People Will Twist the Lever Until it Snaps

Here’s my noble conclusion about humanity –

People enjoy twisting the lever … until it snaps on them!

Have you ever as a child played with a “jack in the box” and you twist the lever/handles on it until you’re surprised with the “jack” coming out of the box?

When dealing with humans, you notice or observe how people jerk someone’s chain – only then to act surprised when someone lashes out, put them in check, or rightfully shows them an unpleasant side after being pushed to their breaking point. We all have seen incidents where people provoke and initiate their own fatal or near-fatal shocks and wake-up calls.

Why do teachers ignore bullying due to laziness, or favoritism via colorism, or sexism, or ageism – then blame video games, movies or pop music? Why do bullies keep bullying others who they assume is “weird” or vulnerable, only to be surprised when the latter attempts to “man up” and attacks them in various alarming or life-threatening methods? Why are governments and their corporations so hell-bent on restricting or limiting the distribution of money, then send their lapdogs and messenger-boys to tell everyone else to “stop whining”? Then paradoxically complain about robbery, “under the table” money or poverty-influenced violence?

Why have patriarchs in previous generations treated women like property, only to complain about the rise of “feminine empowerment”, or whine about female hypergamy and a rise in female infidelity? Why do whites in developed societies view non-whites as subhuman or inhuman, only to complain about them being an aging and dying demographic?

Why do prissy, or low-grade rural or ghetto trash bitches goad or coerce men into “manning up” with confrontation, then cry foul when those challenges are met or exceeded? Why do women complain when former “white knights” who they kept on the sidelines turn into much bigger assholes or “players” than those they gave their best years to? Why does society bitch and cry about an eroding system or civilization they didn’t create when they won’t live long enough to see it sustain itself? In fact… Why do societies and civilizations create unique ways to pimp everyone, then complain about an increase of younger generations choosing to disconnect from it?

Why would a society built on the backs of enslaved males offer them nothing but ruin and cuckoldry in return – then say it’s his duty to “man up”, take responsibility and wipe everyone else’s dirty asses? Why do the American police murder and mock vulnerable people, then go on spectacles of fake, selective outrage whenever one of theirs receives the same treatment? Isn’t that like a serial rapist or child molesters fainting over legal castration?

Why does an army of degenerates go though episodes of fake outrage upon receiving the same attitudes they give everyone else for their own convenience?

Do you see where I’m going?

I can give out many examples, but ultimately, most people are stupid, retarded, attention-whores and master manipulators who bring no value to your life. These essentially are the persons who will twist and turn the lever… until some unpleasant surprise comes out of the trick bag — or until Pandora’s Box gets pried open beyond repair.

But why do people do it – particularly knowing they have nothing to gain by doing it? In most cases, is it to test a person, or to look for something to spark their curiosity – like detectives, scientists or kids searching through something they’ve said was “off limits” to them?

Think of it in terms of the stereotypical power-hungry, pompous bitch of a woman in the west. Specific mannerisms in some people are due to a mental illness. We know sometimes, a nut won’t ever admit he or she is a nut – nor can they help being a nut. As for the rest, it’s the arrogance of knowing you can get away with it.

Face it, if society grants you full immunity by giving you the upper hand over the target you choose to harass or degrade, wouldn’t you think you can get away with fucking with or over that person? Whether it made you feel better about yourself or not? Even if you assume you are immune to disciplinary action? Or possible bad karma?

– In fact, aren’t most people comprehensive of the concept of karma? Or are they that full of themselves?

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