North America’s Paranoia of a Possible Imposing of Martial Law

A common complaint that I hear/see on social media is that the USSA government are using specific acts (racial-influenced riots, protests and the killings of the police), staged or otherwise, as an excuse to inflict martial law into effect.

First, let me mention the legal and Urban Dictionary definitions of “martial law”.

LEGAL DEFINITION: “Martial law is an extreme and rare measure used to control society during war or periods of civil unrest or chaos.”

URBAN DICTIONARY DEFINITION (as defined by “-30-“): “The day Martial Law is declared, is the day you wake up and realize that your Constitution/Bill of Rights/Charter of Rites and Freedoms/etc. is really just about as valuable as that Kleenex you just spunked in… because rights are just privileges, and privileges can be revoked. Your government will do whatever it takes to stay in power, and they got the guns…

Martial Law can be recognized by the increased presence of men with Plexiglas shields and/or sub-machine-guns, a pale green fog that tastes, smells and feels like burning, random acts of hippy clubbing and indiscriminate shooting into crowds.

If your going to “get your loot on” its best to do it during the Preceding state of emergency, because once Martial Law is declared, the party’s over. Usually once Martial Law is declared, its best to just stay home, tune into your local state-owned media outlet and do what they say. The punishment for most criminal offenses becomes summary execution, and most of the things you might do out in public become criminal offenses.

1) Looting = criminal offense = shot on sight
2) Exercising freedom of speech = criminal offense = disappeared (shot out of sight)
3) Looking like you might be a ‘rebel’ = criminal offense = a. shot on sight, or b. disappeared
4) On the street after curfew = criminal offense = shot on sight
5) Looking at the officer the wrong way = criminal offense = shot on sight

If you must go out, try not to wear that ‘Rage Against the Machine’ tee-shirt, red stars, or clenched-fist logos, as these may attract unwanted bursts of well-aimed fire in your direction.

My response to this? According to these definitions, as far as I’m concerned, martial law has already occurred in the black community on too many occasions, as well as white suburbia. So, this wouldn’t be anything new. That said, if it takes that for real social progress to occur, just know many lives will be forsaken. Nobody said it would be easy.

According to the definition submitted by “-30” via Urban Dictionary, martial law has already occurred and is still occurring today, though it’s not in full effect. Want some examples?

1) “No eye contact with those lording over you” = Freddie Grey, eye contact with the police, slavery 1.0
2) The increased militarization of the police = Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland / the 1960s civil rights movement / Occupy Wall Street protests
3) Looking like a rebel = hip hop gear, driving while black / Marilyn Manson t-shirts in 1999 post Columbine
4) On the street after curfew = recent protests for BLM
5) Stay at home, do whatever the news anchorman tells you to = This form of psychological warfare has already occurred in the feeble minds of older generations, conspiracy theorists, tabloid junkies, pop psychologists and BRP enthusiasts. This leads to a type of “Willie Lynch” phenomena of decrepit black matriarchs in constant fear of their sons lives. Prime example: Toya Graham.

– the only problem? Only certain people have been shot on sight. I think we know who those unfortunate victims of circumstances really are. Otherwise, it sounds like martial law, doesn’t it? or maybe a sneak preview of what’s yet to come, inflicted on the most vulnerable people first and foremost? Or maybe they will hide in their suburban mansion like they did amid the 1992 L.A. riots to avoid retribution.

Let’s not pretend psychological warfare and the concept of martial law is some sort of new-age dystopia, alright?

The events of psychological warfare inflicted on the people was first bestowed unto blacks and native americans, children, women and other vulnerable victims. Not to mention how American “cops” try to invade peoples’ privacy by trying to unlock cell phones via traffic stops, association fallacies, cops trying to plant evidence, or delete evidence — cops who murder family pets directly in front of children on their birthdays, cavity searches amid drug raids, pulling guns on black children at pool parties in Texas, fining athletes for wearing “black lives matter” t-shirts, athletes refusing to honor the national anthem… only to then recruiting white patriarchal eunuchs and feeble “house niggas” who blow their loads by quoting Thomas Sowell to “blame the victim”.

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