Maximum Entitlement Consumption: 1

inspired by a somewhat similar topic by Advocatus Diaboli…

After learning more about how western civilization operates (and it’s similar, developed counterparts) and it’s dark history for many years, I’ve properly put in context that western society has been held up by keeping certain people “privileged” and “empowered” while keeping others dumbed down and disenfranchised. Without getting into the heart of it, “certain” people of privilege oddly and persistently demand subservience and productivity from others, although they already have the rest by the balls – even though they have no desire to reciprocate with even the slightest reward. They fail to understand something…

Subservience and productivity means jack shit without reciprocity.

Although this is how it should be, this hasn’t stopped the entitled, underhanded and sociopathic from claiming titles and territories they didn’t truly deserve to have.

Now, who are the most entitled, underhanded and sociopathic persons in the USA? ANSWER: Whites, law enforcement agencies and now, women. Why do they continue to maintain maximum entitlement consumption? It could be a multitude of things, such as resources, infrastructures, regimes (political, tyranny, fascism, etc.), coercion, or acts of violence. Not to mention by softening the blow by selling the unfortunate rest fairy-tales (self-improvement advice, bootstrap lectures or “man up” articles).

I’m saying that to say this: The favored continue to embrace their maximum entitlement consumption, while becoming increasingly nonchalant on it’s mass destruction on the rest of society. We have seen this in the wake of the American police state and their lack of accountability, the African slave trade, financial recessions and the limited distribution of money and resources.

Let’s start with the collaboration of maximum entitlement consumption and westernized women…

Who is it that gives women in the USA maximum entitlement consumptions? The media, capitalism, fourth-wave feminism (2000s – ), the government, political, educational and religious establishments. Not to mention “captain save-a-hoes” and their literary counterparts selling them even more ‘Disney myths’.

What this also does is contradicts the stereotype that society is male-dominated. Where did this start? Maybe ancient African queen worship, or when white guys historically said “White women are the best”, therefore placing them on pedestals. Or it could be behind the reason why white men throughout history placed black women in higher positions than black men. Fast forward to today… For several decades, women have had the upper hand over men – via family courts, divorce courts, hookup culture (dating), legal status and the educational institutions. Without getting into every aspect, I’ll highlight several.

Let’s talk about the marriage license. Generations ago, women, like black slaves, were seen as property, used as mules only to pass on generations to ensure survival among the species. Today, the tables have turned – whether it’s karma for previous generation of men’s dehumanization of women (as well as others they’ve used as cannon fodder). Women not only have rightful control over their bodies and their sexuality. However, marriage and divorce only makes sense to women – both equally gives women total control over family planning, as well as men’s finance, assets, sexuality, self-respect. So it’s safe to say that women have voluntarily joined forces with governments and their family destroying policies. Why?

Greed, ego, power, vanity and status.

I recall an incident where a guy (black) goes on a job interview and the interviewer shifted her attention from him onto his wife – saying she should be the “breadwinner” and “above” him. This case and similar ones dealing with black women’s upper hand over everyone creates arrogance and power without accountability among women.

Based on my personal observations, black women’s entitlement syndromes are fading for a never-ending multiples of reasons. They have witnessed black men’s cause-and-effect reactions to their adversarial tendencies. Either by self-defense, exposure, karma, neglect and abandonment. They are slowly starting to realize that they won’t get far by being total bitches with control issues. Oddly enough, they may realize it sooner than other women because the black community has been ran under matriarchal rule for far too long.

So it’s fair to say black women have had a head start in obtaining control over the men in their lives. While this is fading to a certain extent (thanks to alt-lifestyles, MGTOW and conscious decisions to avoid Kodak moments), other ethnicities of men in western society have recently experienced their own figurative sodomization.

The court systems continue to give women maximum entitlement consumption via divorce and child support. A system historically designed to intentionally screw over “niggers and other darkies” is now turning on it’s own supporters and henchmen. Lawyers and society will persuade a wife to dump the poor bastard, telling her something like “Do you know how much money you can get?”, or she “deserves better”, even when it’s clear her sex appeal license is fading.

Today, a woman doesn’t have to hide her disgust and disrespect to the bland jackass she married – the idiot who got the dominant neanderthals’ leftovers.

