Travel PTSD

Here’s a continuation from my previous post…

After traveling abroad for the first time in my life (Mexico, Canada and The Virgin Islands don’t count), I’ve seen life from a totally contrastive perspective. My contempt for The Anglosphere has immensely heightened. Not just because of what those in power and “entitled princesses” take for granted. But developed countries are built on lies, scam, murder and divide-and-conquer regimes. However, that makes up for another post in it’s entirety.

I’ve currently experienced what’s called “post-travel stress disorder”.

After coming back to North America, I witness what most of us have to come back to — hectic work weeks, daily commutes, wintry mixes, fatty foods, loudmouth profane women, twisted pop psychology, social media attention-whores and other questionable garbage (including disingenuous jackasses who think they can beat the system by embracing Norman Rockwell family portraits). This feeds into my skepticism about the downfall of western society, which if you ask me is well-deserved karma.

To keep it very simple (in regards to feminine qualities), females in The Anglosphere try way too hard to be attractive – even if the reward never involves anything physical, or alliance-wise. This is what makes industries such as cosmetics, plastic surgery, fashion designing, modeling agencies and self-improvement scams such a booming business. What this leads to is massive female consumer power. Remember, “America is not a country, it’s just a business.” And the customer is always right.

Coming back from my vacation, I cut ties with a number of former fuck buddies in the USA. While I have no problems maintaining a stable harem of some down-ass females in my hometown, my refusal to settle or settle down has intensified itself. I have lesser tolerance for social media man-stroke attention-whores who do nothing but dicktease daily. All I would be doing is contribute to the plight.

The reason why game, the PUA community, pornography, white knighting, misandry and sex crimes exists is because men raise the price of pussy. Pussy is seem as a hot commodity – which comes from racial pride, puritanism, Calvinism, ancient queen worshiping antics and, yes, conservative patriarchal family order treating women as property (due to either sexual insecurity or ensuring survival of the species). I know that’ll piss some of you off, but so be it.

Advocatus Diaboli mentions this phenomena and admits that in many other countries, grown women are generally on their own – unless they are attached (or perhaps a family member). If a woman tries to get violent or pickpocket anyone, she would get dealt with and called out by the police, as well as other men and women alike. In The Anglosphere, men play “captain save-a-hoe” due to an archaic sense of chivalry, low self-esteem, or under the pretense that they may be rewarded with sex. Most men are stupid enough to compete for titles/status that women (and whites) invent.

In today’s generation, we’re seeing the reality that women are not all wholesome innocent victims and that they are capable of carving a life of heaven or hell – for themselves and everyone else around them. In spite of feminist scam telling us that “good women don’t choose certain lifestyles”, real-life experiences reveal that today’s modern woman knows what she’s doing – even if they choose a life of drama, violence, drugs and all sorts of debauchery.

I believe one of feminists’ biggest nightmares have become a reality… and that nightmare is sexually desirable women and their outlets (porn, paid sex, strip clubs and overseas model-like figures) make ugly women extinct.

Look, If you don’t mind playing mind games with typical, mediocre and overweight western women with “diva bitch” complexes”, save your money and don’t travel. If you love interacting with “bad bitches” worldwide on even terms, go for it. But do not ruin it for anyone else!

Anyway… Overseas travel to learn about other cultures is superior to the current western regime. The women come with the territory; as long as it isn’t broadcasted publicly, safe, legal and regulated prostitution beats LTRs and marriages any day. But understand that in certain destinations, anything else isn’t taken kindly to. I recall one evening where police and immigration of the country I visited raided a strip club and shut it down for 15 minutes. They were making sure that there was no trafficking, no illegal immigrants, no pimping or minors were anywhere present. Which as far as I’m concerned is a great thing.

Without mentioning specifics, if you’re serious about going, do your own research and keep your mouth to yourself. We’ve seen what man-hating feminists and violent thugs have done to developed countries. Do you really want that shit to transpire everywhere else?

You see, ugly people complain the most. Including ugly, undersexed men and women who watch others score on the field of hot pussy and ass while themselves are benched, blacklisted and treated like trash time and time again. However, these could be the same people who may not only piss on your parade, but govern your life — just because they have more education and “credentials” than you, or the information fell into their hands. Treat this information like winning the Powerball. Being discreet and going ghost on irrelevant people is the best way to conduct yourself…

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