Divorce, Single Motherhood and AIDS as Disturbing Trends Among Whites

There’s a very common belief-slash-lie about the black community, perpetuated by biased statistics and CONservatives. All of which is used as a convenient excuse to justify insecure hatred and attacks on the lives of blacks in America. The belief goes something along the lines of…

“Seventy-something percent of black children are born out of wedlock.”

Which leads to something along the lines of “Black men and women ought to make better choices and stop having sex with thugs, sluts, whores, bastard baby makers, etc…”

Now, this meme is equally asinine as saying blacks are violent because of “low IQ”, lack of respectability, fatherless homes and other assorted nonsense; another meme CONservatives heavily depend on because it serves their own limp and racist agenda. But that makes another story.

Based on my own recent and personal experiences and observation (without giving away TMI), I’ve noticed an epidemic of single white mothers with multiple children by either one or two abusive ex-husbands, or multiple men – either by failed monogamy or Hypergamy/promiscuity. Most of whom resides in the states of the American south, such as Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, etc. This also reveals that rural and middle-class white women are no less promiscuous or hypergamous than their urban black or latino counterparts – especially if they are of the single mother or the MILF and cougar variety.

Now, consider that there are many white females in developed countries who are choosing single motherhood rather than boring, mundane lives as wives to white men. In most cases of divorce or separation, women almost always have full custody of the children. Aside from whatever biased statistics you may research, it is ultimately safe to say that single motherhood among white women is almost as high, if not higher than it is in black and Latino communities. There probably was a time when “mode” and “marital status” played a huge difference, but the age of post-2000 feminine empowerment potentially changes that. Even if some of today’s single white mothers tried to “tough it out” with their former abusers, what does this say about the men whom they couldn’t tolerate being married to? What does this stay about the pathetic institution of marriage?

Then there’s the issue of why feminism flourished from, say, the 1960s to the 1970s. In that particular time, so many ideologists and movements created major game-changes that cause a blow to white patriarchy. This not only included the civil rights movement created by blacks, but white women, whom were so appalled by the behavior of their own men. Beforehand and even to date, white males recklessly engage in domestic violence, human trafficking, police violence (including woman-beaters disguised as “cops” who are given free passes), sexual harassment, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, alcoholism, reckless homosexuality, etc. Even the Center For Disease Control states that white homosexual males are the highest group of people living with HIV in North America; and an even higher rate than heterosexual and homosexual black males collectively.

So this also leads to an undiscussed disturbing trend among whites, known as high divorce rates. Without regurgitating any statistics or data, let’s do some simple math here, OK? White women outnumber every other ethnicity of women in the USA. This includes black women, Latin women and Asian women. Most of the 60% of divorces which occur in the USA are initiated by women. So, if white women outnumber every other type of women, then which group of women are taking their husbands to the cleaners and ass-raping them the most?

Could this be the reason why shitty websites like Return Of Kings, SlutHate (formerly known as PUAHate), Chateau Horseshit and A Voice For Men exist on the internet? along with other “manosphere” blogs full of sexual retards singing the celibacy blues?

Notice I didn’t bother using links for my calculation above, because who needs statistics, data and research for something encountered far more regularly? Just like smartphones and surveillance tapes reveal the killings of unarmed black males in North America, that even biased researchers and the legal system blatantly ignores. The fact that most “social butterflies” are too busy enjoying their lives to participate in useless polls (or join ideologists) proves my point.

White women in developed countries are also choosing sperm donors, which makes you question why would they want anything to do with their own brand of men? Not to mention, attention-whoring celebrities who have a knack in adopting children from third world countries. Just like a certain segment of black women, other races of women (except Muslim women) are catching on in the single motherhood department and embracing their maternal instincts, divorcing their beta-slug husbands, and/or having babies by alpha studs. All while either making their cuckold husbands and the state pay their way through life, or taking on decade-long careers to support them.

But still, nobody is calling barbaric white males “thugs”, “park apes”, “bastard baby makers”, etc. Just like nobody is calling white single mothers “baby mamas”, “whores”, “ain’t shit bitches” and the likes. If anything, the common argument goes along the lines of pathetic white males on “the Manosphere” blaming it all on the “evils” of hypergamy, feminism, multiculturalism, the 19th amendment, etc.

So let’s ask ourselves this question: Why aren’t rural “white trash” communities as destructible, contemptible or heavily policed as black urban communities, which are also hounded by single mothers? Also, do single mothers really cause decay in society? Or is it privilege in too few hands?

So you see, what’s happened in the black community has eventually become mainstream in rural and very few middle-class white communities. Or perhaps, these antics have always existed in the closet of white America. But we’d never know that until now, because they have the money and the luxuries to hide behind their BS. Whether it pertains to acts of barbaric violence, single motherhood, illegitimate kids, high divorce rates and heavy drug use among the working class.

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