Can Being Judicious Ever Apply to Black People?

It would take me to create an entire series dedicated to how black men (and blacks in general) play themselves – particularly in the USSA. Sadly, most folks are probably incapable of thinking as far as I can, which causes me to come to specific terms. These terms leads me to asking the following question:

Why are black men (and blacks in general) hell-bent on playing themselves?

I’m sure some of you may be distraught enough to assume that blacks play themselves thanks to playing by the rigged rules of “white supremacy”. While I agree many are too conditioned to attack or deviate from it, so many have bowed down to it – the same way women bow to dominance and power.

There are multitudes of flawed systems and delusional methods of “empowerment” blacks create for themselves, which will eventually make them more vulnerable to a life of disappointment, pain and unchecked “trial and error” – or dare I say, consistent error without trial.

This is especially true even amid the current status quo of the USSA, like few other countries that express no love for blacks in various ways. But in spite of hardcore concrete evidence, certain segments of blacks – particularly those born before The Cosby Show era (mid-1980s) – still hang onto nostalgic “respectability” politics and bought dreams that expired long ago.

Let’s discuss why certain types of blacks still sell “Disney myths” to cynical Gen-Yers who are becoming aware that “The American Dream” is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Is it because older blacks (like other humans approaching 40) are too set into their ways? I mean, what makes older generations believe traditional customs and other “fool’s paradises” will sustain themselves in an ever-changing lifetime? But, we can’t necessarily blame them. Whatever issues, hangups, or conditions they have, they can’t turn back now. They’ll eventually have to live with their ills or die out.

But why rub misfortunes, or worthless traditions off on current generations instead of creating more feasible opportunities, or allowing people to live for themselves?

Still don’t understand?

Let me give several synopsis examples of how black people in the USSA play are eating their young by dishing out bad advice and failure to lead by example …all out of desperation for “respectability”:

Let’s start off with the cliché that “marriage is the building block for civilization”. Well, what if everyone woke the fuck up and understood that civilization is only a fabricated word for “slavery”?

Civilization as we know it is a pyramid scheme created to prop up few at the top. Irrelevant of race and social systems (patriarchy/matriarchy, etc.), people are used as cannon fodder or property just to keep the gig going. Like anything else, civilizations and regimes can be easily tackled either to experiment with new ideas or to embrace intrinsic human nature – regardless of how dark it may be.

I get how some blacks still believe in marriages for the sake of “keeping it black”, assuming it may attack unjust systems. Really? While rampant breeding by women with high reproductive urges will outnumber other natives with low fertility rates, it’s possible this can turn into a type of mindfuck.

But in spite of hardcore concrete evidence, black CONscious “experts” think they can beat the system by having several kids with Mr. or Mrs. Right. If anything, it makes their children more vulnerable to systematic abuse and even murder. We’ve seen this repeatedly in the wake of American white gang-bangers (“cops”) killing off black teenagers under the rule of law. It’ll also make wives subject to boredom of domestic routine, making husbands vulnerable to cuckoldry, at least. Not to mention family courts child support bureaucracy systems. So, how’s that turning out?

What jackass can’t compute that marriages, high fertility rates, herd mentalities (enhanced by religion) and family formation just feeds into capitalism, slavery regimes disguised as “civilization” or “legality”? What jackass enters regress upon losing jobs that treat them as expendable? What jackass jumps up at the opportunity to enlist in wars because they’re drunk from the Kool-Aid of patriotism or tokenism?

What jackass decides to put their kids in schools to be subjected to “obedience training” by the most hostile motherfuckers, who will in return point them in the direction of debt and voluntary occupational slavery? What clown-ass wanker yearns for archaic white-picket-fence marriage in a generation where women (single or married) throw themselves at men on social media daily and by the thousands?

But surely people can’t be that stupid, right?

Let’s just admit it. A certain segment of blacks in the USSA continually dilute and delude themselves under the assumption they will achieve a victory that no longer exists. Like the token black guy on television or residing in suburbia who thinks his servile obedience to systems he didn’t create will somehow make him immune to any type of abuse, pain, or mindfucks. Regardless of who’s to blame, be it heaven-like fairy-tales, or success stories, or single mothers looking for “surrogate husbands”, it’s outcome is irreparable damage.

While we’re on the subject, the mother/son dynamic in the black community might not be as bad as India. But black single mothers, entertainment divas and their impotent buzzard counterparts tell young men that women want love – or “Power and control will never outweigh love.” Yet and still, 70% of women choose single life by their own accord.

There’s an increasing pool of idiots who think they can also beat the system by conducting themselves as if they’re attending a job interview daily. Or guys singing stupid David Banner songs embracing irrational customs (begging women to choose them). Elder blacks and other brainwashed minions use religion and illusions of a “higher power” as a form of escapism from their own nightmarish envisions, while others turn to depressants or self-destruction. The outcome is simple –there’s a false sense of power and liberation that Gen-Y blacks are able to look past and therefore want no parts of any of it. Rightfully so.

Who would give their all to systems, institutions and civilizations that’s obsessed with pimping them and keeping them in “their place”? How many of youngsters can trust, let alone respect their older counterparts who have sold them outmoded fairy-tales while ignoring the fact that “shit happens”? Or elders who failed them in spite of all their obsessions with ancient “nation building”? A group of people who ignore more substantial issue and provide realism while worrying about stupid shit, like boycotting The Oscars, or daytime pop psychology? Generations who worry more about media depictions, sex lives and orientation? Who in their right mind can trust anyone who somehow assumes they can create time machines and go back to “the good ole days”?

But surely people can’t be that injudicious, right?

2 thoughts on “Can Being Judicious Ever Apply to Black People?

  1. Great article. What are your thoughts on brothers having children? I would like a family one day but I do no want to be married. I have my heart set on sleeping around with escorts and traveling the world. I really like your views on how brothers should pursue alternative lifestyles and pursue freedom.

    Children are used as bargaining chips to make your life miserable, either via child support/custody battles or abandonment/neglect. Or the mother could poison them against you. While I myself have zero interest in children, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a man to have a son, teach him about physical fitness, teach him how to get pussy and to pass realistic worldviews onto him… but then again…

    You want kids? Adoption is the option! – But even that doesn’t guarantee they’ll stick around in your old age as they can move out of city/state/country for love, lust, careers, etc. Want an emotional connection? Get a dog, or a family of them. Simple as.

    1. Adoption? Eh. Call me selfish but I’d like my children to be genetically mine. Tom Leykis mentioned surrogacy as a good option but it’s very expensive with all the legal paperwork. But at least the kids are yours 100%.

      Don’t kid yourself. Every child you bring into the world will cost at least a quarter-million dollars. Plus suppose it has mental problems (even OCD, ADD, ADHD)? Think of all the time, energy and money spent on it? What if the child abandons you as it becomes and adult and develops a life of it’s own – genetic or otherwise? Will you live to see a “genetic legacy”? The choice is yours…

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