Maximum Entitlement Consumption: 2


In the previous installment, I’ve brought to light of entitlement syndromes among women and how these maximized false delusions of entitlement gives women (and their enablers) the upper hand over men, in an economical sense. In this one, I’ll mention white-dominated systems of power and control in America. Plus how white-supported scams such as debt, capitalism, law and politics works in their favor, at the expense of everyone else.

First, let’s start off with the concept of “law and order”. We have been taught for years that without law and order, people behave badly. But now what if it became true in essence that specific laws only service the entitled, while intentionally screwing over others – such as poor folks living slightly above or below their means? People of color? Why would that occur in the first place? Did you know that slavery was legal? Being black and male was illegal? In historical generations, rape was legal. The denial of basic human rights and necessities were legal (and still are) based on gender, ethnicity and even sexual orientation. I can bring up many examples where this is still true, not only in N. America, but in India, Africa, Nordic countries, specific parts of S. America, so on.

As “law and order” pertains to racism against people of darker hue, let’s just say this… When blacks (or Latinos) dislike laws, they break them. When whites (and even today’s women, to a degree) dislike laws (especially if they work in the benefits or blacks, or men), they enter careers in law or politics and attempt to try and change those laws. Of course, this specifically benefits the entitled, rewarded and well-connected few and the elites “above” them. It keeps them further entitled and at “the top” of society by isolating those whom they fear or dislike from the general populace – either as a way to prevent to gravy train from spoiling, or from preventing any influence from occurring. Now, I’m sure there are other ways, but I choose to point out the very obvious strategy of “divide and conquer”.

Secondly… Politics, as we know it, exists also to keep regimes flowing and intact. It also exists to sell dreams, illusions of “change” and glittery hunks of shit to the rest of society. Regardless if it’s democrat or republican, both parties work for the same people… against the people. Without providing too many examples of each president or presidential candidate, let’s ask ourselves the following questions about our most recent “rulers”.

What has Obama done about the police state, other than renege his words after the 2009 Henry Louis Gates Jr. incident? Why would he (like other types of manginas) spend more time pandering to women (example 1, example 2) than toning down the barbaric animal-like tendencies of the American police against unarmed blacks? Why is it that republicans went out of their way to block Obama from passing bills? What has the Clintons done except heighten race-based laws that intentionally ruin the lives of thousands if not millions of blacks and Latinos (“war on drugs”, welfare reform and “deadbeat dad” laws)? Or toss breadcrumbs to needy or gullible women while attempting to house their men in prisons for victimless, non-violent offenses? Aiding and abetting? Association fallacies?

Now ask yourselves, would it really benefit humanity if any country (let alone city, town or jurisdiction) were ran by rich, obscene white dickheads vowing to “make America great again” while simultaneously breathing life into dying white supremacist regimes? We’ve seen the outcome of this repeatedly, for generations.

More importantly, why is history repeating itself (in these cases)? Why’s it that by the time we figure out what’s really happening, it’s causes and effects are irreversible? Are “the powers that be” really keeping people that stupid and unable to think for themselves? Is it truly their fault, or is it ours for supporting them, or supporting against them?

Lastly, there’s the issue of debt. Debt isn’t always created by people who live above their means, or “independent” women and real estate tycoons who bought houses and other flashy gadgets they couldn’t afford. It’s not usually enhanced by broke people trying to look rich. Debt also stimulates itself via credit cards, high interest rates, lifelong mortgages, college universities, gambling, payday loans, white-picket-fence marriages, divorce, medical expenses, etc. Not to mention legalized theft disguised as traffic tickets, asset forfeiture, or cops ticketing car-warmers during “cuffing season”.

And who does this benefit? Citizenry and it’s future generations? Especially the impoverished people of color? Is it not an excuse to further enrich “royal societies” and their cohorts, tools and idiot pawns? Or an excuse to chain society’s rebels to their system – which, by the way, intensifies their existence? Maybe through profit?

And you see, this is how you basically create a power structure – where too much power in very limited hands ensures sheer hell for everyone else.

Laws, political regime, debt and capitalism never works for the people – but for the entitled. The same can not only be said about the USA, but other countries. Irrelevant of race or “majority rule” (i.e. higher demographics), it’s about who the system benefits and who currently feeds off it. So, they are catered and pandered to.

While race does play a part of how this country was built, today it’s more about who can feed off of the system and who supports it. You cannot fuck over blacks, Indians and women as hard as you could before. Liberals are trying to censor people who criticize Islam and feminine duplicity. So who else can the system screw?

One thought on “Maximum Entitlement Consumption: 2

  1. Brilliant. I’ve always told my friends that it’s no longer about race in this country. The powers that be would want us to think there is a race war but it’s much deeper. In this country, nowadays, it’s all about class. If you have money, this country is a literal playground. If you don’t have money, America can be hell. The reason we have politics is to make believe the 99% actually have a stake in this country. Also, US politics exists to make the middle and working classes forget that they’re not part of the elite. Police exist not to serve and protect the public but to serve and protect the property of rich folks. This is proven every time there is a potential riot somewhere. The first place the cops go to is in front of luxury stores like Saks Fifth and guard it. Once you realize the truth, you’ll stop voting in elections.

    Ask yourself, why would they guard a Saks Fifth Avenue instead of an urban Foot Locker?

    As far as voting, I’m good on that. I’ve been shown many times – especially now – before it’s no point. Same shit, different laxative.

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