Lies Your Teacher Told You

You ever wonder why social dynamics are changing – not just in the USA, but nationwide? You ever wonder why that traditional shit is deteriorating? or why people are starting to catch on, unlike generations before them – which goes against the grains of social conditioning?

Well, let me also ask the question in a different format… sorta…

You ever wonder why blacks, Latinos and even to a degree, impoverished Southeast Asians seem uninterested in feeding into a system deliberately designed for them to fail? Hence shit like reluctance to sign marriage contracts, high school dropout rates, or even high incarceration rates among specifically blacks and Latinos? Perhaps why they voluntarily prefer lifestyles and short-lived careers that pay them “under the table”, tax-free dollars?

By default, humans are natural observers of their surroundings, even in their most impressionable stages. But upon entering 12 years of obedience training (aka “the public school system”), children are forced to adhere to a system that’s dumbing them down. That said, the government has a higher chance of failing these kids than their parents would (even if said parents were abusive or nonchalant). Without going into the heart of the matter, black and Latino males drop out of high school at such alarming rates. But is it out of laziness, incompetence, stupidity or lack of parental supervision?

Or is it because they’re smart enough to refrain from catering to a system that treats them as expendable? A system not designed for them since it’s creation?

Why’s it that the ugly history of how America was built (through slavery, scam, murder, rape, etc.) is never discussed in most academic texts? Why is ancient African royalty scoundrelism never discussed? Why are college universities so hell-bent on teaching over-fabricated gender war bullshit, rather than pyramid schemes, or systemic persecution people of color faced at the barbaric hands of whites, Arabs and ancient African royals?

Why’s it that black and Latino children are punished severely for behavior problems (caused by mental deficiencies or basic frustration) that white kids may have? Isn’t it a wonder why dropout rates among black and Latino male students so high? Since no one is teaching them about their history, their heritage or their manhood? What’s being taught instead – American political parties? Astro physics? Calculus? And other useless academia that’s irrelevant to intrinsic human tendency?

What’s the use of attending high school when what’s being taught – and then some – can be learned via Google, Wikipedia, Bing, etc. So that one can obtain papers and plaques to enter fickle and ustable jobs and careers? When job stability is at an all-time low? When “whitey” isn’t even hiring people of color like that? Knowing their ulterior motives, why are black students being suspended and expelled for having ethnic hairstyles or tattoos? Even though more blacks carry college degrees now than ever, explain why the economical landscapes in black and Latino communities worsened than they have decades ago?

And please, don’t blame it all on shit like “black-on-black crime”, drug use and prostitution among consenting adults or riots and protests initiated by white, patriotic gang members (“cops”) escaping retribution for their murderous antics against unarmed blacks.

In fact, how does a parent explain these things to their children? How does one explain it when a child asks questions about Emmett Till, rampant police violence against black citizens, the history of white coercing blacks and women to work for free, or by viewing them as property, whose only use is to build nations or pass on generations of children to be used as cannon fodder? Furthermore, how can parents or society at large explain that “shit happens” when children watch their parents divorce, or express disdain towards one another? How?

The questions I’m asking as it pertains to lies your teacher told you aren’t only applying to how they’ve perpetuated failure of people of color. It also applies to the sexes. You ever wonder what makes relationships between both genders more like frustrating chess games?

How can the average heterosexual man function with the opposite sex when they’ve grown up being brainwashed to accept female dominance as “the natural order of things”? Teachers, religious whacko-ologists, video games and other assorted media outlets tell men that women want love, yet over 60% of American divorces are initiated by women? Over 60% of women are voluntarily single? Why does the same media outlets have women believing in “relationship goals”, when it clearly goes against her insatiable cougar nature?

I can go on and on, but you get my point…

Ultimately, how can a person escape years of mental slavery and indoctrination, enforced by authority figures and their white lies? Why cater to a system that treats you as expendable? A system not designed for you since it’s creation?

Today’s generation of people have become more cynical and distancing towards one another, thanks to the age of information (enhanced by modern technology). But what this has also done is caused any type redemption or “hope” to enter a state of upheaval, now that some of us who feel as if we’ve wasted our time believing the lies society has told us. We’re quite pissed off and we have the right to be.

But what this anger is channeled towards… now that’s one thing.

For example, average men ignorantly express anger towards women for their naturally hypergamous or two-faced tendencies. Their anger truthfully should be aimed at themselves for not seeing past the dreams that society and it’s rat race choirs have sold them – who are also not worthy of their respect, or despise.

But then you realize why society has lied to you, because for most people (even those who graduated at the top of their class)… reality is shitty.

To put it tastelessly, you too can be a walking commercial for traditional, government-induced “success stories” (particularly if you are male) …if you can accept a long, hard road of bad social skills, lack of pleasure, belief in an afterlife and a life of wage-slavery. All of which equates to a servile existence that eventually fucks with your mind.



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