Failed Instincts, 01

I have another post dedicated to pragmatic analogies in regards to finalizing what works for you, the individual – instead of societies, women, patriotism and others who are dependent on your gullibility, obedience, or well-intentioned sacrifices. Similar to the means of trial and error, you have to discover what makes you happy and gives you an easier life. But there’s another way of getting to this point…

Instincts pertains to a response to a natural impulse. It’s what one’s inner senses tells them. Always trust your instincts. But what happens when your instincts fail you?

For starters, there’s a difference between having your own instincts, going with the flow or having people tell you your place or role in society. Instincts can be easily persuaded against and corrupted by society or individual bullshit artists. The same way dogma corrupts logic. The same way people can be manipulated by women, the police, salesmen, ‘morality’, patriotism, shaming language and so forth.

Not only can societal, or peer pressure can invade a person’s instincts. So can something as deterrent, such as atmospheres (both permanent or temporary), living conditions, fads, worthless activism and religion, which also feeds into ‘guilty’ consciences. These issues or non-issues can easily place you in a disposition to place matter over mind, or heart over mind. Then, you can be faced with dilemmas or struggles to either do the ‘right’ thing, follow your true instincts or be down with the in-crowd.

Justifications that causes one to undergo an identity crisis can be summed up as…

“I was just trying to do the right thing.”
“It was the cool thing to do.”
“I want [my] people to see me as a hero.”
“I want to spread my genetic/traditional heritage.”
“Society or {insert person} said it was the manly thing to do.”
“But I signed up for this with good intentions.”

The same rules apply when it comes to dealing with American law enforcement, who uses unfamiliar tactics which manipulates you into giving up your constitutional or biological rights. The same way children are forced to adhere to educational system matrixes indoctrinating them – molding them into something feeble enough for society to manipulate. Conservatives goading gullible and disenfranchised youths to enlist in the armed forces, only for them to be killed, tortured or fucked by the system (if they’re lucky). Or salesmen and gurus maximizing commerce by selling dreams when reality shows, in contrast, the total opposite. Or people who enter matrimonial unions only to lose everything after the legal system finalizes and eggs on relationship breakdown.

So what happens when one’s instincts (inner gut) fails them? Does everyone bounce back from that? How long does it take for some people to bounce back? It can take months, years or generations even. Some folks can never bounce back.

Most people allow their instincts to be invaded by naysayers, life “experts”, educators, useless opinions and desires of irrelevant people, societal or peer pressure. I can bring up many examples of how this fails many people every day. I can discuss how “bootstrap” theorists are preached by conservatives and the black modern-day slaves used as pawns to be kept in their corners. I can bring up the god fallacy, creating megachurches in urban communities that look like warzones. I can bring up how idiots enlist in the armed forces, only to be impoverished or veterans murdered by the American “cops”. I can bring up how relationship experts purposely leave out non-negotiable women’s rights that ruins men’s lives via mind games, hypergamy, insatiable appetites and divorces leading to maximum entitlement consumptions. I can bring up how fundraisers created to find cures are just highly decorated scams for big business or personal profit.

The untold story is this… most of these issues happen in developed western societies, where scams, fairytales and morality is still pushed onto the ignorant masses. While other countries throughout the world has the same issues, money and government largess which keeps western societies at the top plays a huge role in maintaining power and control. Then, there are intellectual, historic reasoning of white supremacy maintaining these systems of control. This is also the reason why instincts can fail even the most good-hearted men who’s hell-bent on doing “the right thing”, thanks to systems getting their hands on their resources, altering their well-intentioned sacrifices. Today, the system is fucking over ALL men now.

The fact that alt-lifestyles and small limited circles has the potential of wrecking shitty traditional matrixes is another story… and one which will prevail.

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