Then there’s the fad of relationship “experts”. Nevermind how singles outnumber marrieds in a generation where promiscuity, lust for bad boys/bad bitches, single motherhood and divorces are more common than traditionalism. What this does is creates more arrogance, martyrdom and expectations among has-been cock-carousel riders, victim-blaming among traditional-minded idiots who weren’t “man enough” and businessmen who’ve turned female gullibility into commerce. These salesmen are equally destructive as the idiots who think nation building will somehow put women under instruction. Assuming they can beat the system by finding “Mrs. Right” and having several urchins for the sake or survival ensurance or ethnic empowerment, they clearly fail to realize how vulnerable it will make their children to the corrupt system of commerce, power and control. They are in for a nasty disappointment.

Women enjoy referring to men who choose non-western women as “tricks” who are being used to obtain green cards, or saying men are “exploiting poor women”. But are they providing lower-class, disenfranchised women of color nationwide recourse? Or are they just offering unwarranted lip service? Or using women of color as catalysts for their petty agendas by emasculating their men whilst tossing them bread crumbs? Comments as such derives from jealousy and isn’t 100% accurate. Even if it were, how does it differ from women marrying men only to obtain status, or a larger portion of a man’s resources, courtesy of the legal system?

Why would a woman bitch about men choosing non-western women as companions or sex partners, if she’s already having her cake and eating it too? Then suggesting that a “real man” needs to “man up”, fix her broken ass and be with her – even after years of keeping him on the sidelines?

There’s also an ever-increasing amount of strange martyrdom complexes among women who feel it’s their right to have relationships with men “on her level” because of her long educational periods or occupation. Then once she gets one, even still she goes out of her way to mold him into her bitch. A number of today’s established women could work jobs on the weekdays, then have men trick for them on the weekends. This feeds into the epidemic of women spending from multiple streams of income – hers, his, yours, theirs and everyone else’s. Because women love money. What does this lead to? Massive consumer power!

They, like other entitled bastards, feel that the gig will keep going, even when they aren’t willing to reciprocate with the slightest reward. They use their gender or status as handicaps – as if they aren’t held accountable for their actions, whereas the rest of us need to coddle to them. Any idea where this is going to lead?

In the next part of the series, I’ll discuss how maximum entitlement consumption as it pertains to white-dominated systems of power and control, plus how pyramid schemes and scams (such as debt and law) works in their favor, at the expense of everyone else.

4 thoughts on “Maximum Entitlement Consumption: 1

  1. That’s what sucks about getting divorced. A woman may not initially seek to take her husband to the cleaners but when her lawyer brainwashes and tells her to get the most money possible, she changes. That scares me. I am conflicted with the desire to have the Cosby-like wife and kids traditional family and a desire to continue sleeping with escorts and living life as a bonafide sex tourist. I’d love to move to Brazil one day when I’m established. The game in USA is too risky to play. Just make money and move in silence.

    Yes. The same occurs with false rape accusations – Sometimes, the women just want money, not to see the man imprisoned. Then you have women like Gloria Allred who has a reputation of taking black men specifically to the cleaners. But you’ve also hit the nail on the head: Just make money and move in silence.

    Here’s a video from Black MRA Activist Thugtician on YouTube about prenuptial agreements (created sometime in 2009)
    Thugtician Intercepts the Prenuptial Agreement

  2. Have you heard about the latest trend? Post-nuptual agreements. A couple is married for a couple of years, but then something happens – say one spouse cheats on the other. Well, they decide to draw up a contract that takes this into account.

    Now tell me, do you think it was men sitting around thinking that a post-nuptual agreement is a good idea? I doubt it.

    According to the article, both have the same goal assessment. I don’t find one more damaging than the other, except the pre-nup allows the cards to be put on the table in advance. Post-nup is like a “hail mary” to a degree.

  3. There’s something in Latin America some where. The marriage is for a set period. At the end of this period,,say 5 years, the couple can ‘re-up or go their separate ways. No divorce. It’s like a lease. Maybe something like that should be adopted here. Marriage scares the hell out of me. I want a wife. I want kids, but American black women are such a huge risk. They are a massive liability. I’ll play with a white female but I couldn’t marry one. That’s a whole different set of problems.

    While AA women are notoriously known for their barbaric tendencies, white women are extremely underhanded as it pertains to cheating. Don’t get it twisted, ALL women cheat in LTRs, but white women are worse than black women in that degree. Black women are also upfront with some of their shit, whereas white women are very sneaky with it.

    Though ALL women cheat, white women are also the worst (in my observations and experiences) because they are already pedestaled and coddled to. They can have whatever they want and get away with whatever they please, so why lie about shit?

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