Crying Ass Black Men On YouTube

“I have a strong suspicion that the majority of women understand, at some level, that most of the guys they are supposed to be happy with are actually nothing more than credulous and easily manipulated morons. Most people (especially men) are stupid suckers who get conned, fleeced and exploited and yet they will never accept they were conned in the first place. They will just vent their cognitive dissonances online and call it the ‘manosphere’.” ~  Advocatus Diaboli

I’ve been aching to write this post for quite sometime…

The quote aforementioned by Advocatus Diaboli was light a bolt of lightening and thunderclaps striking in my psyche among reading it in October, 2013. This has pathetically happened in the black community, as well as an increasing part of white suburbia. I know stupidity isn’t race exclusive, but contrary to stereotypes that work in the favor of few, most black men are not the mythical hypermasculine “playa” or biological Titan warrior.

Since the legislation of the Civil Rights movement of the late 1960s, the black community has very mildly progressed and is much better off than they were before then. However, lots of self-inflicted stupidity continues to hinder total progression of the black community. I’m not speaking on single mothers, the welfare state, the “war on drugs” (created out of sexual jealousy), hypergamy, or even “ghetto hoop dreams”.

I’ll just provide a glimpse of a specific delusion – a hole many blacks have found themselves in:

Black respectability politics.

I’ve written a topic about how BRP Politics creates a special kind of emasculation a while back, as a response to a similar topic Advocatus Diaboli wrote. I also wrote about the failure and stupidities of “the wall of silence”; a regime created by black nerds and sexual rejects on YouTube created as a pathetic attempt to find solutions to their problems and put other black men up on knowledge about women and society. But what it has turn into is a bunch of mental masturbation and constellation orgies among mentally ill, broken, nerdy and “respectable” black men who vent, bitch and menstruate about women’s sexual agency, hypergamy, skin-tone favoritism, fake afrocentricity, “community building”, respectability politics and how they feel non-black women are somehow “winning”.

I’ll admit that even though between 2008-2010 was a decent time to listen to specific black male YouTubers (most notable Thugtician, NutwardTV, Lawless Law, Avenue Rants, etc.), I’ve stopped listening to it years ago. Every once in awhile, I’ll stop in and see what’s current, but each time to date, I find myself being driven up the wall. To make matters worse, sexually frustrated non-black males are creating carbon copies of “the wall of silence” and calling it “the Manosphere” or some shit.

Black YouTube is filled with useless, shitty commentary produced by dickless black betas in their 30s, 40s and 50s who use their platform to discuss useless pop culture events and their wishing for a mythical “perfect world”. They are far from those men in reality whom are in persistent pursuit of truth, happiness and gratification. If they aren’t whining about women choosing “bad boys”, they refer to other blacks as “bastard baby makers”, “park apes”, “cum dumpsters”, “jump-offs”, “walking dildos” and other disrespectful slurs associated with blacks — historically created by racist white morons whom they apparently worship.

This particular group of ass-clowns – like racist white suburbanite children of privilege – find every excuse to justify barbaric acts by American cops against blacks. Even going as far as saying unarmed black males being murdered is a sign of deliverance in order to somehow make room for more respectable blacks to gain immunity from white terror, or under the assumption that women will have no alternative but to choose them. They blame systematic white terror on “anti-social” behavior younger blacks engage in, the welfare state subsidizing single black mothers, black hyper-masculinization and women choosing men with an edge (something these fuckers innately wish, but don’t have the balls to be). They adopt the rhetoric of alt-right CONservative idiots, failing to see how the “war on drugs” is what really destroyed the black community, possibly more than the welfare state (something whites greatly benefit from). They’d rather spend their time longing for a return to traditional societies.

If not that, they either degrade their own race of women while chasing after white women who engages in the same sexual behaviors they condemn black women for. They’ll even go as far as recording themselves getting blowjobs from white women, or spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on white sex workers and hookers. Under the same breath, they’ll preach pathetic scriptures of “black respectability” created by scared older nergoes who I feel should be immolated.

