Women Who Stray

Men have difficulties understanding something…

Game blogs perpetuate the myth of women hitting “the wall” as they approach their 30s. This is an old-folks myth that held validity in older generations – hence, if a woman wasn’t married in her 30s, she was considered an “old maid”. This is as idiotic as the “happily ever after” myth perpetuated by mainstream media, Hollywood and nostalgic video games. In specific black CONscious communities, these retards believe that group economics and “nation building” (or “game”) will make women loyal and follow their lead.

Intrinsic human nature says otherwise…

Let me start by saying that within the past 13 years, one of the most vital things I’ve learned on social media is that women are insatiable. Female hypergamy proves that the nature-of-beast innate in femininity isn’t too easy to please. I’ve learned earlier than most of you that married/attached women cheat. There’s a possibility that they are outdoing men in LTR-mode in this regard. This further catered to my innate skepticism/cynicism about the concept of love, marriage, fidelity and other assorted fairy-tales.

There’s a reason why women give their best to men who have a dark side and the ability to turn them into “cum freaks”…

In western civilization, MILFs (single mothers), cougars, “insatiable wives”, mentally damaged “safe haven” hoes and BBWs dominate the dating milieu. Women like this are like candy shops – they come a dime a dozen, in variety and even they love drama and spontaneity.

Where am I going with this? I’ll give you some brief, recent examples of the kind of women I’ve played house with (some incidents and names have been hidden or altered)…

Case Study I – A west African BBW whom I met via online (flabby shape, a borderline BBW, early 40s, 2 kids). Mentioned her previously HERE.

Within the first 15 minutes of meeting in person, the dynamic arose, which led to me feeling her up in a public inner-city bar in front of groups of young thugs and cackling hens. Bought 2 drinks, which led to me finger-popping her with intensity in my car before taking her to my place to dominate her. I knew this wasn’t going to last long as I’m not interested in BBWs, needy women who reek of cigarette smoke and who wore weaves (unless she’s a survivor of cancer or leukemia). She became hooked on me, because I fucked her good. Upon our last meeting, she wore a rabbit-skinned coat with hideous yellowing stains on it, which was a turn off. I couldn’t endure her sending me lengthy fluff-talk induced texts/videos daily.

She called herself trying to warn me in advance that one day, she’d walk away from me and to enjoy it while it lasts. I ended up walking away first by ghosting on her and blocking her from FB.

Case Study II – Met this one on an adults-only social media site for hookups nearly two years ago (then again, most social media sites are used for hookups). A high-yellow, biracial mulatto black girl in her early 20s from a somewhat unpleasant side of town, but was well kept.

First day of meeting in person after several bouts of sexting, we made out. Later that evening, I went to a strip club. She told me she was in an open relationship – both her and her “husband” knowingly had side partners (as long as there was no viable “evidence” or action being walked in on, no one really cared). Several times, her and I made out in my car, in the parking lot of her job – where she purposely violated lunch breaks. As I said previously, women respond to dominance. Fucked her multiple times, every time while her man was at work. These bouts included me handcuffing her, turning her “sticky” and “videotaping” the carnage.

She gave me the greenlight to hit it raw if I wanted to, knowing “where it may lead to”. I passed because I haven’t got snipped yet. While I have zero interest in having kids, this taught me about a peculiar essence of women’s reproductive urges, provoked by men who they consider to be “attractive” or “a good catch”.

Case Study III – A true diamond in the charcoal: a black Egyptian/Indian mulatto-gypsy cougar in her mid-40s (she could pass for early-30s), short and curvy, chocolatey cocoa-hazelnut skin tone, former stripper/porn star and hair salon owner. Looks totally different than her photos (which is great, in this case). Has several kids from a previous marriage with a POS abusive Arabic guy who’s currently in prison, has a very submissive and sexually-charged nature. It speaks in high volume when women share their darkest, ugliest secrets or past misfortunes and tragedies to a guy who has the power to ignite sexual flames inside of them.

