“Home is Where the Hate Is” Moves to YouTube


Mr. Odessa is moving to YouTube. Not only will I have my final season there, but I will also verbalize some previous topics I have written here and make some more new, easy and convenient moves there.



1 Comment

  1. Long time reader, first time commenting.

    You’ve done pretty damn good work here on your blog and your YouTube videos are just as good.

    Anyways, there is a topic that was (and still is at the time of this comment being made) in your coming soon section called “Assets and Liabilities: My Two Fathers”. I understand this is your last season in terms of blogging and based off what I saw this topic isn’t scheduled to be touched on here in this season.

    Do you think you may cover that topic in a YouTube video? I’ve been waiting a for bit for you to touch on that one.

    I will post that topic this season… It’s a very personal one.

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