In today’s world, both women and blacks are taking control over their lives; something idiots of the CONservative brand fear greatly. Women don’t have to put up with men’s entitlement issues while. Likewise, racist whites innately know blacks aren’t going to roll over and put up with their shit. It terrifies them, but strangely, it terrifies blacks of the “respectable” variety. In spite of the bullshit epidemic of black men, women and children being murdered by America’s legalized thuggery-gang and it’s effect on American soil, whiny MFs on YouTube would rather piss and moan about issues that are irrelevant. The black gender war found on the blogosphere leads to men bitching about women’s sexuality. Or black women bitching about black men choosing polyamorous bachelorhood, which leads to both genders exchanging insults or fighting over who has more interracial dating options. They get creative about finding whatever stupid, goofy, cheesy, corny bullshit about why sexual lifestyles or lack thereof is ruining the black community.

Social media has given them a platform to reveal how broken, neutered and psychologically damaged they truly are. The platform has given them leeway to dehumanize their race of women, and even their progeny. It’s like they can’t cope in a world of adversarialism (competition). So they either play it safe, or they just don’t play at all, while very few have enough courage to play to win. Which is why in spite of their “meek and humble” demeanor and their phony education, degrees and dumb logic, none of it can get them what they want. To get to the heart of this would require another topic to be written. Rather than looking in the mirror, they’d rather hear themselves talk. For that and other reasons, I have zero respect for them.

I conclude this… ALL BLACK MEN CARE ABOUT IS PUSSY. And it’s usually the ones who aren’t used to it whom obsess over it like prebulescent teenage boys getting a jump start through puberty. I mean, if life is already good to you, why are you making useless commentary about someone else’s sexuality or lifestyle choices, unless it’s negatively affecting you?

– As long as this BS continues, the black community might be systematically wiped out. Especially since certain types of scum who categorize other blacks as “immoral”, “decadent”, “inferior” or “oversexed” happily applaud or ignore other blacks being systematically murdered, or chained to a system designed for us all to fail. Maybe black men ARE doomed.

4 thoughts on “Crying Ass Black Men On YouTube

  1. There having been a Black community since the days of Malcolm X and MLK. As far as I’m concerned the black community committed suicide many decades ago.

    Hyperbole and speculation is at play with that comment. “Suicide”? Nope, that’s speculated nonsense. While some people’s problems are self-inflicted, it’s something anyone can engage in.

  2. Most people are hypocrites in one way or another. That’s the underlying message I think you’re getting at. Preachers watch porn. Black conscious types sleep with whites. It’s all a big cluster-fuck. Enough nihilism. I tend to have more sympathy for black people the more years I gain. So many of us are crippled by this system. Most are just trying to survive and maintain their sanity.

    Exactly! But it runs a lot deeper than hypocritical behavior. Many people ARE crippled by the system — Yet, some idiots want so badly to be part of that system, either by emulating or feeding into it.

    Ever see movies like Fight Club, American Beauty, The Matrix, and Office Space? In 1999, those movies depicted about how unhappy and fucked up certain traditional-minded, overachieving, “established” middle-class types were. In spite of all of their “achievements” and invalid social programming, it never got them what they really wanted. I’m afraid the black community wants to reach that level of absurdity, in spite of concrete evidence that it never works in their favor. If anything, it guarantees they’ll never get what they truly desire. So, all they care about is women’s dating/sexual choices, a return to ancient civilizations and BRP.

  3. “ALL BLACK MEN CARE ABOUT IS PUSSY. And it’s usually the ones who aren’t used to it whom obsess over it like prebulescent teenage boys getting a jump start through puberty.”

    TRUE FACTS! The resolution for all the YouTube drama you cited in this article circles back to PUSSY. These brothas aren’t getting any pussy or not getting the type of pussy they really want. No brotha such as yourself that is getting an abundance of pussy \has the time or the concern to spend valuable time online whining & bitching about trivial issues!

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