Most Folks Don’t Compute Evolution

You know what really nags me about most humans?

Most don’t understand evolution.

Getting to the root of the problem, we realize that there’s always been a twisted desire to hurt or control people, even when it doesn’t benefit them. Many people (irrelevant of race, age, heritage or gender) long to return to a nostalgic era where non-whites knew their place, women’s place were in the home and children were “to be seen and not heard”. Up until the last 40-50 something years, societal imposed roles between the sexes and folks among heritage were used to build hierarchies for those at the top to impose a “superiority” complex to cover up their inferiority complex.

What’s funny is how even today’s young Gen-Yers say shit like “I wish I was born in my grandparents’ generation. This generation sucks.” Most of the latter who say this only do so to fabricate their lack of relationship viability. No one has told them that nobody owes you love, friendship, relationships or a traditional “white picket fence” marriage prospect. Yet and still, they whine about how there should be an invention of time machine to go back to “the good old days”. Collectively, they bitch and cry about modern state of affairs. Aren’t these things representative of convenience, which is why some people built nations and fought for basic human rights from the start?

Aren’t these people just regurgitating shit they heard from one group to the next because they’re too stupid and lazy to read about their history?

Why would anyone (especially women and non-whites) long for an empire or era where they were treated like downtrodden peasants? Just for the sake of having a relationship? or because they “kept it black” (i.e., racial “purity”)?

NEWSFLASH: They had no choice but to keep it black, idiot! Just like most women couldn’t choose who they could marry or have sex with. The other alternative was castration, domestic violence, indentured servitude or death (murder, mob violence or honor killings).

Consider several examples:

Technology never existed until within the last 40-50 years or so. Before technology, most people lived as laborers, builders, breeders and societies were limited within very small groups of people – which also meant information and lifestyles were severely limited. Whether technology exists and upgrades itself for the sake of a profit, well that comes with the territory doesn’t it? Technology – like standards – changes every generation.

Think about how the first cell phone looked upon it’s invention… Wouldn’t a group of people become bored or just fed up with carrying an oversized phone the size of a brick around them amid their daily routine? Today’s smartphones are not only small and provide access to nationwide communication with selected members, regardless of geographical location. They can replace video cameras, cameras, photo albums, walkie talkies and traditional portable walkman devices. Who would say Martin Cooper’s 1973 device beats the new generation iPhone7 plus?

Think about the difference between typewriters and writing on computer devices and apps. How can anyone say that writing resumes, letters and scripts on typewriters are superior to writing on computer devices and apps (Microsoft Word, for example)? Does anyone know how complicated things used to be for writers who has to realign print cartridges and use white-out for their errors? As opposed to proofreading and spell-checking documents before printing it on modern printer?

How about the evolution of travel? In pre-WW2 and pre-technology era, if you were born in a certain location (whether you were poor or otherwise), you were pretty much stuck there. Unless you were an entertainer or drafted in a “war”, geographical restriction was strictly the norm. Nowadays, even a street hustler who either lives in his parents’ basement or has a living arrangement can rack up enough money (after bills) to take trips overseas – granted, he doesn’t have a criminal record or has delinquent child support payments. Whatever he does there is his business. I’m aware Advocatus Diaboli mentioned some of this in regards to how to avoid western women’s attempt to put men in “the doghouse”.

Speaking of relationships, many idiots believe relationships between men in women in the 1950s or 1960s (pre-integration, pre-sexual revolution) were somehow “superior” than they were today. This common group-think regurgitation can even be heard from people who weren’t even born in the times when relationships were used as a hierarchy, just for the sake of “nation building”, or having kids to prop up society’s institutions. Why any adult would bitch about who or what someone else chooses, unless no one chooses them? Why would anyone assume that living as either a “beast of burden” or a useless “breeder” should be a goal everyone should aspire for is beneath my understanding. What’s it anyone’s business if a total stranger prefers promiscuity and polyamory rather than the strains of monogamy? Unless someone is producing unwanted pregnancies and spreading incurable STDs, the former is always better than the latter.

Bottom line – Who wants to live in a time where tyrants, rulers and authority figures (patriarchs or matriarchs) did everyone’s thinking for them? A time when people’s sole purpose of existence was to build and breed, and then let someone else take credit?

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