Typical Drama-Prone Western Hoes

– Some of the incidents in this incident I’ve recently witnessed have been altered…

People (particularly self-hating, feminized black men) assume only black women are barbaric and violence-prone. While this may have been true decades ago, this is no longer so. This lack of accountability, self-inflicted stupidity and inherent disrespect can be found in ALL women in The Anglosphere, or anywhere “white knights” are present.

Recently, two young black thirty-somethings took a trip to a diverse and trendy nightclub somewhere in Canada. What started out as a cold, fun night surrounded by several “bad bitches” and fewer mediocre, fat ones of various ethnicities turned out to be a night laced with drama from female avarice.

While Guy X2 is in his early 30s, he has no interest in any LTRs of any kind and embraces bachelorhood and self-discovery. Guy X1 is also a bachelor, has a kid from a previous marriage in another state but paradoxically has a traditional minded existence. Both guys were on a prowl for some poon and booty to either have on their roster, or hold them until they traveled abroad as planned for the first time. Both have a low tolerance for women who are fat, mediocre and neither took too kindly to “cougar-types”. They also felt white girls are overrated.

So, both X1 & X2 came across a young westernized Arabic stripper in her 20s in the club, blowing money on drinks. The woman was dizzy, idiotic, inebriated out of her mind, coming in the club with sandals and pajamas on in 30 degree weather. X2 tried striking conversation with her and she reciprocated, at first. X1 recognizes her, asking if she remembered him. Apparently three months beforehand, X1 and a guy friend of his met her and her “cousin” at the same nightclub. X1 and his goon fucked her and her “cousin” that night in a nearby hotel. X1 states boldly, “I got pictures of you!” She drunkenly replies, “No you don’t.” X1 pulls out his smartphone and shows photos he took of her while he fucked her. The chick acts strange the entire night.

At the end of the night, Guy X2 (fulfilling his temporary taste for submissive white pussy) scored three numbers from two white girls in their 20s (both single mothers) and a barely-legal, thin Latina fresh out of high school. Guy X1 scored five, primarily from young black girls (two he known years ago). Guy X1 scored by engaging in lengthy conversing and “game”, whereas Guy X2 scored with simple and blunt “Mode One” approach, displaying a sense of control.

Fast-forward to about an hour later upon the club’s closing. X2 witnesses the idiot Arabic stripper bitch exiting the club and she carelessly throws insults at him for no apparent reason. To his defense, he retaliates and she swings at him. He grabs her by her throat, then her collar in an attempt to check her. A group of young black men champions X2 amid calming him down. “I don’t know what makes these bitches think they can try niggas”, one guy says while pulling her away from X2, who maintains his composure. Seconds later, the drunken lush vomits nearby.

Three minutes later, both guys and a group of clubbers witness a gang of four younger drunk white Canadian girls beating the shit out of eachother, bashing another girl’s nose to a pulp amid drawing blood.

– So, this is typical behavior embraced and encouraged by typical drama-prone western bitches. The same drama-loving cunts we’re told are the “victims” of “bad men”. The same women who The Anglosphere and their “white knights” and “captain save-a-hoes” place on pedestals and worship like ancient Egyptian queens or some shit.

While it’s true that humans attack others for a lack of respect, others snap due to mental flaws, boiling points or drunken stupors. Essentially, it’s the arrogance of knowing society (i.e., everyone else) will allow you to get away with it.

…but then again, hoes will be hoes.

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