Most Ideologists and Authority Figures Don’t Believe Their Own Shit

According to Black Science (i.e., the art of psychological warfare), one of the greatest mind control techniques ever inflicted on the masses is one that’s best described as “mushroom management”.

In other words… “Keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit.”

This technique is further used even in today’s “grand scheme of things” to keep certain people stupid and confused – as a way to “weed out the undesirables”. Many ideologies, hierarchies and their groupies either create rules or sell dreams they don’t even believe in. Centuries and generations ago, weak men have used the scams of religion, law and order and deities to keep certain people under their control. But now, people are catching on.

Consider these several examples/paradoxes:

– The religious and CONservative zealots who voices out his contempt for homosexuality, “sin” and “lust”, while preaching “CONservative family order” by day… only to get caught in sex scandals with hookers, teenyboppers and babysitters, or playing in choir boys’ butts by night.

– The black traditional-minded idiot who treats black women like shit, referring to them as “jump-offs”, “cum dumpsters”, “nasty whores”, “bastard baby makers”… only to then chase white women who engages in the same sexual behavior he condemns black women for.

– Fourth-wave feminists create a cognitive dissonance called “rape culture”. Yet even they give their best to men who are most capable of raping them. Don’t get me started on how white women benefit from the spoils of “rape and pillage” inflicted by white men. I have no doubt that some women create fake outrage about Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” dialogue, only because they don’t want beta chumps to know how easy they bend over for alpha males. In case some of you don’t get it, feminism is about enabling more of that behavior, only when it benefits them!

– The famous talking head or businessmen whose job is to sell people dreams that no longer exists, or never existed in the first place. This includes (but not limited to) religious preachers, black house negroes talking in riddles, relationship “experts”, schoolteachers, daytime talk show divas, political candidates who sell the illusion of “change”, “faith” or “hope”, Tyler Perry, Dr. Oz, etc…

– The government who labels ordinary people who kill “murderers”, even if it were self-defense. Meanwhile, their peon employees (cops) get away with murder.

– The historic white slave owner who lusts for black pussy, but throw hissy fits when black men stretches out and inseminates white pussy.

– Black respectability pimps who whine on YouTube about who women choose; their inability to get pussy warps their minds so much to where they justify police violence against blacks and argue over who has more interracial dating options. Secretly, they envy the black “thugs” for being everything they aren’t.

– Cops who enforce laws against buying drugs and pussy, or gun ownership. Yet these same meatheads will have sex with hookers before arresting them, use steroids, fuck with people for fun and kicks. Or they’ll even rape and murder, or attend drug parties while receiving sex from a teenybopper and get away with it.

– The abusive beta jackass (a married man) who beats his wife to a pulp, then has side chicks. Then expects his wife to stay loyal and never pursue dick on the side, or “get him back”.

– CONservative-minded fathers who goad their teenage sons to have sex, then go at great lengths to regulate their daughters’ sexuality.

– Black matriarchs who raise their daughters to be “strong, independent” and raise their sons to be effeminate pussies.

– Fake Afrocentric “queen worshippers” who use their platform to nickel-and-dime their followers, or to chase pussy while telling everyone else to “keep their legs closed”. Prime example: Dr. Umar Johnson’s sex scandal.

– CONservative platforms of “slavery, murder, lying and promiscuity is good, as long as we do it”. Do I have to provide links and examples of the numerous lies and sex scandals CONservative news reporters have been caught up in?

– Law and order “cheerleaders” who preach “obey the law”, whilst giving free passes to white murderers. Or covering up the erratic behavior of their colleague butt buddies… while telling everyone else to tip-toe through a landmine so that their presence won’t offend them.

– Employers who take vacations, then threaten to axe their employees for taking sick days off to attend funerals.

– The hypocrisy of black Christian women!!! Black Christian women are some very funny motherfuckers! They go to church on Sundays, hours after getting drunk and fucked in the ass rawdog like it’s nobody’s business. Or fighting in the church parking lot only minutes after service. White CONservative bimbo cuntrags like Tomi Lahren has their similarities.

– Fake “nice guys” who talk about PUA and “game”, while strangely complain about the loss of traditional marriage.

– How about data researchers who spend so much time researching the health, the personal and the intimate lives of “all those other” people while either deliberately ignoring their own, or sweeping their dirt under the rug? Why don’t they give us statistics of AIDS, single motherhood, divorce and violent crimes as a disturbing trend among whites, for example?

– Doctors and lawyers who are unhappy with their lives. They know there’s a void missing, but they won’t admit it. They just hide behind their status so they can stroke their dicks by pissing on people, while acting infallible. How many of them even take their professions because it’s what they truly enjoy, rather than getting a fat paycheck?

Notice how all of the examples I’ve mentioned above are linked to a similar pattern of “Do as I say, not as I do.” Most authority figures, ideologists, “top dogs”, “nation builders” and other so-called “leaders” don’t believe the shit they are peddling to everyone else, particularly those who make their lifestyles and statuses possible. It’s not as if they are psychologically brittle enough to believe their own lies. That would be labeled as being a pathological liar. Even though they are CONmen and lowlife bullshit artists, they’re smart enough to understand that to control people, you have to understand the concept of “mushroom management”.

The fact that they think they are immune to their own duplicity makes up for another blog topic.

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  1. Very few people would do Medical School or advanced specialties if it were not for the high pay. I speak from experience.

    Yes. The same with law, academia, psychology and Fortune 500 companies. Same with physically-draining blue collar jobs.

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