Some Thoughts About Nate Parker’s False Rape Allegation

Over the last several months, there’s been a lot of rage, cognitive dissonances and conspiracy theories revolving around actor Nate Parker and a decade-plus old false rape allegation that was unearthed recently.

Nate Parker (star of The Great Debaters) and a wrestling teammate (both attending Penn State at the time) reportedly “ran a train” on a woman, who later accused the two of rape. The two were taken to trial and while Parker was found “not guilty”, the teammate was charged, but the charge was overturned. Over a decade later, the woman committed suicide.

Let’s look at several issues at play here–

1] Conspiracy theorists in the black community believed (and rightfully so) that it was a conspiracy to distract the general public from seeing the 2016 remake of Birth Of A Nation (which flopped during it’s opening weekend, generating only $7M) – a biopic about Nat Turner’s slave rebellion in 1831. In regards to that, consider the current state of affairs of racial tension between blacks and the legalized-thuggery of the American police. The critical and pragmatic minds among us can easily put 2 and 2 together and equate this finalization: Whites generally fear karma and retribution of how they and the system they mindlessly defend has screwed over the lives of black men, women and children. Thanks to the evolution of technology (smartphones, social media, digital cameras), the depths of white racism has been irreversibly exposed.

Many pro-black race CONscious types assume that racist whites shudder at younger black learning about their history and that it’s distracted by imagery, materialism, ideologies, fads and other “trinkets”. Well, in defense of that, why’s it that this rape allegation wasn’t mentioned when Nate Parker starred in other films, such as The Great Debaters and Red Tails? Why now? Others automatically assume this is part of some mythical war on black alpha males, since they are a threat to American civilization.

2] Feminists (specifically black-feminists), as usual, without examining both sides of the story, went on petty tirades and cognitive dissonances all over social media. Some even wrote articles for Huffington Post, explaining why they refuse to see Birth Of A Nation, claiming that if they did see it, they’d be supporting “rape culture”. Black women (of the CONscious or feminist variety and otherwise) attack Nate Parker and express their refusal to see the film because of his marriage to (or taste in) white women. Other blacks used reasons such as not wanting to be reminded of that sordid history.

First of all, there’s no way in hell women have suffered longer and barbaric mistreatment than black men have, or even blacks in general – even to date. I dare to say white women in The Anglosphere would not have the luxuries they have today if not for the “rape culture” their patriarchal menfolk has bestowed upon every generation, nation and heritage. I can write another lengthy article about how feminism was definitely needed prior to the 2000s, but yet it’s not needed now as much. I can write about how the scam of 4th-wave feminism and how they (and racist whites) maintain their “hard-ons” for Chris Brown, O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby – yet they widely ignore Brock Turner, rapist cops, Ben Rothlesberger, Charlie Sheen and other instances of “rape and pillage” at the hands of stupid white men, which we think is normal.

3] I have no doubt in my mind that there’s some racist white twats and manginas somewhere who are saying amongst themselves, if not on social media, that a movie like Birth Of A Nation should never be made. Why? Because as I’ve said above, they fear retribution and backlash. Which is why they love championing the “law and order” scam and why they limit the distribution of money, resources and weaponry mainly amongst themselves. Anything else would cause a serious blow-back to their own infrastructure.

Media outlets demonize Nate Parker for his decade-plus old allegation because he refused to apologize for a rape that he did not commit. Robin Roberts from ABC’s Good Morning America most notoriously chastised Parker in an attempt to stir up shit, as most media talking heads do. This same woman repeatedly asked Chris Brown about his physical spat with R&B singer Rihanna in an interview regarding his album “F.A.M.E.” and after he made it clear he didn’t want to discuss that unfortunate incident, she kept twisting the lever. This led to a violent outburst by Chris Brown…

But all of this is only a preface… Recently, there’s a revealed transcript of Nate Parker’s rape case — Are you ready?!

From the above link, replies to the transcripts read…

“It’s extremely sad that the young lady, who accused Nate and Jean of rape, committed suicide a few years ago, but after reading the transcripts, it seems as if she had some unresolved inner struggles prior to even meeting them, which was evident during the trial […]

So apparently, the young lady had some emotional or psychological issues (which has increased among the general public within the past 50 years – particularly among certain kinds of women. Let’s continue.

