Coming September 15th – Season 4, Part 2

Season 4 was never finished and that was supposed to be the final season of my writings. However, I’ve become way too busy with my personal life to finish my final writings. In addition to this, there has been a multitude of social and political issues that I want to provide my perspective on.

Since last season was never completed, this will be my final season, which is Season 4.2. In this one, I will discuss my views on…

  • why all of the “nation building ” rhetoric amongst the black community is far too similar to slavery
  • society is slavery and has no right to exist
  • why I feel Dr. Umar Johnson is FOS, in spite of his cheerleaders
  • the revolution of “trickin'” (i.e., P4P)
  • women’s inherit flaking
  • the older generation’s beef with millennials
  • why singles outnumber marrieds
  • why black men cannot unionize and function as a group
  • the colin kaepernick hypocrisy
  • the justine diamond hypocrisy
  • a “whore-roar” story (a drink whore story)
  • how blacks play themselves
  • the attack on black sexuality
  • is feminism really needed now?
  • my contempt for older blacks
  • the truth about “Mumia Obsidian Ali” and others like him…


Stay tuned and prepare to be enlightened,

Mr. Odessa

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