Why “Nation Building” Sounds More Like Voluntary Slavery

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of babble and mental orgasms exchanged throughout certain segments of the black community – particularly via YouTube and the likes of fraudulent snake oil hotep salesmen like Dr. Umar Johnson and Minister Louis Farrakhan about the concept of “nation building”.

Simply put, the overall thesis among these types is that blacks in America should not only build their economy, which is quite understandable considering the ugly history of race relations in the USSA. A point that I’d never argue with. However, some also feel that blacks in general need to refrain from specific privileges and freedoms… such as interracial dating, alternatives to matrimony, etc…

What some people cannot compute is this…

In order to build any society, nation, system or infrastructure, it has to be ran like a pyramid scheme, similar to how most societies have been build, from past to present; i.e., those 0.1%, 1% or 5% at the top not only controlling resources that everyone else depends on and governing the personal lives of everyone else, which fucks everyone else. Regardless of race, era, nation or generation.

This concept also includes limiting the distribution of resources to make everyone dependent on the “elites” at the top. Naturally, all of this power and control does not guarantee those in power will get what they truly want, unless it’s by coercion. Something that whites are very good at in The Anglosphere.

If you want to justify or create your existence based on the models of the current power-hungry drones and assholes who “run the world” do not expect to live better than them. And believe that if their program gets eradicated and reduced to crumbles, yours can to!

Here’s another way of looking at it: In order to create or balance a society, you have to keep people stupid, reduce them to cannon fodder and sheeple, deny them their natural rights, personal choices and agency. It also helps to target a certain racial or ethnic group of people and disenfranchise them, rob or con them out of their fortune and create a system that fucks them over by the thousands or millions.

Afrocentricity, hotep and black Hebrew isrealites, like white CONservatism and Islamic zealotry, either covet, pedestalize or worship their women as “queens” as an attempt to deny women their ability to act on their most natural impulses, only to reduce them to being nothing more than maids, live-in servants and baby machines to keep the pyramid scheme from collapsing. Of course, some men hamstrung off patriarchy use it as an excuse to get sex from women, because no civilian woman in her right mind would spend quality time with him. If you don’t believe me, look up the sex scandal involving Dr. Umar Johnson and a black stripper whom he tricked off, only to degrade her humanity after she exposed him.

Like most of the men in historic society and up until the late-60s, marriage and prostitution is the only way they could have female company, through legal coercion or by limiting the distribution of money, resources and knowledge. For others, it’s simply about power and control. It’s what drives some people out of bed in the AM, knowing they can keep one foot on the ground, and the other up the ass of any collective group or individual stupid enough to let them wantonly control their lives.

In order to maintain a civilization, everything cannot be “fair”, “balanced”, or “equal”. That said, those who are at “the top” of society has one primary objective… to keep certain people stupid, handicapped, docile and under their control. Why? Because it gives them the power.

This can be said not only about what started the current gender war in developed countries, or the murder and genocide of blacks in the USSA. The same can be said about Muslim cultures and specific parts of India, where retarded or barbaric animals of the Indian or Arabic descent rape, abuse, disfigure, torture and stone their own women to death. Or their ability to use their religion, tradition, or some other “righteous” sounding bullshit to justify it.

Some “nation building” preachers in the African-American community are starting to create the same noises via the internet, or petty movements. “Oh, women are single mothers. Single mothers are whores. We are undisciplined.” None of which stops their fragile infrastructure from crumbling down. Here’s another one I’ve heard recently: “Arranged marriages can help stabilize society. But it’s great for men to have multiple wives.” Yet, these jokers bitch about women’s hypergamous tendencies and black women’s so-called “nasty attitudes”, while innately yearning for polygamy. These losers can’t handle or keep one woman, let alone 5 or 10. And their evo-psych BS on the internet (specifically YouTube and “the Manosphere”) reveal just that. Their real life interactions also reveal that.

So, they might also regurgitate CONservative quotes, like “comply or die”, “marriage is the foundation for building civilization”, “life is unfair”, or “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” (a quote from YouTube house n*gger, Tommy Sotomayor).

Fast-forward to Generation-Y, and we have multitudes of downtrodden, broken men and women using it as an excuse to make up for why they cannot maintain personal relationships. Fortunately, human evolution wins.

Society will never, ever go back to the 1950s, or historical regimes where personal or business relationships were nothing but hierarchies to create societies full of dysfunctional, uniformed and disposable cannon fodder with massive herd mentalities (i.e., slavery 1.0 and marriage 1.0).

Now of course, some religious nutcase, a sexually frustrated white beta male disguised as an MGTOW (which I will touch on at another topic), bitter bitches, patriarchs or authority figures will say “Well, if everybody did this or that, civilization would collapse.” My response? Civilization has no right to exist, if it’s dependent on everyone giving up their desires, goals and ambitions, just to become slaves to it.


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