Barack Obama Promised What He Couldn’t Deliver As it Pertains to “Change”.

I write this article right in the nick of time of the upcoming 2016 presidential election. I’ve concluded years ago that American president Barrack Obama promised what he couldn’t deliver as it pertains to “change”. Many of his policies caused a severe setback for progress in the black community.

I’ll give you several examples:
1] In 2011, Cornel West quoted him as a “mascot of wall street”, which further explains his impotency.

2] He has done more for the LGBT community and feminists than blacks.
a) In a 2008 Mother’s Day Address, Obama demonizes and categorizes black fathers as “deadbeat dads” in one lump to score brownie points with feminists and black women.
b) In his final year of presidency, he salutes “transgendered” mothers.
c) Obama caters to the LGBT community by designating monuments for modern gay rights movements.
d) Obama is coined as “the most pro-abortion” president in the U.S.
e) Obama’s consistent pandering to women creates a huge rift between the sexes, enabling a gender war
f) The 2012 sex scandal in Colombia involving Obama’s security entourage became newsworthy. As far as who took that shit and ran with it… well, you all know who. I wouldn’t be surprised if the firing of the secret service agents was a justification to further gain votes from feminists, who overwhelmingly voted for him.

3] Whites voted for Obama to further perpetuate a victim blaming/shaming complex by revoking “the race card” and getting away with murder. This is similar to the ascending “self-improvement” scam in developed countries. The illusion of “America’s first black president” creates more false hope in the minds of blacks – specifically delusional black women and BRP negroes, the same way conservatism and Calvinist doctrine does. This perpetuates the “If you can dream it, you can be it” ethic.

4) In Summer 2009, Obama calls out erratic police conduct against Henry Louis Gates Jr., only to put his foot in his mouth and have a beer with law enforcement. Police used this as an excuse to create a mythical “war on police” in the USSA. Should we blame Obama’s presidency for an racist “cops” interaction with black americans, or should we blame smartphones for revealing it? Either way, Obama hasn’t done shit to stifle American law enforcement’s turbulent relationship with black americans… other than say “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin” (after some fat, ugly, beef-necked POS was acquitted for murdering Trayvon Martin). While studiously avoiding patriotic murderous race soldiers, he labels rioters and protesters in Baltimore, MD 2015 as “criminals and thugs”.

5) Republicans have blocked a multitude of bills and Supreme Court picks by The Obama Administration. Let’s not forget Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (Republican) literally pointing fingers in his face, nor the citizenship conspiracy theories. All of which reveals blatant disrespect of the man.

6) While thousands of non-violent drug offenders are released from prison, the futile “war on drugs” continues, blatantly destroying the lives of non-whites. Obama, a drug user in his youth, hasn’t done much more to repeal the “war on drugs”.

7) The failure of “Obamacare”

8) The possible “doghouse” Michelle Obama (the first lady) put her husband in after selfies with British and Denmark’s Prime Ministers at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service (maybe I’m exaggerating this one and if I am, so are the creators of memes of this incident).

9) The flagrant plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speeches by Melenia Trump, Donald Trump’s wife and former sex worker.

10) Conservative-minded morons attack Obama’s daughters for attending drug-laced parties and dancing in sexually provocative manner via Summer of 2016. The same behaviors they themselves engage in.

My point is that American’s President #44 has promised what he couldn’t deliver as it pertains to “change” and “hope”. While some of it is deliberate, other times his methods have been thwarted by the other party – either our of jealousy or blatant disrespect. It’s possible that whites voted him in office in 2008 as a spiteful way to trick blacks into a labored delusion of racial equality – as another distraction to avoid how diabolical and xenophobic they truly are.

However, “the age of information” has allowed most younger blacks to expose the true depths of white racism. (One evening, I caught a suburban white cuckold husband who shares his wife with black studs showing his true colors on a Yahoo message board. This was regarding the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. incident, where the pervert refers to Obama as a “stupid nigger who plays the race card and loses”.)

What this also proves is the desire and acts of desperation to maintain a social hierarchy, even if doing so means using a supposed “enemy” as a Trojan Horse to keep everyone in the dark and feeding them plenty of bullshit. It’s no different than how a business is ran to pander to an ever more vulnerable demographic. Obama’s impotency and ineffectiveness alongside the upcoming 2016 presidential election between two idiots (Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton) reveals how both parties work for the same elite groups who spend every live minute creating ways to fuck over humanity. In order to do so, they (like other marketing interns) sell you a wet dream.

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