“In the trial, the young lady (who was about 18 at the time) admitted that the day before the alleged rape happened, she was attracted to Nate (whom she’d just met at Penn State) but on their first ‘date,’ she didn’t want to move too fast, so instead of having vaginal sex with Nate, she said she volunteered to perform oral sex on him to you know, ‘not move too fast.’ That is already an indication of her aggressive state of mind regarding sex at that time and it raised red flags in the trial as well, as it further supported Nate’s and Jean’s claims that the sex was 100% consensual.”

So she wanted to give herself to him, slowly but surely. Possibly, because she didn’t want to be labeled as “easy”, or a “slut”, “jumpoff”, “cum dumpster” or other slur of “slut shaming”. Understandable. The traditional “Madonna/whore” complex does fuck up carnal interactions between the sexes. Which is also why women lie about who or what attracts them. Anyway, moving on…

“The accuser claimed that Nate and Jean raped her, but she admitted that afterwards, she spent the night at Nate’s apartment and willingly had sex with him the next morning (although she said Nate and Jean raped her the night before). Although she said she couldn’t remember the threesome because she was ‘unconscious,’ the lawyers pointed out how during her illegally taped phone call (where she told Nate and Jean she was pregnant and tried to get one of them to say they raped her two months prior), she remembered who wore condoms during the sexual encounters.”

So she claim to have been “raped” by two dudes because you were “unconscious” (perhaps via drugs or alcohol), but then it was revealed that you had sex with one of the guys the next morning? Then try to pin an “oops pregnancy” on them, although one of the used contraception.” Turns out she was simply holding out for a “sucker” who she could have the upper hand over in some way. — On another note, this is why men should refrain from alcohol or drug-induced sex, unless they’ve had sex with a woman before. Nowadays, feminists and law enforcement considers that “date rape”. Personally, I know it feels good, but unless you really know her, it ain’t worth it!

“She claimed she was raped and mostly unconscious but at one point she came to, and saw a man she says she didn’t know on top of her (referring to Jean, which he and others said she was talking to and introduced to earlier in the night) but attorneys pointed out how her reaction she testified she’d given to the stranger having sex with her that night was not a shocked rape reaction.”

Apparently she knew what was happening. She was a sexual person (which was her business), but a rape allegation stems from “regret sex”, in this case.

“She claimed she’d been drinking heavily before hooking up with Nate and Jean, but witnesses who were at the apartment, including one who was a Lieutenant put on the stand by her attorneys to testify on her behalf, stated that she was not drunk at all, just as Nate and Jean claimed from the beginning. She said she was extremely drunk that night and stumbling everywhere, but others said she was walking upright with no problem, talking coherently, and willingly went back to the apartment where she eventually took off all her clothes and was “all over” Nate in the bedroom prior to the threesome.”

She really wanted Nate Parker to have sex with her. But she uses alcoholism to create a bizarre reasoning – jumping through hoops to justify her BS.

“Although she said she was drunk and unconscious, attorneys pointed out how she was able to give specific details about how many drinks she’d had, but couldn’t remember certain details that she said happened before the drinking and after drinking, because she said she was too drunk.”

So wait a minute… To reconstruct her delusional self-image, she falsely accuses someone of rape. Then she blames it on the alcohol, even before drinking and after drinking. Hmmm… Talk about lack of accountability.

“The young lady also testified that during the alleged rape, she’d awaken from her unconsciousness with a strange man’s penis in her mouth. But during the trial an expert doctor testified that an unconscious person who is being forced to perform oral sex on a penis would unconsciously leave several bite marks and abrasions on the penis because they’re unconscious and therefore not in control of their bodily movement, including oral functioning.”

This is possibly the same reason why CNN’s Don Lemon asked one of Bill Cosby’s accusers why didn’t she bite Bill Cosby’s penis amid unwanted or unwarranted oral sex, don’t you think? Yeah… Enough said.

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