An Inquiry of Mental Illnesses in Contemporary Societies

So I’ve come up with another unfortunate, yet realistic painted picture of another bullshit epidemic in contemporary society. While some of my readers may assume I’m over-thinking this nightmarish dark side of humanity, I’ll just answer that with the fact that most minds aren’t able to think this far – due to laziness or common groupthink regurgitation that pervades the ability for most humans to put things into it’s proper context.

In this case, I want to present to you an explanation for why the mental deficiencies among those in specific impoverished communities remains unchecked …while there’s also an increase of (and excuses for) mental deficiencies in suburbia.

First, let’s start off by briefly examining the heart of the matter. Throughout history, there has always been some perverted obsession with power and control among ancient royalties and their enforcers, or “nation builders”. If the ambition is to eradicate and degrade a certain group’s heritage, language, sexuality and spirituality, the recipe simply involves indoctrinating them with white lies, fear-and-smear campaigns and enforcing worthless traditions, institutions and objectives that specific groups cannot compute, let alone give a damn about.

But why’s it that the more things change, the more they stay the same? Why are ever-increasing amount of non-whites in impoverished communities sabotaging themselves to fit in with white-dominated societies? Or (to put it another way) accepting the rigged rules whites, Muslims and even their own women play on them?

Should we blame the elders for maintaining their traditional stupidity via indoctrination? or could it have anything to do with genetics? Can cultures and civilizations make people mentally ill? or is it something else?

Within the past half-century, there has been an increase of mental deficiencies (OCD, ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s, Bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) among both genders amid their childhood, even in the age of antibiotics and easy access to health care. These illnesses have flourished even before the recent Zika virus becoming rampant in Latin American countries, which causes birth defects among pregnant women. Whether it’s some government conspiracy created to “keep the undesirables in line” or not is another story. For quite sometime now, there has been arguments and speculation about vaccinations causing autism in unborn children, but many “experts” claim this isn’t the case.

So what’s really going on?

Specific medical interventions can cause mental illness, such as schoolchildren being put on Ritalin to tone down hyperactivity (aka, rebellion) – even without their parents’ consent, or by easily influencing parents to accept it, not understanding the damage it causes down the line. On another hand, there are specific laws, rules, societies, negative energies, witch hunts and fake morals that can cause individuals to become mentally ill in a sense which causes them to lose their identity.

If any of you don’t think societies can make a person mentally damaged, read about the effects slavery, religion, indoctrination, fairy tales (white lies), isolation and solitary confinement has on the human mind.

Specific situations of the human mind aren’t seen as mental illnesses, but finalized as a “delusion”, “burnout” or “just the way things are”. For example, why isn’t the belief in false gods and deities, fairy tales, ancient hierarchies and an afterlife, or reincarnation a form of mental illness? Even if those delusions of grandeur are enforced by authority figures or other fear-mongers, which could have lasted for centuries?

What most people still don’t get is that the human mind is like a hard drive. There’s only so much it can obtain. Filling it up with fear, obsessive compulsive megalomania and fairy tales destined to disappoint and delusions tend to create a prison of the mind which fucks up the ability to enjoy life. or put things into proper context. or to even have a remotely pleasurable sex life (which can possibly explain why there’s also an increase of productive men with performance anxiety, which leads to the epidemic of high sales of expensive erectile dysfunction supplements).

Of course, some mental deficiencies are ingrained and barely controllable – some of which leads to violent outbursts and erratic tendencies. Let’s talk about how this affects people in relationships and why some people snap. Without discussing sadomasochistic tendencies (BDSM) in the sex lives of modern relationships, statistic show that most “crimes of passion” are committed by men, hence male sexual insecurity leading to domestic violence. For the men who don’t resort to domestic violence, there’s unchecked emotional trauma, law enforcement cheerleaders, or they create “the Manosphere” or “black men vent”. But some jackass said men are more hornier and more intuitive than women are.

Anywho… Women snap on their significant others, which can be studied on feminine television docs about “crimes of passion”, such as ‘Snapped’. Then there’s the recent incident involving Korryn Gaines, who was murdered by american “cops” in front of her son. But do women always lose their composure because of mental illness? Even in the general public? Are women’s increasing violent tendencies only a release from bouts of an introverted nature, or abuse? Or is it because of the arrogance of knowing they have the power of the law and society on their side, which gives them dominion over their feeble beta lackeys and other men they just don’t like? Are they emulating their matriarchal, power-obsessed grandmothers – whom are also maintaining their traditional stupidity? Or are they emulating cartoonish “empowered” female characters depicted in modern soap operas?

The epidemic of female empowerment creates another mental illness… oops… sorry… “delusion” of men allowing women to define, or “redefine” their manhood. Then there’s the issue of bitter matriarchs using their children as meal tickets, as well as impoverished “baby mamas” who brawl or use drugs while pregnant – causing birth defects of their own children.

Why does mental illness go unchecked in impoverished non-white communities? is it for lack of resources? Third-rate physicians and hospitals? Or is it that they have become either immune to it or nonchalant? Or is it because blacks have adopted the same animal-like tendencies whites (pimps) have used to keep their cannon fodder (hoes) in line?

Which leads me to another point: the ever-increasing number of mostly white suburban kids committing mass shootings and suicide missions, most of which bred from an inability to deal with their own sexual retardation or some sexual identity crisis. Spoiled white kids shoot up health spas, nightclubs, schools and make up stories about being robbed in Brazil amid the 2016 Olympics, tons of excuses are made on their behalf. Even illnesses are mentioned none of us have ever heard before, such as “affluenza” (as if having a fucking entitlement complex is supposed to be an “illness”). The general public mentions their supposed high IQ, or the fact that the never has previous criminal records.

Young black men sell drugs, riot in the face of oppression or join rebellious cliques, no one bothers getting to the heart of the matter, question their psychological health, or even mention post-traumatic disorders. They’re immediately thrown in prison, ostracized, or brutalized by their own parents. Which creates another type of mindfuck in the black community, where black parents assume that creating angels, princes and paupers will somehow make them immune to a life of abuse or circumstance. Right! OK.

The fact that blacks, by their own admission, aren’t health-conscious creates a different brand of self-inflicted stupidity, which makes them even more vulnerable even more mindfucks and systematic abuse. How come? Well, because feeble minds are the easiest to indoctrinate, influence and toy with.

An ever-increasing amount of mental deficiencies have become more publicly notable and diagnosed within the past 30-50 years, which has made humans more violent, dysfunctional and delusional. On the contrary, this was always the case among the most threatening yet dis-empowered groups who were most capable of destabilizing the scam of “civilization”. In order for civilizations to be built, you’d have to indoctrinate and enslave the most vulnerable, creating prisons in the mind which makes it difficult to escape from. Then instead of finding diagnoses, alternatives or cures, you brainwash them by saying “that’s just the way things are”.


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