Thought Of The Day: October 31, 2016

I think about repulsive forms of white hypocrisy as it pertains to “freedom fighters”. In this case, it’s about the distractions black America were faced as it pertains to a movie such as Birth Of A Nation.

CONservative white idiots innately feel fear and outrage at a movie like the aforementioned, which tells the story of Nat Turner’s slave rebellion in 1831. They bring up a nearly two-decade-old false rape accusation bestowed upon Nate Parker. Yet, these same white morons lined up in droves to see American Sniper – a movie about a stupid mercenary who assassinated multiples of non-whites for the sake of “patriotism”.

{sarcasm} Oh, it takes so much courage to wreak havoc and murder in third world countries full of defenseless people who cannot hurt or attack you. But a similar character who murders evil, petty tyrants for the sake of “freedom fighting” is considered a “shame”? So what does this tell you about who fears who and who’s really inferior?

In other news, certain blacks would rather support a homosexual Halloween movie by some black guy who dresses in drag and gets paid millions for his buffoonery. Black feminists even took the Nate Parker false rape allegation shit and ran with it, crying “male privilege” this, “rape culture” that. Because even they fear male power (or in this case, black masculinity). Don’t get me started on how some single black mothers and black female teachers in public education try to groom young men to be the types of guys whom they want their daughters to marry — guys who they wouldn’t give no pussy in the first fucking place!

As far as white America goes… Chris Kyle, a murderer, is a “hero” and Nat Turner, a freedom fighter, is a traitor?

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