FetLife Reveals Deviancy and Perversion Among It’s Decrepit Users

For those of you who may or may not be familiar with a BDSM-themed hookup social networking site called Fetlife, let me explain something to you…

Fetlife is the quintessential internet hookup service for those who enjoy BDSM. The only problem is that it brings out the absolute worst in a majority of it’s participants.

In my personal life, I enjoy BDSM – specifically “topping”, buggering and disciplining naughty women …as long as they are 4s & 5s. While the major demographic of Fetlife users are whites (with a handful of blacks, Asians, homosexuals and polyamorists), most of it’s female participants are fat, carbohydrate addicted women. If not that, they are aging has-beens, filth-mongers with damaged self-esteem and ugly, autistic, rural, epileptic meth whores.

The website has flourished and popularized thanks to the success of 50 Shades of Grey – a book-turned-movie that has turned an erotic, masochistic underworld of BDSM into a “cool”, fad fashion, raising unnecessary awareness to inexperienced wannabe “Doms” and slews of damaged women. Sure, you’ll find some very few tight hoes, seasoned sexual sadists and cool players there, like anywhere else. Otherwise, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of low-grade bitches, cock-teasers, blubbering slobs with excess skin, pain-addicted sluts (who either maintain retail jobs, on welfare or married to overachieving husbands) and meat puppets. Most of whom any man (or woman) with standards wouldn’t dare even look at.

From neutered disciplinarians to doormat husbands with homoerotic fantasies, voluntarily watching their SOs get buggered, sodomized, inseminated and/or turned into real “cum dumpsters”… I’m afraid this will further cater to the demise of how human sexuality is viewed in most English-speaking countries.

Not to mention the countless number of photos of perversity – I’m not talking about photos of submissive women being dominated or engaging in the basics (i.e., gags, restraints, spankings, “love bruises”, group sex or ass sex). There are photos of devalued (mostly white) men and women alike literally being defecated on, drawing blood, crossdressing, golden showers, etc.

While there are few old-school guys who dislike FaceBook and other social media thanks to extreme feminine narcissism, I believe that Fetlife would cause an even bigger blow to their contempt. Furthermore, it feeds into a peculiar state of perversity among men and women in developed societies. How so?

Well, since I’ve traveled abroad and have regular flings in the USA, I’ve finalize that even on a site such as that, most of it’s members are from developed and conservative yet supposedly sexually “liberated” countries (USA, Sweden, Canada and a handful of East Asian countries). Countries where undesirable yet manipulative “alpha” females, porn addiction, selfie-addiction, perversion and rape is common. You see, in third-world countries where human sexuality and PDA (public displays of affection) is embraced and seen as normal, they don’t have a lot of these problems.

But since America is a “sex prison country” led by conservatism, it leads to perversion and flawed desire – egged on by men who feel jumping through amazing hoops for some mediocre, semi-willing pussy is a victory.

Therefore, Fetlife turns human sexuality into an uncomfortable perversion where nothing is left to the sexual imagination pool… and where mediocre-to-ugly women reign supreme, thanks to desperate men.

What do you think?

One thought on “FetLife Reveals Deviancy and Perversion Among It’s Decrepit Users

  1. FetLife has devolved into a haven for homosexuals, sissies, transvestites and prostitutes (think Craigslist). All of that has creeped out the few true females who were looking for “normal” relationships with males or females.

    One can find just about every deviation one can think of, including but not at all limited to sex with animals, and the eating of feces.

    The few real women there (most are trannies who post either real pictures of themselves (usually old men with bearded faces, wearing dresses), or stolen pictures of other women from elsewhere on the Internet) are average-looking at best, and a good 50% are morbidly obese (again, think Craigslist).

    Meanwhile, the homosexualization of the site is progressing.

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