Pipelining: 101

Earlier this year, I overheard a conversation among several brothers (black men) during a trip to a non-western pasture. The term “pipeline” came about and was used several times by several men. Considering what my own personal lifestyle revolves around, I come to a finalization:

“Pipelining” is, in my opinion, the quintessential way to deal with women.

“Pipeline” is a shorter-term to describe friends with benefits and flings, without geographical restrictions, or other societal strings attached. Pipelining by default has polyamorous elements, whether everyone knows eachother or not.

Without getting too in depth as to why it’s a superior alternative to monogamy and LTRs, one of the many reasons why it’s fulfilling is because you’re not restricting yourself to only one person and you can part ways on your own terms. As long as you’re straightforward about your intentions and keep yourself tested and protected, it can be an immensely gratifying ride for everyone involved.

In order to pipeline, it takes ignoring “status quo” and not allowing society to impose roles, restrictions and hierarchical regime to arrange the pecking order of your personal life for their own benefit. Being discreet about your hedonistic lifestyle is key — it ain’t nobody’s else’s business! I mean, we’re talking about total strangers who don’t mean shit creating guilt trips, or accusing a person of being “shallow” for having specific desires and lifestyle preferences. Just so they can recruit you to join their “program” and buy whatever fairy tales they’re selling.

But enough of all that… Aside from all the useless BS rhetoric about Marxism and female hypergamy found on the internet, women from all walks of life are embracing their sexuality. The result is grown women consciously throwing themselves at men out of basic attraction, or even as a form of a release, revenge or “payment”.

Pipelining is about gratification as much as it’s about freedom and variety. You can choose “objects of your desire” from various sources, like social media or R/L. Unless you are “shallow” (i.e., picky) and can afford to be, not every woman you fuck will be five-star. And you may figure that out once you rate or rank them by your own accord. Either way, you can build a circle of “friends with benefits” based on your own criteria of beauty standards, sexual appetite and lists of “redeeming qualities” or “deal-breakers”. Whether you restrict yourself to one or two races and geographical locations of women or not, you get my point.

The variety can range from black pussy, white pussy or anything in between… MILFs, cougars, BBWs, waif-like chicks, hood chicks, etc… all from your city to either non-muslim country of your choice. Ultimately, you can choose whether your partnership with them will be BDSM-based, a “bottom bitch” form, or to be regular FWBs whom you interact with every other week, month or season.

I should add… don’t go looking for labels and titles. Those are only good for letting you know who’s “off limits”. Other folks use labels and titles to hide skeletons in their closet. Hence, why some of the easiest pussy I ever had came from women whom were of the married or single mother variety…

You don’t have to bring them home to mama, or meet their daddies and especially their kids. They don’t need to know yours or their business! Unless it’s a BDSM partnership, you don’t have to treat your FWBs like a “queen” and listen to all that whining. And even then, that’s totally by choice. Nor do you have to play mind games or mold her into a domestic slave who’ll endure bouts of punishment, unless they want you to spank and fuck them like a “disciplinarian”. If one acts up, you can either sidetrack her, substitute her or treat her like a “brat”. Whatever one woman won’t do, others will… AND… they just might do it better!

Even if you pipeline, please DO NOT waste time chasing and jumping through hoops for “the one” or several and ignore other women who’d love to be dominated and “sodomized” by you, even if they are slightly above-average 3s and low 4s. You’ll regret it later on. I know I have.

In regards to where you’d meet them, well that’s your choice. I prefer social media, sports bars and travels (nightclubs are a waste of time). Based on my experiences, middle-class non-white women are jokes, mimicries and self-haters. For that, I tend to avoid them. Don’t mess around with co-workers, roommates, friends of the family, females at work, inebriated chicks, or even college girls. In today’s grand scheme of things, you have a much higher chance of being hit with a false rape accusation in college and high school than you would being a “monger” or a “thug”. Avoid drunk females unless you’ve fucked them before. As again, there’s the “date rape phenomena”, including a delusional woman claiming “regret sex”. It’s not our fault people don’t stay in their lane, or because few guys do stupid shit that fucks it up for everyone else.

Before the sexual revolution and the civil rights movement of the 1960s, relationships were legally used as a hierarchy in order to family structures to form. Not because people really cared about children and the future of “civilization”, but so that civilization can sustain it’s dying self by gullible people being cannon fodder for it. Up until recently, black men and women were sexually incompatible, thanks to mainstream society, religious training, segregation and the legacy of European “rape culture”. Partnerships between the sexes have improved within the last 40-something years thanks to a number of game changers, but that’s another story. Pipelining has been prevalent before technological changes and geographical mobility, which just widened the variety and broadened specific horizons.


Much more later…

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