Black Respectability Politics Won’t Save You!

I wrote a topic sometime ago about the failure of black respectability politics (BRP) that’s plagued the black community for generations. Even to date, some people still don’t get it, but as they say, ignorance is bliss!

Black respectability politics is long embraced in the minds of a certain group of delusional blacks, who apparently haven’t suffered enough trial and error to understand the motives behind white racism. Unfortunately, they constitute the majority of “successful” blacks. BRP is like a man who cuts off his already flaccid penis to spite his masculinity, to make his overseers feel “safe” around him. So that he lives his entire life like a job interview. The quintessential mindfuck!

Prime examples include, but certainly not limited to Don Lemon, Bill Cosby, Barack Obama, Stephen A. Smith, etc. There are black commentators on YouTube who suffer from chronic mental masturbation… Such as Tommy Stupidmeyor (Tommy Sotomayor), Ob-Shitty-an (Obsidian Ali), Black Dicks Limp (Black Men Vent), and others who yearn for a mythical era of “kings and queens”, which vaguely existed throughout history. Most of whom dream of using BRP, “game”, or “nation building” to coerce a woman into being his dependent. Some of the latter are not only borderline abusive, but psychologically damaged. Some of whom have struck a nasty deal with whites to degrade black masculinity and black female sexuality.

But most of the commentary from the aforementioned is nothing more than mental masturbation.

After a 400-year curse of indoctrination and obedience training, the average black man had been broken. Even to date. Whites and other corrupt ruling elites struck a ghastly rule over blacks by invading their territories, raping and pillaging. So instead of saying “over my dead body”, or “by any means necessary”, they have touched their toes to their “massas”. Even worse than a woman who naturally and nastily submits to her lovers. Like most slaves, they hate the thought of anyone stronger than them, as it reminds them just how feeble they truly are. You try to free them, they fight you.

Post plantation era, blacks are further indoctrinated with exotic religious beliefs, “Disney myths”, military mindsets, the welfare state (overt and government), the law-and-order scam and other dependency handicap short-cut programs. Now of course there are exceptions, but black men especially are obeying out of fear – like kids.

Sadly, black societies are crawling with black “house n*ggers” who think they are “special”, or “immune” because they’ve entered into expensive pompous universities, the military, soul-crushing government occupations, maintaining above-3.0 GPAs, etc. Yet in spite of their systematic achievements, none of it can get them what they truly desire: power, pussy and peace of mind.

So what do they do? Whine and babble on the internet about women having sex with hypermasculine alpha males. Either that, or they reduce themselves to tricks who can’t take rejection, spending money on women who wouldn’t give them the time of day, who transfer that money to their alpha boyfriends, rugrat kids or significant others. If anything, this and other incidents prove they are even more powerless than any “underachieving” urban mythical hypergamous and womanizing “baby daddy”. At least the latter keeps himself from under the radar.

BRP is like being introduced to organized religion and the dichotomy of “holy vs. evil”. Resultfully, it further creates a landmine where most black men don’t seek power. Thus, they have no vision for their or their children’s existence other than scraps given to them by whites.

BRP reminds me of the black woman who wears her hair white, acts white and talks white because she knows that’s what her employers like. She may secretly want to be white. Though her employers around her may not know this, the more stronger and cynical blacks do – for that, she despises them. Why? Because they can pull her “hoe card”. Now, it’s about preaching a fantasy-like “zero tolerance policy” against backwards hats, tattoos, promiscuity, use of profanity, drug use, rap music, black sexuality, wearing hoodies, playing with toy guns, not complying with police orders, expressing feelings of anger or frustration, or other “anti-social” behavior.

But isn’t this a form of self-inflicted stupidity, or a sense of flawed perfectionism conceived in the minds of the mentally damaged? Weren’t blacks in previous generations slaughtered, irrespective of how respectable they had no choice but to be? Black respectability politics was alive and well especially in pre-1960s civil rights era. Even then, it never stopped angry white mobs, white “cops” and plantation owners from wreaking havoc on millions of black lives. So, what can we honestly conclude?

Let me rub salt into the self-inflicted wounds of delusional black minds…

One thought on “Black Respectability Politics Won’t Save You!

  1. Great post. Hopefully the growing number of Sotomayor knock offs see this post.
    There’s one called Oshay who tried to justify the recent police shooting even when Sotomayor condemned it.

    Have you seen Usher’s Instagram today? What do you think about rape culture and its effects on black women and black men? A lot of commentators were split between supporting his message but changing the phrasing.

    Never heard of Oshay and don’t think I care to. As far as “rape culture” goes, it’s a cognitive dissonance. Fourth-wave feminists (created by white women) want to make everything “rape”. Simple biological human attraction, tricking and hookup culture equates “rape” to them.

    These same women benefit from the “rape and pillaging” that white men have bestowed onto society, starting with the genocide and rape of Native Americans and Blacks/Africans. These women stay silent when cops beat, murder and rape other women and blacks. So, I – as a black man – don’t give a flying fuck about any cognitive dissonance called “rape culture”, or a white woman’s issues. Especially when white rapists like Brock Turner continually beat the rap.

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