and those in them to tip-toe through landmines.

Let’s take a movie like Gone Girl, which portrayed women as manipulative. It was originated as a book – yes, the author (again, female) received contempt from feminists as well. The increase of spending power among women has made it somewhat easier to hide malicious female traits from being imitated in the form of art (unless it’s black TV shows, urban soap operas and black urban fictitious literature).

Feminists even want to ban books that tell men about alternatives on how to deal with women, or visiting new worlds and lifestyles that await them. Some PUA frauds are eradicated and rightfully so. Not so much for their business marketing shams, but for selling bad advice to a demographic of inbred, sexual losers. I have no sympathy for chumps like Julien Blanc or RooshV who either advocate “revenge PUA”, unwarranted physical contact, stalking vulnerable women and exploiting their sexual conquests, then posting them online. Some PUAs create forms of exploitation for shock value, then get banned from several countries for their despicable antics. I have no interest in seeing PUAs get rich, just like I have no interest in seeing white MRAs or black feminists succeed.

Feminists prevented men from attending a college lecture at the University in Toronto, Canada by Warren Ferrell (the author of The Myth of Male Power). A video of the riot was posted on YouTube and these white bitches tried to have the video removed. The same way the police does by trying to eradicate footage of their murderous, deleterious tendencies. This is where I say women are a lot like the police. Whenever they’re caught doing stupid shit, they expect their actions to be justified. They expect simpletons, apologists or their worshipers to pick up the pieces, put them together like jigsaw puzzles and make them whole all over again.

You can keep making excuses for them. I mean, if you want to fuck yourself in the ass with a hot piece of charcoal, that’s your business. Hell, I know some men who pay transsexual hookers to ass-rape them, cum in their mouths, call them “fags” and treat them like shit. Then again, butt-fucking a hot transgendered woman may be a better option to having sex with aging, flabby, grease-munching BBWs (although trannies are more psychologically fucked up than the average woman).

In female dominated societies, there are few men who have the wit to feel women out and call them on their BS. Others turn to game, religion and homosexuality, while others embrace concepts like MGTOW or single bachelorhood. Terms like “trick”, “simp”, “mangina” “captain save-a-hoe”, “pussy-beggars”, “bitchassness” and “thirst trap” are widely used by today’s young men, even before reaching age 18. These are the types who are determined to not allow women to toy with their lives.

Feminism has created a scam that invaded the minds of many men and gullible women alike. The epidemic of hookup culture, “bad bitches”, the glamorization of mercenary women depicted in pop culture and the evolution of pooning has caused a serious blow to their delusions and petty agendas.

It’s plain as day that men only have three roles in the lives of women. You are either objects of sexual desire, platonic play brothers or sterile workhorses. I would prefer the former of the three (so would most men). So why then complain about men seeing women as sex objects, baby mamas and decoration trophies? Aforementioned in a previous part of the series, women have no use for impoverished, impotent or indoctrinated men. Most men fall into those categories. But then again, bitches love drama.

That said, I conclude that most women are nothing more than attention-seekers, shit-stirrers and manipulative time wasters.

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