She has a potty-mouth, which comes from years of living in the city – which doesn’t bother me. There was more of an intense psychological connectivity between her and I at first (thanks to her spilling the beans about her dark side and my responses to it). Very long story short, we both met in person after bouts of Skype amid a four month period. Bought her a plane ticket to spend a weekend with me; we both swapped HIV/STD results that indicated we were both clean. She also shown documents where she had a tubal litigation – I liked her that much to where I raw-dogged her nearly ten times that entire weekend.

I brought her to tears amid dominating her, spanking her, making her come multiple times, making her take it in the ass and breaking her hymen (she claims to have been celibate for months beforehand). We did provide eachother with some of the best sex; that said, I know I’ll keep her around for a long time. On the dark side, I did tell her that I’d intentionally ruin her for the next idiot. She agreed.

Case Study IV –  Another diamond in the charcoal: a high-yellow black mulatto woman in her early 30s… You guessed right, found her on social media. A former stripper/”thot”-type whose currently in her third marriage to an overachieving idiot, whom she described as having the personality of a teenage comic-book fanatic. A perfectionist in his field, which she randomly labels as “boring”, “lame” and a “workaholic” on various occasions.

This one endured a series exciting yet fucked up incidents in her 20s involving escorting and relationships with bad boys. Her tingles for that brand hasn’t faded out of her system completely. Anyway, I’d say I spent about $300 on her for outings and a hotel room where nothing quite happened. We came close to fucking twice, but both efforts were botched — Her cycle came the first time. The second? Her bronchitis flared up. But I did manage to get fellatio and to perform analingus and cunnilingus on her.

Her and I still keep in touch to date, though the connectivity faded since she’s caught in the midst of a dichotomy: loyalty to her over-supplicating dog on a leash (who doesn’t get her pussy wet) and a recurring desire for drama, adventure, hot sex and attention (which she admits she “needs to rebuke” – since she’s also a spiritual freak). Since she’s evidently spontaneous and goes through bouts of dilemmas, something may happen down the line… or maybe not.

Case Study V –  Typical. Recently, I met a black cougar via FB. Thick, but in great shape. In her mid-40s. Lives in another state in the US. Posts multitudes of pics and videos of herself weekly in “secret” FB groups along with other like-minded freaky cougars and their fans. After seeing a smartphone video of me banging the daylights out of “Case Study II” recently, she confides in me that anytime I’m in her city, I can fuck her anytime I want to. [Possible update later…]

So, you still wanna spend your life holding out for “Mrs. Right”? In a generation where slutty MILFs, hypergamy and singlehood is more common than “stable happy” marriage? You think “wifey” won’t put you in the doghouse and watch you suffer from chronic masturbation while she gives her best to more sexually-charged Neanderthals who weren’t stupid enough to endure a 60+ hour workweek to keep the gig of “civilization” from collapsing? Ask yourselves do women really want love even though 70% of them are single by their own accord? Does she feel that way, or are you the only idiot doing it?

You see, I know from observation and experience that love can be faked. Lust cannot be faked — especially for an expansive period of time. No woman is going to marry a man for leg-shaking orgasms. Women marry for emotional connectivity or to indulge in materialistic tastes via financial resources. While some of the women I mentioned here were married whilst pursuing dick on the side, others were voluntarily single with grown children. Either way, women like this come a dime-a-dozen.

As long as you aren’t “slow”, indoctrinated, out of shape, needy, or a kiss-and-tell type, even married/attached MILFs, cougars and single mothers will do things for you they’d never do for their own “providers”. The latter, on the other hand, gets padlocked into a chastity belt, or paying 18-year “baby daddy” bills. Face it, most wives have zero sexual interest in their husbands. Remember, a slave is supposed to be picking cotton, obeying his “massa” – not spending energy on recreational intercourse.

In today’s generation, men and women no longer need eachother – which is a great thing, because it’s all about your power to attract a person who no one has a reason to be around you… other than they feel good around you.

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