Was Korryn Gaines Mentally Ill, or a Fearless Revolutionist In the Making?

This past summer, a young single black mother of two and hairstylist named Korryn Gaines was murdered by the police in the USSA. While there are many topics about this unfortunate incident in the blogosphere, I’ve come up with a question-slash-analysis:

Was Korryn Gaines mentally ill? Or was she a fearless revolutionist in the making?

Korryn Gaines (1993-2016) was a biracial black woman who was well aware of how American “race soldiers” infiltrated law enforcement and their diabolical plan to systematically kill blacks in America. I happened to stumble across her Instagram page immediately after her murder made headlines. The woman was well aware of her heritage and damned proud of it. The was also aware of the government’s hellbent desire to ruin the black population. Her IG profile was also filled with clips from Tariq Nasheed’s Hidden Colors documentaries, black unity memes and she attracted other like-minded individuals.

This woman certainly had no love or respect for “white supremacy” and white people. She made it clear that she had no interest in being submissive to white civilizations, nor was she trying to “raise submissive children” (as she openly admitted to the police amid a traffic stop).

Among these IG posts, there were multiple posts by her of videos her and her son had taken of a traffic stop by police five months before her murder. Apparently, the police were harassing her for multiple traffic violations and driving without a valid license plate. During one traffic stop, she told her son to never cower in the face of systematic white hostility and to always video transactions with them. It’s evident she was attempting to sue a property owner due to lead poisoning.

The night of her murder, the police unlawfully entered into her home to execute an arrest warrant. Apparently, she not only confronted them with a shotgun. She also used her smartphone to record the altercation with the intention of posting it on her social media profiles. American police ordered FaceBook to temporarily shut down her account right before killing her and shooting her 5-year-old son in the arm and in the face, after clashing with them for a 7 hour standoff. Right after she was taken out, her social media profiles mysteriously reappeared.

So, was Korryn Gaines the stereotypical “angry black woman with mental issues”? Or was she a wickedly smart woman who grew weary of the coerced relationship between blacks and law enforcement, which habitually lead to the death of black men, women and children?

Keep in mind, this happened one week after Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby dropped charges against three remaining legalized thugs in the Freddie Grey case. Even in this case, white “race soldiers” tried to disbar Mosby from doing her job. Now add in a recent study from the DOJ about persistent and unchecked racial bias that lingers in the disgraced and demonized Baltimore, MD police department. It’s possible that Korryn Gaines was aware of what was happening in the aforementioned city all along. And in the end, she wasn’t having any of it!

So let’s ask ourselves, what does this tell you about the police? What does this tell you about race relations in the USSA? If anything, this proves the black person is more intelligent for refusing to bow to a system they didn’t create. Yet intelligent people are always labeled as “crazy” or “weird”. To be fair, if Korryn Gaines was mentally ill, what does this say about the society and it’s institutions that made her snap? Is it really necessary to blame her fearlessness on lead poisoning? For all we know, she was possibly suicidal, which also stems from mental issues.

Pathetically, this isn’t even enough for blacks to set their petty differences aside and create a pact to work as a collective group, even though it would benefit everyone involved. Social media (especially the black YouTube community) is crawling with servant “house n*ggers” saying she should have complied with the law, or she should have never “used her child as a shield”. Let’s say she did use her child as a shield, why would the police empty bullets into the child’s arm and face from the start? Why would cops dressed in militarized body armor invade her residency to execute an arrest warrant in the first place? Doesn’t that prove how pathetic and easily distraught they truly are?

The uncle toms and their army of degenerates refer to her as a “trap queen baby mama”, “typical ain’t-shit black bitch with mental issues”, referring to her as a “1990s drug baby”, etc. The same sexually-frustrated retards who spend too much time arguing over “black on black crime”, women’s sexuality, hypergamy or who has more interracial dating options.

Anywho… What this proves is that even if Korryn Gaines DID have mental issues which either stemmed from genetics, lead poisoning or dysfunctional society, she was far less fucked up than the white people she stood up against. Korryn Gaines also had more “balls”, or “heart” than most American black men. This also proves that the latter, like their matriarchs, previous generations and “respectability” pimps have voluntarily bent over for their abusers.

– So, how has BRP and “zero-tolerance” policies worked out so far?

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