Patriarchal Men Possess a Great Fear of Female Sexuality

A common belief among specific males in the blogosphere is that younger generations are increasingly engaging in “depravity”, or “immoral” behavior; which includes hypersexual antics.

I’ve written a few topics about the walking contradictions of pickup artists who yearn for a return to traditional society and how being “established” leads to unwarranted sexual entitlement. This is similar to feminists who cry “rape culture”, while paradoxically finding themselves attracted to the men who are eugenically most capable of raping them.

This time, I’ll rub salt in their wounds. So bear with me.

According to the average “expert” on human relations who obsesses over “rebuilding traditional civilization”, there should be some type of return to traditional marriage. Firstly, marriage was a coercion tactic to keep specifically blacks and women in check throughout N. America. For everyone else, it was just an alternative to prostitution in pre-antibiotic and pre-integration era. People in all cultures throughout ancient civilization were used as slaves, drones, cannon fodder and for cruel scientific experiments in order for civilization to be built, let alone sustainable. Secondly, women (like blacks) were seen as subhuman properties whose only use were to build nations, or pass on “genetic legacies”.

Whether they were rewarded or not, or if such reward had intrinsic worth, I think most of us know the answer to that.

In the eyes of certain traditional-minded idiots (particularly of the conservative, or Calvinistic brand), sex should be stifled for procreation, not recreation. Their mental landscape views sexuality in two categories:

1) “NORMAL SEX” (i.e., “Vanilla Sex”) = handshake < dating < cuddling < kissing < oral sex < vaginal sex < matrimony
2) “MODERN SEX” (i.e., “Hookup Culture”) = hookup < kissing < oral sex < vaginal sex < BDSM < anal sex < friends with benefits < polyamory < wash, rinse, repeat

If you ask most men and women today, most would voluntarily admit “vanilla sex” is too boring, regimented and leaves no room for spontaneity or adventure. In today’s sexual marketplace, most women are receptive to experimenting with anal sex, BDSM (choking, gagging, being tied up, mild degradation fantasies), polyamory and even exchanging sex for monetary gain, materialism or climbing up the social later.

Traditional minded idiots (irrelevant of race, age or geographical location) honestly believe that women’s sexual rights and preferences lead to some mythical decay of civilization. The argument is similar to one mustered up by alt-right conservative house negroes who assume women choosing “thugs, bad boys and womanizers” is what destroyed black families. They’re wrong as usual! But that would make up for another topic post.

While modern sexuality and contraception destroyed traditionalism beyond repair, it also destroyed patriarchy, gynocracy, shotgun weddings, internal slavery and other forms of humans being used as a type of “collateral damage” for society’s institutions meant to enrich the few at the top of the pyramid scheme. Some of you may call it “the illuminati”. Either way, you get my point. Ultimately, this proves that unless children are involved, relationships are not a hierarchy. It should be about two or multiple people coming together for the sake of gratification.

How did we get to this point anyway? Well, patriarchy (like 4th wave feminism) and white supremacy created a “man = bad/woman = innocent” depiction of any relationship that wasn’t of a hierarchical or puritanical model. Why? To keep their own power structures intact.

Traditional marriage, like prostitution (aka “trickin’ off hoes”) is the only way guys like these can ever get a relationship with women. Rather than using sexual chemistry and natural attraction, the limited distribution of money and resources are used. We all should know this is a coercion and an act of despair wrapped up in one form of being pathetic. If somehow the concept of monogamy and prostitution were to be eliminated or restricted in it’s entirety, how many sexually attractive “bad bitches” would give them the time of day?

Consequently, they spend all day on the internet, fulfilling their desire to ensure survival of the species in a non-sexual sense. How? By multiplying like Gremlins.

To quote black MRA YouTuber Thugtician, “Why would a man who gets laid frequently and with variety give a damn about who women choose?” This has now turned into men and racial purists of the CONscious and CONservative brand whining about how men and women like to have sex. So they conclude that younger generations thrive of depravity. But… hasn’t it ever occurred to them that there’s nothing new under the sun? Or perhaps only certain groups in ancient civilizations had rights and privileges that were denied to others up until the last 45+ years?

This is similar to the conservative, “righteous” idiot who beats and fucks around on his wife with his babysitters, hookers and mistresses, then throws an impotent fit when his wife returns the (dis)favor, via her own infidelity or divorce.

Hey, if you want to bring back time machines to the mythical “good old days”, you may as well bring back slavery, human trafficking, cannibalism among tribes, tribalism, conservatism, shotgun weddings, orthodox religion, hierarchical empires, honor killings, barbaric violence against the ever more vulnerable (based on gender, age or skin color), mass graves, early grave-site markings, etc. Or better yet, relocate to a muslim country and do us a fucking favor… Don’t come back!

**In other news, I recently taken a flight out of state to visit one of my FWBs for a weekend fling (whom I met via Facebook). An exotic Russian cougar who has a resume with multiple black guys, including a couple of NFL athletes. Then after tagging me in a public photo she posted of us on FaceBook, another jealous woman on my hit list shows her true colors out of jealousy. After referring to her as a “whore”, she asks me “Do you think this shit is normal?” So I blocked her. No loss on my end, because… PUSSY IS FUNGIBLE!**


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