Hate Crimes, White Hypocrisy and Fake Outrage

Here’s my take on the recent so-called “hate crime” that occurred in Chicago, IL, between four black teens and a mentally disabled white male…

First and foremost, I am not excusing what happened to the mentally impaired. I would have preferred it if the Chicago teens took their frustration out on someone more stronger and able. Especially considering the history of police abuse in Chicago, some of which includes false arrests, torturing suspects leading to false accusations and coerced admission of guilt…

But here’s my question… Where’s this fake outrage coming from? Where’s the expansive and selective news media coverage? Why didn’t we see this much outrage over other supposed “hate crimes” perpetuated by white men? Either from those idiotic, extermination worthy white football jocks who assault and rape mentally challenged teammates on football teams? Honestly, I have not seen this much fake outrage since the 1995 acquittal of O.J. Simpson (the fact that whites openly had a field day when Johnnie Cochran passed away 10 years later with a brain tumor requires another topic to be written).

Why are idiotic, lily-white suburbanites and their has-been, rent-seeking buck-dancers screaming out “Give them life in prison. No parole. Hang them and nail them to a wall? Where was all of this outrage when Brock Turner served only three months in jail after being caught raping an unconscious, drunk woman? I’ve heard idiots engaging in the usual “blame the victim” apparatus, by telling women to refrain from binge drinking. Where was the outrage for the thousands and millions of innocent lives taken during the “war on drugs”, which expanded from the black community to Latin America? Or when innocent people were killed in Iraq? Afghanistan? Vietnam? Somewhere in California when the corrupt LAPD homed in on Christopher Dorner? After all, weren’t many people’s lives ruined and taken just for petty association fallacies?

Why doesn’t major media networks and corporations expose these incidents as much as they should? In fact, does any media outlet cover these stories, other than Facebook pages like Shaun King, Urban Intellectuals, Atlanta Black Star and The Young Turks?

How about legalized “hate crimes” committed by American “cops” who intentionally murder unarmed black men, women and children and skate clean? If anything, all I’ve seen were flooded comments by so-called opinionated, “good law-abiding” impotent white morons on social media, regurgitating bullshit scripts, like “Obey the law and these things won’t happen.”, or the “comply or die” rhetoric. If not that, there are GoFundMe accounts created by dumb white soccer moms for these legalized thugs. Or fake relationship experts telling women to “make better choices”. Sadly, these abuses of human rights and blatant devaluation of black life in America have gone on for so long to where people think it’s normal. The fact that some of these incidents were videotaped and recorded via smartphones and yet still ignored proves just how pathetic these people are.

There was never this much outrage when some perverted, cartoonish POS “race soldier” terrorized a group of young black kids at a pool party in Texas, summer of 2015. If anything, it took commentator Roland Martin to take white feminists to task by asking them to defend the young black girl assaulted by low-rent “cop” Eric Casebolt – which these white feminist jelly-belly cunts never did.

We can discuss race-based arrest rates, incarceration rates, legalized “hate crimes” against vulnerable, defenseless and unarmed blacks, Latinos and women by a bunch of sexless cops with an innate inferiority-slash-rockstar complex. We can unearth the many instances of disgusting police perversion where “cops” intentionally violate the privacy of random citizens via blackmail, unwarranted cell phone and body cavity searches, disguising their perversion as “doing their duty” or searching for “drugs”. After all, citizens had to come out of pocket in the tune of millions whenever these cocksuckers do stupid shit. That’s IF they are called to task.

We can discuss white employers and corporate drones who play “passive aggressive slave-master” who lord over people of color and women. All of whom get their rocks off by screwing over and nitpicking their dependents.

Yet they wanna get sad, angry, outraged and filled with anxiety attacks when some urban, disenfranchised black teens beat up a mentally challenged white person for four days straight.

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