What the Recent Tension Between Blacks and U.S. Law Enforcement Finalizes

I’ve come up with a very necessary conclusion after several recent observations about the rampant failure of race relations in the USSA…

Recently, there’s been many blog topics discussing the failure of BRP (“black respectability politics”), which makes mention of how the internet and lack of accountability of the police has allowed Gen-Y blacks to appreciate the depths of white racism. Unlike the previous generations, blacks now understand that whites do not dislike blacks because of some lack of moral character, conservatism and such. We understand that they just hate the fact that blacks exist. Recent incidents I’ve personally observed on the internet along with the systematic murders of black men, women and children proves that. So, without getting into the heart of the matter, I’ll keep things really simple.

Directly after Independence Day weekend of 2016, two black men (Alton Sterling, Philandro Castile) were murdered by American law enforcement officers. Both incidents were captured via smartphone cameras and were immediately posted on social media, then broadcast on national news media sources. In the midst of rightful black anger, a handful of feeble whites and “respectable” blacks expressed the usual “victim-blaming” apparatus (something embraced by the likes of Fox news media talking heads and like-minded white conservatives). The comments thrown out were the usual predictable garbage of “if you don’t comply with the officer’s orders, expect to die”, “Alton Sterling was no saint, he was a sex offender”, or “parents need to teach their children to be respectful of the police”.

Black anger became rampant and revealed via social media. Then came memes from black women, calling out all those “snowbunnies” and foreign women for not coming to the defense of black men. One meme read the lines of “Funny to see people who love black dick so silent on black issues”. And rightfully so, because on social media, I personally have only seen black and a handful of Latin women come to the defense of black males, hashtagging “black lives matter” on status updates. Most white women were silent and never expressed disgust or grief about these incidents perpetuated by trigger-happy cops. If anything, white women earthed up flawed research about how cops have murdered more whites than blacks, or the usual questioning of “what about black on black crime?” Next thing you know, black women created more internet memes and status updates, expressing a refusal to share black men with “those nasty white bitches”.

July 7th 2016, a black nationalist and veteran in Dallas, TX named Michael Xavier Johnson decided that karma was long overdue and killed several policemen (all of whom were white) and injured others. Not even weeks later, various gunmen created diabolical honey traps in order to lure cops to respond to calls, which eventually led to their deaths. What this led to is bouts of fake outrage, particularly from white cop apologists. Their outrage stems from their willingness to protect a system created to protect white power structures.

I haven’t seen this much fake, selective outrage since the Columbine High School massacre, or “The Trial of the Century” (which also allowed blacks to understand the depths of white racism, right before the rise of the internet). The issue of typical white America telling people that cops are superheroes plays a huge part, but this makes up for another topic.

In the midst of this total anarchy enabled by those in power, more and more blacks gave up this total mind-fuck called “BRP”. President Obama attended the funerals of cops, but not the funerals of black men who had their lives cut short by American “cops”. This also caused more blacks to question the ineffectiveness behind America’s “first black president”. People concluded that he has done more for feminists, LGBT and the police than African-Americans.

Even in the midst of racial anarchy bestowed by American “race soldiers” captured by smartphones in the hands of civilians, idiots ranging from those drunk from tokenism, religious zealots, paper-tiger sports commentators and submissive he-bitches either avoid the central issue, or play “blame the victim”. How? By preaching about the superficial importance abstinence, matrimony, parental discipline, respectability, assimilation, education, bootstrap lecturing and “if you can dream it, you can be it” speeches. Either that, or other sheeple blame Gen-Y blacks for not having “respect for authority”, or blaming rap music and it’s depictions of black masculinity. The underlying message is one in the same: “blacks must obey those authority figures above them”. But that’s the problem. Black people are literally obeying themselves to death!

So what the fuck is wrong with the older generations that they just don’t get it? Why can’t they see what today’s generation of blacks can, particularly in the age of information? Are they that stuck in their ways, even though they’ve failed us? Or could it be that “the 400 year curse” is about to face it’s expiration date? If anything, Gen-Y blacks have grown up in an era which allows us to reach one bizarre conclusion:

Black history is filled with attempts by pathetic whites, petty tyrants (and women) to make black men build them something, with no reciprocity – only for everyone else to steal from them and plagiarize their work, their culture, their playbooks and their movements (even recently, plagiarizing the hashtag/movement of “black lives matter”, turning it into “all live matter”, or more pathetically, “blue lives matter”).

What has also been expressed among blacks and latinos is a solution of restricting consumerism among them and somehow preventing their money from entering the hands of white businesses. The solution of group economics among non-whites and resurrecting “black wall street”, which sounds very logical, may work in the best interest of blacks. Though as I’ve said in another post, black men would have to relinquish their desire for easy sex with white women.

Then again, it may fuck things up even more. How? Let’s ask ourselves, will this “solution” really work? Particularly when whites have made it clear they could give a rat’s ass about blacks, let alone their children? Or their money? Doesn’t anyone think whites are ruining their own chances of making profit by murdering black children, hence no more gifts for “special days”? Especially considering the money multiplier effect (in this case, the amount of money it takes to raise each child, supplying it with toys, gifts, food, shelter and taking on loads of debt via college universities). At the end of the day, Uncle Sam gets his cut, regardless.

Now add in the fact that women, not blacks, have massive consumer power. Which also explains the effect of the child support hustle and divorces, which transfers wealth immediately from men to women.

So what are the real options?

In regards to hostility and fake outrage among feeble whites, they become very vocal against BLM. Whenever they bring up the “black-on-black” fallacy, others bring up research to show that white/white crime is more prevalent than the former. Then that turns into “Well, more whites get killed by police.” Another fallacy debunked, simply because whites are the majority of the American populace. Yet and still, these people defend enterprises that they suddenly feel is fucking them over increasingly – only because it feeds their sadistic desire to hurt and dominate others and making then foot the bill for it. Enterprises of power and control (such as religion and law-and-order) aligning perfectly to hurt and control stupid people, to keep them dependent on everyone else except themselves. Enterprises coined as “civilization”, maintained and supported by people in power who have no love for blacks, domestic or foreign.

The tragic aftermath of the dehumanization of black bodies by American “law enforcement” reveals, too, that there was a time when only white men could play a twisted game that now anyone is capable of playing: the killings will continue until morale improves!

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  1. Bravo Mr. Odessa! You hit every point and explained all arguments perfectly. I am happy to know that black males in my generation (Gen Y) are more aware of the system than generations prior. Only good will come out of this but unfortunately there will be resistance along the way.

    Yes. But unfortunately, the older generations are still running shit. They still believe in “respectability” as much as they do “The God Delusion” (also the name of a book by Richard Dawkins).

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