Thought of the Day: November 1, 2016

Looking back at some of my writings for seasons 1 & 2, I know that I grew as a writer and a blogger. Where am I going with that? Not to toot my horn, but because I fucking despise long-winded blog posts, news articles and vlogs that do not cut to the chase. I hate that more than repeating myself (some folks are rather “slow” or are just getting wind of my blog) and multi-part series (although some folks will read a part 1, but skip through part 2 and read part 3 for example)…

Happily, I have changed that.

In addition to this, my perspective about specific things have changed (such as escorts, “regular” women, etc…). But that will be revealed soon in time.

I also ask myself how many more seasons will I put into this blog… specifically because many issues and “current events” should be touched on…

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