Why Some Black Men Enthusiastically Voted for Trump in 2016

An article at Very Smart Brothas (written by editor in-chief Damon Young) covered this topic a while back. While the article has major validity, it goes way beyond classism and economics. I have my own observations and to why some black men enthusiastically voted for Trump like a bunch of pathetic cheerleaders and groupies…

The fragility of the male ego…

Without turning this topic into a lengthy examination between Republicans and Democrats and their stance in the black community, we all know how the Democrats have worsened the state of the black community. How? By ignoring, imprisoning and demonizing the very people who vote for them. The Clintons have passed anti-crime bills, welfare reform, “deadbeat dad” laws and expanded the “war on drugs”, which created more cannon fodder for the system’s jails. Under Barack Obama’s watch, strife between blacks and police’s legalized-thuggery have not improved and Obama hasn’t done anything to fix these deep-seated issues, except offer random lip service and focus more on LGBT issues.

But this doesn’t mean the other party is innocent.

I can go on about the many ways Republican presidential elects have failed and repeatedly fucked over the black community with the same tactics of welfare reform and sending blacks off to prison for petty drug laws, useless “Stop And Frisk” regimes, drug raids, association fallacies, “zero tolerance” policies, etc. I can mention the many incidents of anarchy which occurred at Donald Trump’s rallies, stemming from smug racist and sexist tirades that the numerous rural white trash perpetuate, provoke and engage in (especially against blacks, muslims and women). In general, this tells us that both parties are the same beasts, but with different rhetoric and dress-up.

So, why did some black men vote for Trump? Why would a POS like YouTuber Ob-Shitty-An Ali make videos bragging about their support for a mentally disturbed, ill-groomed rich shyster who knows nothing about politics, engage in useless Twitter beefs and brags about incestuous antics with his daughter?

Here’s why:

Because they are dickless, sexless and plain fucking stupid.

The article at VSB revealed the cowardice and fear of a specific group of BRP negroes, which can be discovered if you have the patience to glimpse through black YouTube commentators like Obsidian Ali and other like-minded clowns who celebrate the CONservative mindset, black respectability politics (a byproduct of greedy white CONservative con artists) and get their rocks off by quoting Thomas Sowell and saying what impotent aging whites want to hear.

FireShot Capture 1 - Blackity Black❤_ - https___twitter.com_feministajones_status_655353477757927424.png

This cowardice comes from a fear of female empowerment (specifically female sexuality, agency and natural selection).

This particular group of chicks with dicks have an obsession with creating a possible “black patriarchy”, which includes a return to a traditional 1950s-era, where a man thinks he’s the “leader”. Thus everyone has to be grateful for whatever he provides for them… even if he’s tossing nothing but breadcrumbs and a very limp dick. Their one ambition in life is to lead a woman, catch a woman and chain her to their side so that she cannot find a better deal. Not only is this a desperate attempt to escape matriarchal insanity (understandable to an extent), but they yearn so badly to emulate white patriarchal 1950s era. How? Because they want to create shaming language, segregation tactics and limit the distribution of money and resources so that a woman has no choice but to depend on them for a decent lifestyle and male company.

These people lack the ability to read their history and understand life was never pleasant when CONservatives were running shit. Sadly, many black men are weak and impotent to where they want to emulate a group of people whose motto is “slavery, theft, murder, rape and promiscuity is good… only if WE do it.” The pathetic, self-righteous, self-serving, tunnel-vision of the CONservative mind has to be understood to finalize why some black men want to emulate this type of behavior. It all comes down to people wanting to have their cake and eat it too, which is not only a CONservative trait, but a feminine one also.

This also explains why a certain group of men were so stupid to idolize Trump after he was caught talking about grabbing women “by the pussy”. Even though Donald Trump did kinda-sorta expose women’s duplicitous sexual playbook, let some fat or corny beta chump emulate and try that shit on a random woman and see what happens to him… if not immediately, then years later (just ask Bill Cosby)!

Advocatus Diaboli stated previously that if you were to facilitate feminism and unfair laws against men, who would those laws screw over the most? The desperate, thirsty men who’ve been pussy-whipped the most!

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