Pipelining Will Potentially Destroy Gynocracy Beyond Repair

Recently, I wrote a topic about how female sexuality caused a serious blow to traditionalism, including the fragile male ego. In this one, I’ll take it in another direction: Pipelining (a type of “hookup culture” lacking geographical restrictions) has already destroyed traditionalism further, but it can potentially destroy gynocracy.

Gynocracy can be defined as a form of rule imposed onto men by women; i.e., female dominance, matriarchy, or “pussy power”.

In the age of feminine empowerment, women have become more in control over their lives (except in muslim countries, where it’s legal to abuse and kill women). Simply put, this has it’s pros and cons, like anything else. Women have not only become in control over their sexual choices, but post-1960s, more women have obtained careers outside the home, educational credentials and political influence, among other things.

Let me put it this way… What has happened in the black community has happened in many developed countries. There is a major epidemic of female dominance, single motherhood and female empowerment, giving them more control over their lives. Therefore, men are becoming increasingly distant in their roles as husbands, fathers and so on. However, the black community isn’t halfway as bad as India and the middle east (for reasons I won’t mention now). However, this leads to women having the upper hand in many of their relations with the men, children and other rivals in their lives.

In all fairness, it may be karma because of how historic institutions treated women (like black men) as subhuman. That said, it’s no longer “a man’s world”.

Now some in the CONscious and CONservative communities assume that the welfare state and fatherless homes lead to gynocracy in the black community for example. But is this true, when history reveals that black women were always employed, even when white women weren’t?

Women in Anglo societies have joined forces with the government and society’s institutions to demand male compliance to women’s demands. Combine that with social programming by society’s institutions: The educational system, religious doctrines, Hollywood’s depiction of “love”, single mothers raising young men to be their surrogate husbands (i.e., “the marrying type”) – guys who women don’t respect and purposely withhold sex from until their looks fade into absurdity.

The game works up to a certain point. But then… hookup culture happened. So did sex ratio imbalances in almost every culture. Women’s insatiable and hypergamous tendencies causes a blow to even their grand scheme of things.

But why does society still think they can pull this crap?

The historic “Madonna/whore” complex (known today as “slut shaming”) fucks things up. How come? Because women knowingly lie about what attracts them. Black women whine about the lack of “good black men”, but they pass them up for hypermasculine womanizers and other assorted “assholes”. The mythical “good black man” leaves the black community to engage in “swirling” and reap the benefits of middle-class suburbia maintained by whites. Even still, many more “nice guys” and orbiters are found on social media drooling over photos of half-naked women in compromising positions. These co-called “thirsty niggas” are delivering them the emasculated manhood women say is needed in today’s society, but they are secretly and sexually repulsed by. The increasing plantation of desperate, needy, white-knight orbiters are only used to elevate the egos of random women.

But get this… women aren’t interested in having sex with these kinds of men. Even though society at large is indoctrinating and grooming young men to be “established”, “provider” types. If anything, women will demand a superior treatment from these types they wouldn’t dare ask the womanizing alphas for.

So what does this have to do with “pipelining”?

Dating is a numbers game, for both genders. Cheap international travel and social media extends those dating numbers. Anything that gives men options causes them to become bigger assholes (or players). If you think I’m exaggerating, why can an urban alpha thug find a better deal tomorrow – when a woman throws ultimatums at him that he has the power to reject? This leads to a somewhat tasteless reality: Whatever one woman won’t do, there’s islands of others will and they’ll do it better!

What makes pipelining such an unstoppable force?

Now before any of you idiotically assume hookup culture leads to gynocracy in total, this is only true to a certain extent. Like I said previously, women fuck “the bad ones”, then use “the good ones” for marriage, Facebook “likes”, to cater to women’s bullshit emotional and money-based support. Even these men can play a numbers game. After bouts of rejection and trial-and-error, most of them will move on to the next group of women who may reciprocate sexual interest, weeding out the undesirables.

I’ve wrote a very long-winded topic about how pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance – or lack of options. Modern “empowered” women in developed countries delude themselves as queens or goddesses. It’s evident that even financially stable, liberated women are unhappy with their lives. Hence their massive consumerism and inability to “tame the player”. Now add in the female-tilted sex ratio in every culture, which makes pussy more rapidly available to even the average male (whom even average women feel they’re too good for).

My response to that is this: These women wanted their liberation and equality, now they’ve got it!

A hypocritical CONservative, race CONscious or clergy type woman thinks hookup culture destroys “queen worship” and “goddess recognition”. And guess what? They’re right! Attention-whoring, pipelining (hookup culture) and the sex industry are major obstacles in the feminist agenda of trying to get men to be their bitch via shady marriage contracts and oops-pregnancies. It also exposes the true intent and dark nature of femininity. While singles outnumber marrieds, the closest thing some women can get to having a slew of naïve, easily influenced men thirsting after her is via social media. The average western woman bitching about today’s men not wanting to marry her has typically lost her leverage over men, or couldn’t get the object of her desire to be exclusive to her.

As a futile backlash, fourth-wave feminist idiots created a delusion that all women who voluntarily post selfies are “victims” of some mythical increase of sex trafficking. Or regurgitating flawed research that somehow states rape leads to sexual promiscuity. This leads to the exposure of how the stupidity of modern feminism corrupts common sense.

To briefly summarize how we got to this point, society’s institutions were created and enforced by weak people to prevent threatening, yet dis-empowered people (black men and women) from acting on their worse impulses. Monogamy totally went against a man’s polyamorous nature and a woman’s cougar nature. If monogamy was ever gratifying, why does today’s state of affairs contradict that?

Pipelining has the potential to destroy gynocracy because most young men either are single, or act single. In addition, we’ve seen what society’s institutions (including the “friends of the court”) have done to men simply for being established, supplicating nice guys who worshiped women as queens. It can also destroy women’s entitlement syndromes because of an increasing epidemic of exploring previously uncharted waters.

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