The Hypocrisy of the “Good Man” Category

This post is inspired by a very real incident I’ve witnessed. However, specifics will be hidden and altered.

There’s an insanely mainstream belief found in a segment of the black community (including Hollywood, social media, religion, phony Afrocentrism, BRP, male-centric and feminist-centric blogs and movements) that if women stopped choosing so-called “bad boys”, and instead pick educated 9-5 slave laborers with servile obedient complexes, then the black community will prevail. The same belief is held in certain segments of the white community (hence the popularity of websites like “A Voice For Men”, “Return of Kings”, “Chateau Horseshit”, etc…), but I choose to focus on an issue in the black community:

What’s happened in the black community is that many blacks have adopted the same language racist white retards have created to degrade black sexual politics and black women’s sexual agency. This happens to be another form of “black respectability politics”. They feeble souls even rely on regurgitated “research” or “statistics” that back up their feeble claims about how women’s sexual choices is the cause for poverty, gender conflict and mass incarceration. Statistics show that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. This is another way of saying 70% of black fathers are all drug dealers and fuck-ups. Or 70% of black mothers are “jump-offs”, “whores”, “cum dumpsters” and other disrespectful degrading language. Without going into extensive detail about this, either, this is a despicable lie based on hyperbole nonsense!

Now picture this… Imagine a young black couple in their early 20s. They both were “high school sweethearts”, but the young man was a borderline control freak. Two years after graduating high school, the two married three months after she got pregnant by him. Both of them took jobs in the mechanical industry, though he worked more than she had, so she could take care of their first born son. Though he was the typical “hourly wage slave beta provider” type who put on a “respectable” image, the relationship included a series of domestic violence, initiated by him. At one point, he spent 30 days in jail, dragging the woman’s brother down with him for coming to her defense. Even after that, she still stuck by him for the sake of having the archetype “Will and Jada” black family, or some shit.


Fast-forward 7 years later… The young woman gets pregnant by him again — with a set of triplets. Amid her pregnancy, he catches feeling for another woman, without his wife’s knowing. Only two months after giving birth to his three rugrats, he confessed to not only cheating, but now he’s in love with “the other woman” and doesn’t want to be with her anymore. The young woman kicks the bastard out of her house and her life, but not before hiring “the other woman” to brutally attack the soon-to-be ex wife. So now, the issue becomes that of child support, spousal support and single motherhood for the woman struggling with her job and supporting four kids! The guy tries to dodge child support payments all while moving to another state to pursue an acting career.

But according to the flawed logic of some perfectionist-minded idiots, single motherhood is all about the choice of sex partner, rather than the choice of irresponsible sexual conduct. The fact that “shit happens” doesn’t even occur to most of these clowns.

You see, a lot of these self-titled “good black men”, or “nice guys” are even more abusive than the womanizing “bad boy” types. We’ve seen this via “The Wall Of Silence” and the number of abusive, thugblaming, slut-shaming, mildly retarded broken black minds on YouTube who dog out black women simply for their choice of promiscuity and sex partners… all the way down to being just victims of circumstances, down on their luck. Regardless of the relationship experts advice on “how to make better choices”, shit happens. But this, too, never occurred to a bunch of no-pussy-getting idiots who suffer from chronic mental masturbation.

This is another pathetic excuse to justify systemic mistreatment of blacks, or a lame attempt to shame black women into choosing self-titled “nice guys” – blatantly ignoring how abusive, semi-abusive, burned out or broken the mythical “nice guy” is. Finally, not all “bad boys” are abusive, sexually reckless, drug dealers, “fuck boys”, or liars by omission, irrespective of the “nice guy”, or “good black man” belief.

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