April 2016 – Stacey Dash

Beautiful Gurrlzz


April 2016 – This month goes to… well, yeah… Stacey Dash. Actress turned CONservative who has made headlines not too long ago for her “cooning” or “selling out” antics as it pertains to her views of President Obama, black entertainment television, etc… Above all that, she still a bad bitch and “sexual material” — though it’s obvious she’s an “imitation white woman”.

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One thought on “April 2016 – Stacey Dash

  1. I don’t know about “imitation white woman” – but it is telling that no matter how outrageous her statements can get, it’s clear she can have her pick of men, even those who disagree with her. She is fairly discreet, but she has been married to a number of wealthy men. You’d think such men would be a bit careful when dealing with a “maneater”, but her skills behind closed doors probably outshine her skills as a political pundit.

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