A Solid Clip From “The Daily Show” About Donald Trump’s 2005 “Pussygate” Scandal

Here’s a video clip from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in regards to the decade-plus old conversation between mogul, businessman and 2016 Republican American presidential candidate Donald Trump and Billy Bush (then of Access Hollywood fame) in regards to how women respond to male star status.


Now my thoughts on this was that Trevor Noah was spot-the-fuck-on. There’s a world of difference between men who discuss their private sex lives and women’s duplicitous tendencies amongst themselves (which some women and white knight mangina captain save-a-hoe types themselves frown upon), i.e. “locker room banter” and disgusting creeps who brag about sexual assault. I could go on about how some men talk too much about their sexcapades and what that leads to (including one reason why women purposely make men jump through hoops for sex, simply because some men talk too much and give away TMI — too much information).

Recently, I’ve seen all types of Facebook status updates written by pathetic orbiter mangina bastard simps who post shit like “I’m a leader of men”, or “I’m a real man and I’d never allow men to talk about women like this around me, even if I’m in a locker room.” Blah blah blah. All that jazz just to either secretly score pussy points, or a fear of losing their jobs, careers, titles and such from majority female-dominated sources of entertainment, government and other establishments that cater to feminine taste – creating massive consumer power!

Author Alan Roger Currie revealed recently that one of his fans finalized that the only reason why SOME women were offended by Donald Trump’s remarks about grabbing women “by the pussy” is because they don’t want beta males (like most of society) to know how easy and willing they give up the pussy (the best years of their lives; ages 18-40) to asshole, bad-boy types (some of you call them alpha males, etc…).


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