Why I’ve Unsubscribed From “Return of Kings”

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Return Of Kings” (like much of the fake “Manosphere”, or the now-dead “Wall of Silence”) is full of idiots stuck in a psychological dream-world. One they all stop at nothing to rub off and into the minds of others who have either been burned by society and the fairer sex, or who have failed to construct their own lives.

While I get that western society caters to male disenfranchisement and things like fourth-wave feminism, hypergamy, white knighting and gynocracy is prevailing, I also conclude that “Return of Kings” and their subscribers are essential people who have no good relations with the real world and it’s participants. Instead of carving vital lifestyles for themselves, like the rest of “the Manosphere” or the “wall of silence”, they whine, sulk and bitch night and day.

A site orchestrated by RooshV (an apparent self-loathing guy who complains about not getting laid one minute, then devalues the women who do give him sex), RoK consists of a variety of male writers/bloggers from various ethnicities and walks of life. While there are some articles there that hit close to home, it is essentially a landmine for jackasses who live under the assumption that a magical or coerced return to traditional societies will somehow emancipate males – to be treated like ancient “kings”.

Fucking morons.

Upon my discovery of RoK about three years ago, I was lured in by topics relating to international travel, female duplicity, economical/educational impotency inflicted onto young males at an early age and the school-to-prison pipeline created for young males. But these unfortunate situations are nothing new to black societies and black men. As for RoK, it’s pragmatically nothing more than a fake pseudo “men’s rights” group filled with traditional-minded morons, sexual retards and ex-circus-acts for feminine whims.

Furthermore, they are no different from fourth-wave feminists who create cognitive dissonances like “rape culture” – while yet, by their own admission, being attractive to the men who are most capable of raping them (thanks to specific physical attributes).

This particular group of clowns write numerous, lengthy commentary about their disdain for hypergamy, SJW idiocies, a return to traditional patriarchal slave regimes, how blacks are “inferior” to whites, yada yada yada. A typical theme is one of how hypergamy, tattoos, piercings and lengthy sexual resumes among American women incapable of being lifelong partners to established men. And this is no surprise, especial since the blog’s owner admits to having sex with women, then under the same foul breath devalues them for sleeping with him. What he doesn’t understand is how this further caters to the mindfucks and hoops the western woman make men jump through to get pussy, for how she fear loss of status. So for that, she’s stuck in a bitter rut… and so are the rest of us.

One article (written by Matt Forney) had the audacity to blame high poverty levels in black and Latin cultures on intrinsic preference/attraction to a specific female body part (based on statistics found at Pornhub). Yet somehow, says white and Asian countries (and their women) are better off economically since they may not have a “booty obsession”, but instead a fascination with tits. Go figure…

Then there are blabbermouths who make derogatory statements, or kiss and tell or speculate about their carnal escapades whilst revealing their identities. If not that, they admit their only ambition in life is to lead a woman …or run the show on a woman’s dime (i.e. “she is my property” or “women’s decisions need to be controlled by men”) – a bunch of shit I wouldn’t tell any man or woman to subscribe to.

I’m very confident RoK and the likes will be useful to most men in western civilization, as most of it’s men are stupid, immature, conditioned and molded into something feeble enough for society and women to toy with. RooshV and his band of “butt brothers” enjoy portraying themselves as fake nihilistic hedonists in an attempt to justify a constellation fuck among a bunch of guys who think they’re owed something. Consuming their loony, outmoded ideas can take a toll on a person’s mind, feeding into the paranoia of men who already have cards dealt against them in a feminized society.

Hearing them drone on about a bias against whites, how tattooed women are “broken”, “five” reasons why black women “undesirable”, why women shouldn’t work or return to traditional pyramid schemes is far from anything I’m interested in hearing. But for the broken men who have trouble getting female company or fulfilling childish dreams of finding wives, RoK is a safe haven.

4 thoughts on “Why I’ve Unsubscribed From “Return of Kings”

  1. Hey man. I don’t subscribe to RoK but I do check the site daily for articles. Some of their articles are informative and I use them to read when I have free time at work. I do agree with your assessment that many of the authors are weak and desire to return to a white patriarchal society that will never come back. Good stuff.

  2. I gave up on ROK many years ago mainly because of its blatant racism. I remember, when I used to read ROK, an article was written that offered advice to white males on how to get a black girlfriend. From what I recall, nobody in the comments section threatened or verbally bashed white male commenters and/or the author of that article. The following week, the same author, mentioned above, put out an article that offered black males advice on how to get a white girlfriend, and in the comments section, the racism came out full force. Nothing but pure hatred was spewed at the author, black male commenters, and black males in general. Racists gifs were posted, violent threats were made, juvenile name calling occurred. What a mess!

    Many of the authors there are racist themselves.

    It seems to me that Roosh attempted to start a new religion called neomasculinity. Smh! That site, I believe, is made for complainers. I won’t be going back there anytime soon.

    I hold the same stance with heartiste’s site. At one point, his site was awesome…say in 2008 to 2009. Then, that site became a white nationalist venue. The manosphere has lost its way.

    Yeah, I wrote an article about CH.

    Chateau Heartiste Explained

  3. I read ROK from the very first article; from its very beginning. It was good in the beginning. Great site full of great advice for men. However Roosh wanted to make more money so he discovered pandering to the disgruntled white male can get you paid. From there, the site morphed into a white racists hang out. I’m still not sure if Roosh is sincere or if this is all a way to continue pulling in money and avoid the drudgery of a 9-5.

    I can’t blame anyone who hustles like that. But in the world of business where specific demographics are pandered to, stupid demographics have to be sold fairy tales in order to be controlled to keep the pyramid scheme strong. Everyone does it – from the legal system, relationship “experts”, self-improvement advisers, “educators” and presidential candidates (as what’s happening recently).

    Besides, how many young black males who are already worldly and sexually active need to read about “game” – whether it’s by RooshV, Tariq Nasheed or anyone else?!

  4. What are your feelings on Tom Leykis?

    I subscribe to him and listen to his older radio shows via YouTube. He’s on my blogroll also.

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