How Tariq Nasheed Lost Credibility as a “Game Advisor” and a Dating Coach

Right before the end of 2016, former dating coach/relationship expert and “game” advocate turned black historian/black empowerment advocate Tariq Nasheed has appeared on Fox News twice. Conservative host for Fox News Tucker Carlson invited Tariq Nasheed on his show twice to discuss tweets made by Tariq about systematic white supremacy and it’s infiltration in the political arena.

Well, two things came out of these two debates for me…

1. Tariq Nasheed was certainly not prepared to go out of his comfort zone and into a public platform such as Fox News.
2. The fraudulent business model of “self-help” as it pertains to dating and the “game” community.

Now, I would have added the hypocrisy of the CONservative brand to this list, but that is nothing new to me. Most importantly, that is not what this topic is about.

Tariq Nasheed has his own platform and comfort zone where he does podcast episodes and hosts live streaming videos for his viewers and fanbase. Aside from him writing books, producing and directing the much needed Hidden Colors documentaries and making his own clothing line, he also host lectures at college universities (though he was barred from speaking at Colgate University years ago). Though he is seasoned in his profession and pretty much “Alpha” in his demeanor and direction (he vowed to never work for anyone), he was awfully not ready for a debate with anyone on Fox News. Even though he knew clearly what he was talking about.

But now we have to ask ourselves, why would Tariq or anyone like him even allow themselves to debate with CONservatives, or anyone else who has something to use against them? Isn’t this similar to the traditional rat trap and cheese bait? Let’s just call this what it is: attention-whoring. I mean, hey, if it were a guy like Dave Chappelle (who turned down a $50M contract with Comedy Central) or rapper Ludacris, they’d have enough sense to reject any invite from CONservative news hosts who may have something personal against them. In fact, Ludacris admitted years ago, he’d never allow himself to be a guest on The O’Reilly Factor. Why? Out of self-respect. Simply because any show host runs their show and platform the same way they run their regime, business or place of residency. Anything you say that is not in agreement or alignment with their perspective, you will be either blocked, blacklisted, or silenced. If not that, they can stoop as low as digging up earthed or unearthed dirt on you, either from years ago, or dirt you may have done that you thought was swept under the rug.

But I guess that doesn’t register with attention-whores, drama queens and shit-stirrers.

Which brings me back to my second point. Tucker Carlson brought up an older book written by Tariq Nasheed, entitled The Art of Mackin’. Tucker points out some advice Tariq gave about ways to “game” a woman into putting out sexually, which includes lying to have the upper hand over the current object of desire (which truthfully is something everyone does, especially in business, politics, law, gambling, finances and relationships). Whether this was a low attempt made by Tucker Carlson and his CONservative harpies or not, how does Tariq Nasheed respond? Simply put, the response was that his own books were “satire” and “tongue-in-cheek” humor. And this is when things really got interesting.

Now personally, I felt years ago that it was very counterproductive and futile for Tariq to write a book entitled The Art of Mackin’, yet paradoxically write another book entitled The Art of Gold Digging. Even in this particular case, it’s more about Tariq trying to sustain himself, to the point of lowering and contradicting himself for fame.

Tariq Nasheed is a self-made businessman and promoter who has gone from writing books about dating and relationships to making documentaries about African-American history and ethnic empowerment. Although The Art of Mackin’ was written nearly 20 years ago, This is much deeper than any possible changes in perspective based on age, experience or lifestyle changes. Why would anyone believe anything else he says after admitting his perspectives on how to deal with women was, in other words, a joke? Even if it was Tariq’s way of trying to slide by Tucker Carlson’s smug and unforeseen challenge, it stills causes Tariq to possibly lose credibility as a dating advisor, a game practitioner and mostly anything else he has done (with the exception of his Hidden Colors documentaries, donating money to victims of police brutality and attacking mentally ill YouTuber, Tommy Sotomayor, whom I have no respect for).

But here’s a special way of looking at this. Ready?

