How Overseas Vacations Alters the Male Pursuit of Westernized Women

I’ll get straight to the point…

There are voluminous alt-lifestyles which enhances men’s reasoning that the average, civilian woman in developed countries aren’t just worth putting up with. It also gives gives average, entitled females an even harder time trying to shame or coerce men into surrendering their lives to them. One of those alt-lifestyles consists of overseas vacations. I’ll briefly explain how this dynamic alters the pursuit of westernized “diva” bitches.

After years of being on the sidelines of engaging in overseas travels, I’ve recently come back from my first real overseas trip (I’m not saying where; The Virgin Islands, Mexico and Canada doesn’t count). For years, I’ve heard many men (not just black men) admit that foreign travel flings are superior to those flings with most women in the United States.


Are human transactions more gratifying and tolerable, whether money and/or gifts are exchanged or not? Are the women more feminine, aesthetically inclined and sexually uninhibited than their westernized counterparts? What causes post-travel stress disorder among men who are given celebrity/king statuses that are nonexistent in their birthplace – with feminized laws, hypergamy and feminine consumer power adding to the concoction?

I’ve finally experienced it for myself.

Now while I travel with the intention of sightseeing, the women just come with the territory. Spending my first night in a country’s capital, I’ve encountered some real hotties (i.e., “bad bitches”, if you choose). All of them were in shape, consenting adult women who love male attention and who were ready, willing and able (as long as you were in shape and could provide for them and, of course, keep it up). I didn’t eat much, because I knew I was going to have hot sex that night. I ended up screwing two hot Chicas – one was a much younger and very short female with a petite, athletic figure with a feisty attitude. Think of a Mexican version of Vivica A. Fox in her younger years. After sex, she agreed to staying in touch with me via social media.

Two hours later, I was approached by a Latina MILF originally from California and stationed for business – a woman with two kids, owned a sports car, sporty, nice bubble butt and brought massive fire to the bedroom. I matched her fiery demeanor by spanking her, biting her ass cheeks and nipples and muffling her orgasmic screams with my hands as she came. For a mental frame of how she looked, think of Sandra Romain. She was so awesome, I gave her a MLB hat, a GFE (“girlfriend experience”) and she gave me her worn panties to take back to the States with me. We both vowed to stay in touch on social media. I took photos of her nude body, then sent them to her and told her she had “the best ass in the world”. Of course, this made her tingly, even though she felt black men’s fascinations with women’s asses were peculiar.

Two days later, I had balled two other females within a two hour period, before dawn. Without getting into anymore details, needless to say, I was spoiled. What made it even sweeter was that I found like-minded guys on vacation who shared the same commonalities as myself and my travelling partners. Regardless of race, age or occupation, we all concluded one hot morning that nothing could compare to this. It’s like comparing cheap fish burgers to lobster and shrimp buffets.

I’ll be providing more insight on this. But understand that not only do the women in most third-world countries have resemblance to supermodels, but there are almost no hooks to jump through. A woman can have a playful disposition without being a diva or dishing out random shit tests. Touching, public displays of affection and light sexual dialogue amid flirting is completely natural, whereas in westernized countries such behavior is seen as “felonious” (even if some sideline spectator dislikes it). The same societies that tell the most undesirable, flabby, capricious, carbohydrate addicted sunburned wretch that “she deserves better” (knowing she probably can’t – or maybe she will reign supreme, thanks to desperate men). The same people who enable her erratic behavior will be nowhere in sight when she, her trump card (or her fatherless kids) fades into obscurity.

Let’s say you take an excursion to your favorite destination. Wednesday, you arrive and hit the beach, get a tan, swim and play soccer, then enjoy seafood and wings. Thursday, you can fuck a black girl who resembles Rihanna and is tight as a whistle, then Friday you can dominate a young white girl who resembles Miley Cyrus or Sasha Grey. If you want, two hours after that, you can pick up a Jhene Aiko lookalike, take her for drinks and appetizers, take her to your spot, shower with her then make her take it in the ass and spoil her. Take a break Saturday and go sightseeing and holler at a biracial mulatto or a piece of island hoodrat booty the next morning right before catching your flight. Regardless of your preference of age, ethnicity or body type, you get my point…

Then you come back to The Anglosphere (i.e. “The Matrix”) and deal with post-travel stress disorder…

I’ll leave this entry by saying this: Do not, I repeat, do not, do not, do not reveal names of destinations and “hot spots”, unless you are in limited, trusted company. Whichever country you decide to go to, do your research beforehand, understand and respect their culture and customs. I am not responsible if you end up like that blabbermouth jackass Cuba Dave, or some other dumbass Americans who reveal their identities and intentions, only to get chained to a system dominated by manginas, conservatives and feminist zealots.

More later…

3 thoughts on “How Overseas Vacations Alters the Male Pursuit of Westernized Women

  1. Hey excellent post! Were most of your ladies paid for or not? I’m considering traveling to Brazil and I’d like to know if I’m better off spitting game or doing the payment route.

    Mostly paid. To answer your latter question… that’s ultimately up to you. I do recommend you learn the language, otherwise currency does most of the talking. Using translator apps to dialogue with a lady can be very annoying, plus the roaming charges and wi-fi instability can be a real pain.

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