This is business! If Tariq Nasheed’s sole intention was to write dating books for men who have low self-esteem who can’t get pussy to save their lives and watch them fail to build himself up, guess what? It worked. In the world of business, one must pander to a specific demographic and then work their magic towards a new demographic to remain relevant. Thanks to female empowerment, rhetoric about “pimpology” has become a dying art form, like jazz music, boxing and marriage 1.0. The same will eventually happen with “game”, to a certain degree. Look, if you already have what it takes to make women’s panties drop, what business do you have reading books by Tariq Nasheed, RooshV, Neil Strauss or anyone else talking about “gaming” women, then pull a 180 and bitch about the loss of 1950s traditional monogamous family values?

Learning about “game”, “macking” or “pimping” is not the kind of advice I’m interested in. But for most men with low self-esteem who get stung by hypergamy and involuntary celibacy (the same idiots who whine on YouTube) see him as some type of hero. Most of Tariq’s subscribers and callers on his podcast radio show are not the kind of guys I could be friends with and they aren’t smart enough to understand my point.

You see? in the world of business, stupid people have to remain stupid, manipulated, controlled and be sold “Disney Myths”, fairy tales, quick fixes and “if you can dream it, you can be it” rhetoric. The same rules applied amid slavery, public education, religion, governments and other ideologies. That said, Tariq Nasheed isn’t the first, the last, nor the only who has done this to the people for profit. I’m sure the same can be said about out future POTUS Donald Trump, who has made far more lewd comments amid his “Pussygate Scandal” (in that case, Trump did expose women’s sexually duplicitous playbook).

As far as all of the talk about “game”, well most men in western civilization are screwed… or to be precise, unscrewed. And because they are multiplying, it’s easier to create a cash cow by selling them (or any major demographic or unlucky, unhappy and stupid people) indirect, fraudulent BS. And from the looks of his most recent clown show on Fox News, he has alienated his primary consumer base by saying his own brand was “satire”. Then again, he’s already become a rich promoter of the bullshit he sold, so it doesn’t matter. The damage is already done.

But don’t take it personal. This is business, everyone does it.


  1. Great article. I’ve been following Tariq’s episodes the past couple weeks and it’s getting bad. However, why don’t you like Tommy Sotomayor?

    Tommy Sotomayor is a sad pathetic excuse of a man who needs to be reprimanded for psychiatric supervision.

  2. I was disappointed in Tariq for stopping to Tommy S. level. I kinda had a moment of disillusionment with the black conscious movement. Tariq did exactly the thing he tells black people not to do, which is fight with other black people publicly. I’ll still support Tariq.

  3. Excellent article man but I think that trolling episode he had with Tommy might come back to hurt Tariq’s brand. Not to mention how awful Tariq looked on CONserative platform when he wouldn’t even answer direct questions from a tweet he sent out trying to poke the “white supremacists” bear. But then again, there’s ditches full of the deaf, dumb, and blind people who sipped the kool-aid that pseudo leaders like Nasheed serve daily.

    Yes. Although this Tommy Sotomayor character deserves his attacks, don’t be surprised if Tariq Nasheed appears on Fox News a third time… only to have one of the Fox News idiots bring up “The Crispy Show” as an excuse to make Tariq’s brand of ethnic empowerment look like a joke.

  4. For someone who had important things to say, sounded like you could approach it in a less “offensive” way. He wrote in different areas so why is that a problem? Did he not deliver on his work? He clearly did his job every time. The choices of words and the way you talk about him tells me something deeper lies here. Nobody is perfect and yeah maybe he wasn’t ready. But he did great things and told truths that others had no courage to. He can’t back down and not speak in a CON platform when he’s all about being black in a nonchalant way. He stands for that. You don’t even consider that he clearly knew he wasn’t ready for it but went. You think you give a presentation in a shitty way not knowing you weren’t ready? Lol. Make more constructive criticism instead of saying he’s looking for attention. He wants to be heard and he went on the interview. We all got our biases and definitely this is also business and money but it’d be pretty stupid not to admit you see his passion. I’d say there’s more positive then negative here because I definitely learn more with his stupid relationship/game/race debate and by reading his bio than yours.

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